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How to Know if You Are a Good Poker Player

In years past, poker players were thought to be wasting their time and money, which should be spent on more productive activities. In more recent years, however, poker has become a profession that many have come to respect. But, how do you know if you are a good poker player?

Knowing whether you are a good poker player or not depends on several factors, including how often you are winning, what tournaments you are entering, and who you are playing against. While there is something to be said about having a natural talent, most players learn how to be a better poker player as they play.

Discovering whether you are a good poker player or not depends entirely on the actions you take with playing the game. Keep reading to learn more about what makes a good poker player and how you can also become better.

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What Traits Make You Good Poker Player?

Many traits come into play when considering whether someone is a good poker player or not. Many of these factors and traits have more to do with how they conduct themselves in their personal lives.

Check out the most common traits good poker players display:

While more traits are common in good poker players, these are the most often mentioned in the poker world. If you are a good poker player, then you most likely have some, if not all, of these skills.

How to Know if You Are a Good Poker Player

Aside from the traits that make a good poker player, there are specific ways to determine whether you are good or not. Even though many of these are obvious, they are essential to determining good and bad poker players.

You Win More Than You Lose

It may be obvious to say this, but if you are winning more times than you are losing, you are most likely a good poker player. This is because if you were not good, you would not win many hands unless you are playing against really bad players.

The best way to determine this is for you to enter tournaments that have you playing against players at many different skill levels. If you can keep up with and even win many of the games, it is safe to say that you are a good player.

You Win Against More Experienced Players

As stated previously, if you are entering tournaments that have you matched against players of various skill levels, you have the opportunity to test your skills better. What is an even better determining factor is if some of the players in the tournaments are more experienced and possibly even famous.

While you may be considered an amateur in some tournaments, you can move up in the rankings as a poker player by winning against professional players. Keep in mind that to accomplish this, your skills should be solid.

You Have a Decent Sized Bankroll

Another way to tell if you are a good player is to check out what your bankroll looks like in comparison to when you first started playing. This is because if you are winning regularly, then you should have a decent amount in your bankroll.

Keep in mind that most great and professional players tend to keep their bankroll at a decent level and that a portion of it is strictly used for entering tournaments and such. If your bankroll is consistently getting larger, then you may be a good poker player.

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You Understand Variance and Work Hard to Lower it

Many people just starting in poker may not understand the role that variance plays within the world of poker. This is because while many consider poker to be a game of chance, those who are in the profession often realize that it is much more than that.

Variance refers to the ups and downs of the game. Good poker players work hard to reduce the variance to ensure that they are winning more times than they are losing.

You Take the Game Seriously

To be a good poker player, you have to ensure that you are taking the game seriously every time you sit down at the table. Doing this helps to keep your focus on the game and on what you are doing.

If you are focused on the game itself, then you are less likely to make mistakes that could cost you time and money. Keep in mind that if you practice seriously you are more likely to play seriously as well, which in turn helps you to keep your focus on the game.

You Are Willing to Learn

Like with most things in life, if you are willing to take the time to learn more about what you are doing, you will get better at it. This means that if you not only spend time playing poker but researching and talking to those who are experienced, you will become better at the game.

While many people believe that to get better at poker, all you need to do is play more, those who take the time to learn more about the game are typically more successful.

How to Become a Better Poker Player

If you want to become a better poker player, there are several things that you can do regularly to make your way to the top. While many of these ideas are probably not news to seasoned poker players, if you are just starting, you may find some interesting.

Check out these ways to become a better poker player:

While this is not an exhaustive list of how to become a better player, it should give you a great starting point. Looking for a place to practice your poker skills? now offers bitcoin poker, simply go to the casino games on the drop-down menu and pick your favorite version of poker to play. 

Overall, knowing whether or not you are a good poker player depends entirely on how much time you spend playing and winning. If you enjoy the game and win more times than not, chances are you are considered a good player. Want to become a professional poker player? Then read this article on how to become a professional poker player.

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