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Tips for Planning a Gambling Trip to London

If you’re planning a gambling trip to the area, it might feel overwhelming to figure out all the bits and pieces. Are there any helpful tips to consider before packing your bags and hopping on a plane for your betting adventure?

If you’re interested in learning more about planning a gambling trip to London, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about everything you need to know, from the best casinos in the city to dress code tips before setting foot on a casino floor. The more you know, the better prepared you will be for an incredible gaming experience.

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Best Casinos In London

There are many different casinos in London, so it might feel stressful to pick the right one. Luckily, several stand out as the best for your first, second, or millionth time in the country to gamble.

Here are the best casinos in London:

      Maxim’s Casino: A classy building with an elegant layout that spans two floors.

      Les Ambassadeurs: A James-Bond-esque casino with a sleek design and the most exclusive casino in London.

      Aspinall’s: A prestigious, elegant Mayfair casino selection.

      Crockfords: A suave modern-day casino with plenty of options for high rollers.

      The London Hippodrome: Technically three separate casinos on five floors with plenty of performance space for singing legends.

These are the best in London.

Something about England's gambling scene brings an air of class to the experience, unlike many locations on Las Vegas casino floors. No matter which of these casinos you visit, the experience will wow you in ways you can only get in London.

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Visas For Americans Vs. EU Citizens

If you are an American or another non-UK national, you are allowed to bet in the casinos in the country. However, you need to be at least eighteen, and the staff working the casino floor may ask to see a license or additional form of identification if they need more information to prove your age. Most Americans are eligible for a visa upon arrival which will allow them to stay 6 months in the UK. It is a good idea to check before you get on a flight however. 

Members of a country that is part of the EU will not need a Visa when they visit the UK. All they need is proof of age in case anyone on the casino floor asks during the experience. You will, however, need your passport to cross into the UK as it is no longer part of the EU.

Top Spots To Stay In London

London is like any city. There are several distinct sections, each with its perks for visitors. 

Here are a few of the best locations to stay in London:

      Covent Garden: This area has most of the attractions in London. Look at The Henrietta as a potential hotel option.

      West End: This spot is busy but enchanting. Examine Hotel Cafe Royal as a spot to stay.

      Westminster: This location is right in the heart of it, ideal for tourists. Check out The Corinthia as a potential spot to stay.

      London Bridge and South Bank: This area is gorgeous and crawling with tourist attractions. Try out the Shangri La as a potential spot to rest your eyes.

 These are the best available in the London area.

Of course, some of these can get pricey and change by year. It’s best to research hotel options before your trip to get the best possible deals.

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Getting Around In London

Like any other city, it’s critical to be prepared to know how you’re going to move from one casino to another in the city. London is famous for its travel opportunities, whether you’re there for a short period or an extended gambling stay.

Here are a few ways to get around the city:

      Take the bus

      Go in a taxi

      Take the London Underground also known as the subway or tube

There are ample ways to move from one location to another in this incredible city.

If you don’t want to pay for transportation, you can always pay for a hotel near everything you want to do and walk to your destinations during your stay. All you will need is transportation to and from the airport if this technique sounds more appealing to you.

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Dress Code Tips

Every country is different with the level of formality in their casinos, and London is no different. Most of the time, you will know ahead of time if black tie wear is ideal for your casino destination. However, it isn’t the standard at the majority of spots in London.

The dress code ranges from casual to black tie formal. However, it’s a good idea to stick with business casual or formal if you aren’t sure. For women, a cocktail dress or something similar will work well, while men might wear a blazer and a button-up shirt.

At the end of the day, it’s ideal to look your best unless you’re visiting a super casual location. Stick with semi-formal to formal for the best results.

Plan Travel Ahead of Time

Finally, ensure you plan everything ahead of time. The sooner you get your reservations and hotel rooms booked, the easier it will be to take advantage of all your options on your gambling excursion. Read reviews, pick your locations, and put everything in place as far in advance as possible.

You might want to plot out casinos, restaurants, and potential sightseeing options while you’re there to gamble. These must-dos will help you pick where you should stay to put you in the closest proximity to everything you want to see.

Where you stay, how you dress, and every other tiny detail matters on a gambling trip to London. It’s ideal to have everything together before your trip for peace of mind as soon as you board your flight.

The UK is not a cheap country to travel to, and if you are looking at the cost and thinking it’s too high, you’re not alone. Thanks to websites like, you can gamble comfortably from your home. Simply deposit some BTC, grab a tasty drink, and sit back and play from your favorite chair! 

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