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Are Masks Still Required In Casinos?

In early May 2021, the CDC made an announcement that those who are fully vaccinated against COVID 19 are no longer have to wear a mask. But does this mean they never have to wear a mask ever again? Or are masks still required in some locations? Turns out this news isn’t quite the bombshell the public was expecting.

The Official Announcement

According to the official announcement made by the CDC, fully vaccinated individuals no longer need to wear masks except when on public transport, during air travel, in a healthcare setting, or in a business that requires it. The keyword here is that vaccinated people can still be required to wear a mask in any business that requires it, which means that basically, you can still be required to wear a mask everywhere, even if you are vaccinated. This announcement seems a bit like a joke now huh?

But Won’t Businesses Let People Not Wear Masks?

You would think that businesses would rejoice at this new policy and immediately switch over to letting vaccinated people not wear masks. But here’s the problem, this policy actually makes it harder on stores, because now they have to have someone asking if every customer who walks through the door is vaccinated or not. And not only that, but the government has yet to specify if vaccination status is part of HIPPA or if businesses are allowed to ask about it freely. If businesses are allowed to ask for proof of vaccination, this definitely seems like a privacy invasion, and if they aren’t how can they ever verify if someone is allowed to not wear a mask?


All of this is so complicated that a number of businesses are still planning to require masks for all their customers. And for those of you that got the vaccination, the card they gave you is NOT wallet shaped, so do you plan to carry that everywhere with you? And how soon until this card gets ruined by water, sweat, or put through the wash?

And You Still Have To Wear One On A Plane?

The short answer to this is yes. But basically when the regulations passed to require mask wearing for all passengers on planes, this was through the FAA, which is a government entity separate from the CDC. Because of how close you sit to other people on planes, and the ability for this virus to cross borders so easily, it is highly likely that even with a vaccination, you will be wearing a mask on a plane for a very long time, especially because new strains of the virus keep popping up.

So, What About Casinos?

Likely all casinos will still require patrons to wear a mask when they enter and while the gamble. But the funny thing is, masks are only required when you aren’t actively eating or drinking, and because of the high frequency of drinking while gambling, it’s probable that not everyone is wearing a mask 100% of the time in a casino anyways. And like the aforementioned problems businesses have with verifying vaccination status, casinos suffer from the same issues, which means you will probably be gambling with a mask on for a while yet.

Where Can I Go Without A Mask?

This is the question of the hour, now that you don’t have to wear a mask if you are vaccinated, where can you go without carrying a mask in your pocket? And the answer is…well, nowhere. You still need to carry a mask with you everywhere you go as you have no idea which businesses will and will not require one. If you visit a place once and they don’t require one, then you can certainly visit that place without a mask subsequent times. But when checking out a new store or restaurant, you should always have a mask in your pocket.

How Much Longer Will I Need To Wear a Mask?

This is unfortunately an impossible question to answer, as mask regulations and ordinances are up to individual businesses and cities, and thus, even with a CDC announcement like the one made, there will still be several locations where you are required to wear a mask for months to come. And it’s always better to be prepared and have a mask on you so that you don’t get in trouble for not wearing one. In some places this can be a very serious event and get you banned from the venue, so it’s better just to mask up than get kicked out.

But I Want To Gamble Without A Mask?

If gambling with a mask on ruins the activity for you, then it may be time to check out online casinos. There are many amazing gambling sites out there which offer the same games and social feel as being in a brick-and-mortar casino. MintDice is a prime example of one of these casinos, and the social feel of being able to chat with other players while rolling dice or betting on Bit.Rocket is unparalleled. MintDice also lets you pick your odds for some of their games so you can control the risk you are exposed to while you gamble, and this is an option you don’t have in the regular casino.


One of the games MintDice does lack however, is poker. The site does plan to add other fun skill games in the future, but as of the writing of this article, has no plans for a poker room. That’s okay though as there are several poker sites on the internet where you can play the game comfortably from your home (and mask free) with your friends or random people on the internet. Whether you choose to play on MintDice or an online poker room, it’s important to recognize that gambling does carry risk and it is possible to lose your money playing on online casinos just like in a physical casino.

Overall, although social media is ablaze with the news of the lessening mask restrictions, there is no reason to party just yet, as masks will probably still be required almost everywhere you go. So next time you are heading to your local casino to try your luck, better slip a mask into your pocket just in case!

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