Frequently Asked Questions

New coin listings, equity purchasing, licensing and all other sales questions related to offering money to MintDice in exchange for services:

Please do not send any advertisement requests, link requests or any other SEO / monetary ask from MintDice as they will largely be ignored. If you have a strong advertising campaign, we kindly suggest you take a look at our Bitcoin Referral Program FAQ or our Bitcoin Affiliate Program account page. If you have a strong website and would like to request to be in our super Bitcoin affiliate network to obtain higher Bitcoin reward commissions, please send us an e-mail with the website you will attach our referral code to.

Customer Support should never ask you for your password, to deposit into any address or anything else of that nature. This is always either a phishing attempt or theft. Stay alert and report anything suspicious directly to MintDice either directly on BitcoinTalk or e-mail