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The COVID-19 Vaccine and Bitcoin

People all over the world are lining up to get their COVID-19 vaccine, which has now been released for just over a few months. However, unsurprisingly, there is a lot of false information going around the internet about the vaccine. So just what are the facts? And what could vaccines possibly have to do with Bitcoin? You may just find yourself surprised.

What The Vaccine Is Not

First, it’s important to discuss what the vaccine is not, because some people have unrealistic expectations of both science and the government. So, it’s time to be clear, the COVID-19 vaccine does not treat COVID-19. It does not prevent COVID-19. All it does is boost the body’s natural antibodies against the virus. If you’re a numbers person, most of the studies performed showed that the COVID vaccines on the market protected you from 95% of the symptoms of COVID. You read that right, it only protects against the symptoms, not necessarily the virus itself. This means even with the vaccine; you can still get COVID and be asymptomatic. And like the yearly flu vaccine, it had been reported that a number of strains of the virus are already evolving beyond the vaccine, this means you will likely have to get a booster of the vaccine in coming years.


This means, that anyone on your Facebook timeline bragging that they have changed the world by getting a COVID vaccine, is just straight up wrong. If you want to get the vaccine to boost your immunity against the virus, then do it, but having someone jab you in the arm is not going to make a virus go away. This is just plain science.

Who Is Making The Vaccine?

Two years ago, most Americans couldn't name any of the major pharmaceutical drug companies. And now, thanks to the vaccine, several of these companies have become regular terms in American vocabulary. If you’re out of the loop, the three companies whose vaccines have been purchased by the US government are Moderna, Pfizer, and AstraZeneca. All three of these companies are issuing vaccines which must be delivered in two doses. Depending on the company you go with, you will have to return for your second vaccine in 21-30 days from your initial dose.

As of the writing of this article, it has been announced that most people who receive the vaccine have experienced side effects which range from mild allergic reactions to COVID like symptoms. Therefore, you should talk to your healthcare provider before you start lining up for your shot.

The Vaccine Will Not Crash Bitcoin

There is a rumor going around the internet that the COVID-19 vaccine will crash Bitcoin. Many people over the past few months have begun investing in Bitcoin because they have become nervous about the state of the world. Popular author Robert Kiyosaki thinks that this will all stop once the world finds a COVID-19 vaccine that works. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

What Mr. Kiyosaki has failed to realize, is that although the damage done by the actual COVID-19 virus to the human body may be some day reversible or preventable via vaccine, what has already been done to the US economy is done. The US Government has inflated its currency beyond return. And the third stimulus check, giving $1,400 to every American who qualifies was just sent out, meaning there’s plenty more inflation to come. People are investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies because they are afraid of what will happen to the economy once all this inflation hits, not because they are worried about having a vaccine for a hardly-deadly virus. Thus, it is extremely likely that the COVID vaccine will have no effect on Bitcoin prices, in fact, since the vaccine has launched, the price has only gone up. And Bitcoin shows no sign of stopping it’s trajectory to the moon any time soon.


So if you think now might be the time for you to invest in Bitcoin, especially with that nice $1,400 check the US government just gave you, go ahead. Now is no more or less risky than any other time to invest. And keep in mind the US government just lifted the regulation preventing evictions. This means a number of people who have been chilling in their homes not paying rent for the past few months will suddenly own thousands in back rent if they haven’t been paying. Basically, the US economy hasn’t seen anything yet.

COVID Vaccines Selling On The Dark Web For Bitcoin

There have been other articles released outlining the fact that people are selling the COVID-19 vaccine on the dark net for Bitcoin. While this was, and probably still is, really happening, it’s important to know that most of these sales were a scam. Most people who found they could order a vaccine on the internet would then purchase the product, pay in Bitcoin, and then never receive their product. Later, when they would return to the website to check on their order, they would find the vendors account had been deleted.

Although it’s impossible to know for sure if every listing for the vaccine is a scam, it’s better to just wait your turn for the vaccine, because it’s highly likely any online sale of a vaccine is fake. And even if you actually receive a vial of liquid in the mail, the chances that it is actually the vaccine are slim. Instead you should just be patient rather than wasting your hard earned money on a slim chance to have a slight defense against a flu-like virus.


So just how closely are the COVID-19 vaccine and Bitcoin correlated? While there probably is a slight correlation, you should not look two these two factors when deciding whether to buy cryptocurrency or get a vaccine, or both. Instead, if you want to buy Bitcoin, you should do your research on websites which discuss cryptocurrencies specifically before you decide to buy. And if you’re interested in the vaccine, it’s definitely better if you get off the internet and ask your doctor for help with that.

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