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Altcoin Spotlight: Quant

The world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies is evolving at a breakneck pace, with new innovations and advancements being made every day. However, despite the progress made, one major issue that still plagues the industry is the lack of interoperability between different blockchains.

Enter Quant Network, a project that aims to solve this problem by providing a platform for seamless interoperation between various blockchain networks. In this article, we'll take a closer look at Quant Network and evaluate its relevance to the world of cryptocurrencies.

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What is Quant?

Quant is a blockchain project that aims to solve the issue of interoperability between different blockchain networks. The project was founded in 2015 by Gilbert Verdian, who was working for the UK and Australian governments at the time.

He realized the usefulness of distributed ledger technologies in solving the problems he faced and decided to create a blockchain-based system that could connect all blockchains. Thus, the Quant protocol was born, with its native token, QNT, launched shortly after.

The Quant protocol acts as an operating system that connects all blockchains, providing seamless interoperability. Its ultimate goal is to distribute ledger technology evenly, eliminating the barriers that hinder communication, interoperability, and scaling.

With an Ethereum-based platform, Quant leverages the security and interoperability of the Ethereum ecosystem. As a result, it offers a wider range of use cases beyond Bitcoin, such as decentralized exchanges (DEXs), decentralized finance (DeFi), and blockchain games. With a modular architecture that is separated from different ledgers at the application layer, Quant operates above these networks, using vertical scalability and future-proof systems.

Its unique features, such as the Overledger Network and Overledger DLT Gateway, enable developers to enjoy the benefits of each blockchain without having to deal with their restrictions.

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How Does Quant Work?

The Quant protocol has a unique architecture that allows it to address the issue of interoperability among different blockchains. It achieves this by using a layered approach where each layer is optimized for a specific task.

The transaction layer, for instance, is responsible for storing transactions and ensuring consensus across different blockchains. Meanwhile, the messaging layer deals with the transfer of information and data between blockchains.

Finally, the filtering and ordering layer is responsible for filtering searches and validating off-chain messages. By separating these tasks into different layers, Quant is able to improve scalability, interoperability, and communication between different blockchains.


In addition to its layered approach, the Quant protocol also has several key features that make it stand out from other blockchain networks. These include the Overledger Network, which secures the transfer of information and data on Quant, and the Overledger DLT Gateway, which provides interoperability between the Quant distributed ledger system and other networks.

The platform also has mDApps, which allow developers to create decentralized applications that can work on multiple blockchains without having to deal with their individual restrictions. Overall, the Quant protocol is designed to provide seamless interoperation between different blockchains and create a more efficient and effective blockchain ecosystem.

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Who Should Use/Buy Quant?

Quant is a versatile platform that can be utilized by a wide range of individuals and entities. Developers looking to create decentralized applications (DApps) can benefit from using Quant, thanks to its Overledger technology which allows mDApps to operate on multiple blockchains.

This means that developers can build DApps on one blockchain and access resources from other blockchains to enhance the functionality of their DApps. This not only saves developers time and effort but also enhances the interoperability of blockchain networks. Enterprises that operate on multiple blockchain networks can also benefit from Quant, as it enables them to easily connect and operate across multiple networks.

In addition, investors who are looking for a unique opportunity in the crypto market can also consider investing in Quant. The platform is not only designed to solve the interoperability issues in the blockchain industry but also has the potential to be a store of value and a rewarding long-term investment.

The fact that Quant has a fixed supply of tokens, no inflation, and captures the value of all connected blockchains and APIs makes it an attractive investment option for those looking for a hedge against inflation. Furthermore, Quant has already established partnerships with Central Banks, Governments, Enterprises, and some of the largest payment infrastructure networks in the world, giving it a solid foundation and a promising future.

Is it Safe to Buy Quant?

The safety of buying and holding Quant largely depends on how you store your tokens. As with any other cryptocurrency, it’s crucial to keep your private keys secure and never share them with anyone.

You can store your QNT tokens on a hardware wallet like Ledger or Trezor, which provides an extra layer of security. Alternatively, you can store them on a software wallet like MyEtherWallet or Trust Wallet. However, it’s important to note that software wallets are susceptible to hacking attempts and malware attacks, so it’s advisable to keep a minimal number of tokens on them.

Moreover, it’s worth noting that Quant has implemented various security measures to safeguard its network against hacks and other security threats. The Quant team includes experienced cryptography and security experts who have designed the protocol to be as secure as possible.

Additionally, Quant uses a standards-aligned API that provides an extra layer of security and ensures that no data is stored on the gateway. Overall, while no investment is completely risk-free, Quant has implemented measures to ensure the safety and security of its network and tokens.

Quant Network is a promising project that aims to revolutionize the way blockchains operate by providing a platform for seamless interoperability. With its unique architecture and focus on solving the interoperability problem, Quant Network is well-positioned to become a key player in the world of blockchain technology.

While there are certainly risks involved with investing in any cryptocurrency, the potential rewards for those who do their due diligence and invest in promising projects like Quant Network could be substantial. As with any investment, it's important to carefully consider your options and consult with a financial advisor before making any decisions.

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