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The Best Techniques to Roll the Dice Perfectly

Probability games using Dice are age-old pass times that find their mention in ancient books. Dice games are still very popular and archaeologists have recently put forth many interesting stories in connection to dice. A 600-year-old wooden dice, from the Medieval period, has been recently found out by the archaeologists from Norway, which they believe has certain deliberate deformation related to the numbers and probably used for cheating others in the games. The numbers 1 and 2 are missing and instead, there are two 5’s, two 4’s, 3 and 6.

Therefore, the equal probability of each number having 1/6 chance of being rolled is marred, compromising the fairness of the game. However, even with fair and unbiased dice, players can roll the dice in their favor by implementing some techniques. These are not cheating techniques as some may call, but sheer methods that have emerged out of in-depth researches on probability and statistics. Here are some of those techniques or tricks as to how to roll a dice discussed that might work in your favor.


Loaded Dice

Shooting with loaded dice often makes the statistics work in your favor. Loaded dice are available at local gambling shops or you can even purchase them online. Shooting with loaded dice is harder to spot and therefore creates fewer suspicions of the fellow players. Make sure you always rotate the loaded die with regular ones so that others don’t find out what exactly you are trying to do. There are many ways as to the manufacture of the loaded die. For example, some spots on one of the six faces of the dice could be drilled out with the holes filled with something heavy so that it makes the dice more likely to settle with that face down. Alternatively, sometimes the shape of the dice is slightly changed so that it keeps on rolling until your favorite number comes.

Microwaved dice

Using microwaved dice is also another trick that lets you roll a number of your choice. For this, you need a regular dice and put it on the value (that you want) face up in the microwave and then leave it for 3 to 5 seconds in the microwave before you bring the dice out. This will melt the plastic towards the bottom of the dice thereby making your desired number the lightest and the most likely to appear when you roll the dice. Make sure that the melting does not show in the dice; otherwise you would be ruled out of the game.


Controlled throw

This is a trick that does not require you to use any biased dice, but this trick involves learning some techniques as to how to throw dice in a very controlled manner to get the desired results. This needs a lot of practice and once you master this trick, winning at the dice games won’t seem rocket science at all. Place your index finger and thumb respectively on 1 and 6 of the dice and then throw it in a controlled way. This will let the dice roll along with the remaining numbers 2, 3, 4, and 5, thereby creating a higher probability to land on numbers other than 1 and 6. Likewise, for rolling the numbers 1 or 6, just place your index finger and thumb on the numbers that are exactly on the opposite sides and throw patiently.

Now, as these tricks are considered illegal, you cannot practice these in the casinos or you will be flagged out. However, practicing these tricks at home to make your shooting perfect is no guilt and you can do these at ease.

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