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Plinko Boards For Bitcoin, Now With Dice

Plinko Game Origins And Plinko Innovations

Bitcoin Plinko is fan favorite game that hasn't had much in the way of innovation since it first made it's debut in The Price Is Right and other game show contests. Generally speaking, the objective of the game has been either to target specific locations or to veer off to the edges. In MintDice's Bitcoin Plinko Game you are only allowed the opportunity to drop dice from the top location of the triangle location so we'll stick to just discussing that location for the article.




User interaction and giving the Bitcoin user as many options as possible with Plinko without them feeling overwhelmed is our #1 priority at MintDice. For this reason, we have developed four unique Plinko gam boards for users to choose from. They come in a variety of colors and payouts including:









Each game's risk is associated with a color of dice. The lowest risk are the white dice, followed by blue, then green with red being the riskiest dice in the game. But the Plinko boards go a bit further with the Bonus Bitcoin prize innovation that MintDice has added to their game.

Bitcoin Plinko Game Jackpots And Bitcoin Doublers!


Any time a dice is rolled, if it lands on a six, the prize is doubled, giving you effectively a Bitcoin Doubler on your prize winnings. To celebrate this event, the entire Plinko board will flash in the color of your dice to signify the event. The Bonus Bitcoin offered by the dice roll offers crypto gamblers with an extra gamble to pay attention to in addition to their standard Bitcoin gambling by paying attention both to where the dice will eventually land but also which position the dice lands in. This way, if there are less exciting dice migrating their way to the middle, it can still win you, the user, a pretty big prize if it were to double, potentially giving you more than twice the return on your initial bet!

The ultimate jackpot to look out for in our Bitcoin Plinko game then will be hitting any prize off to the corners but also rolling a 6 simultaneously! A rare event for sure but lucky players will get there every once in a while :)

The innovations did not just stop with the Bitcoin Plinko With Dice mechanism though. As always, MintDice pays keen attention to the crypto fandom and has added in multiple dice to choose from to give the user fun dice games to play. The types of dice for now include:

Regular Dice

Doge Dice

Satoshi Nakamoto Dice

Elon Musk Dice


Bitcoin Memes And Crypto Easter Eggs On MintDice

The Doge dice we are especially proud of because they show a lot of fun Doge meme sayings as the dice bounce their way from top to bottom. This makes the online Bitcoin casino experience more fun and catered to the cryptocurrency community as we have had in mind – Nothing gets developed without thinking of how to apply it to cryptocurrency origins first.

As always, all games produced on MintDice are Provably Fair and the system for generating this on Plinko is no different. We have gone into fairly elaborate detail as to how our Provably Fair engine works on our MintDice FAQ which we have linked you to so you can understand exactly what we have done. But we can assure you this is as close to a fair online Bitcoin game as you could expect to have!

Our Plinko game will continue to improve as well. We may add more Plinko boards for other types of cryptocurrency and other Plinko types of games. In addition, we plan on including more Dice DLCs to include with our Bitcoin Plinko that will be fun for our MintDice community. If you have any suggestions for things you would like to see in the future, please get in touch with us and give us your suggestions or feedback.

Good luck and happy dice rollings!

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