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Who Gambles Better? Men or Women?

When it comes to gambling, statistics play a major role in your chances of winning. Pretty much any gambling game involves luck and therefore involves a probability that you either win or lose. Many people have made careers out of predicting the probability of you winning or losing in a certain game.

Many factors affect your probability of winning or losing when it comes to gambling. One of those factors is whether you are a man or a woman. Believe it or not, the statistics are different when it comes to your gender and engaging in gambling. 

You might think that men are better gamblers, or perhaps you think that women are better thinkers so they are better gamblers. Keep reading to find out the differences between men and women when it comes to gambling, and discover which one is a better gambler than the other. 

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Men Gambling Statistics

Studies show that men gamble more often and are at a higher risk of developing gambling addictions. Men are also more likely to gamble for social reasons or for entertainment purposes. It was also found that men are more likely to participate in skill based gambling and sports betting than women are.

Men make up 72% percent of all gamblers. This frequency with which men gamble might lead to a certain belief that men are better gamblers because they do it more often. Men have been gambling for decades now. They have been gambling even before women were allowed to gamble. In fact the average man who engages in gambling loses about $4,800 every year..

This may lead you to think that men are better gamblers than women. As men make up the majority of gamblers and have been doing it for longer. Time to take a look at the gambling statistics of women however before the answer is revealed. 

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Women Gambling Statistics

For a long time women were not allowed to gamble. They were limited to their position next to their man at the gambling table. They only served as company for their partner. However, this has changed in recent decades. Women have gained the opportunity to participate in gambling in most countries worldwide, and they have certainly used it. 

Women make up 28% of all gamblers. Women that gamble are on average 29 years old. Statistics show that women prefer to play chance games like slot machines rather than skilled based games. A very interesting statistic states that women will on average spend 21 months of their lifetime gambling. That’s almost two years of their lives spent gambling. This number is even higher than men which is reported to only be about 14 months. 

Despite statistics showing that women are more likely to spend more time in their lifetime gambling, they are also less likely to develop gambling addictions. Additionally, on average, a gambling woman loses less money per year while gambling than men. On average, women lose about $2,900 per year while gambling.

Men vs Women

Now it is time to answer the initial question “Who is a better gambler?” The truth is that the answer is very complicated. On average men lose more money while gambling compared to women. However, women tend to spend more time of their lives gambling. 

Men tend to take more risks; meanwhile women tend to be more cautious. Men are much more likely to develop gambling addictions than women. All of these factors and statistics make it hard to declare one side to be better than the other. 

It is hard to say that men are better gamblers because they lose more money than women and are more likely to develop gambling addictions. On the other hand, it is also hard to say that women are better gamblers because they make up less of the gambling population. Despite the fact that women lose less money than men, men also win more money than women when they do win. 

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What it Actually Comes Down to

As mentioned before, probability is a big part of gambling. Therefore, it is important to consider the probabilities of men and women when approaching a game to gamble. If one group has a higher probability of winning than the other, then it will be easy to crown them as the better gambler.

The problem is that both men and women have the same probabilities of winning no matter what game they play. The probability of winning a gambling game even if it's Bitcoin gambling, is not affected by whether a person is a man or a woman. It is because of this that all of the other factors mentioned above and statistics are so important when trying to answer the question of who is a better gambler.

So sadly, there is no answer to the question of who is a better gambler. It really just depends on your own definition of what makes a good gambler. If you judge how good of a gambler someone is on the amount of money they win, then you would probably say that men are better gamblers. However, if you believe that how much money someone loses should determine whether or not they are a good gambler, then you would believe that women are better gamblers because they do tend to lose less.


Overall, men and women have the same probabilities of winning any gambling game they sit down to play. Men may win more money, but this is because they do so by placing higher bets, not because of how they play. The answer to who is a better gambler comes down to your own beliefs and opinions. The statistics don’t clearly show that one is better than the other. They each have aspects and qualities that make them better and worse during gameplay. 

It is up to you to decide whether you think that men are better gamblers than women or vice versa. If someone asks you whether you think men are better gamblers than women, you now have some statistics to help you backup your claim. Just remember that whatever answer you give is subjective to how you and other people interpret the statistics found in studies. Maybe in the future more studies will come out with more statistics that will finally answer the question of who does it better.

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