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9 Fun Ideas for an Olympics Watch Party

The Olympics are an exciting time. They are only around for a few weeks in specific years, making it an excellent time for bettors and sports enthusiasts. Naturally, it’s the ideal time to throw a watch party for your friends and family. Are any fun ideas available to take your party to the next level?

Ready to learn more about some of the most exciting ideas for an Olympics watch party? You’re in an excellent place. From the food you serve to the decor choices, every little thing can make for a magical experience. Let’s dive into nine of our favorite ideas for an Olympic watch party.

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1. Olympic Trivia

One of the best games you can play at an Olympic watch party is trivia. You get to ask questions about the athletes and learn how passionate each attendee is about the sporting event while having fun with obscure questions. You can have each person on an individual team or group people together. 

Consider adding questions about the life of the athletes, the events, and even who has been to the most Olympic events. Of course, don’t forget the prizes. Guests can win anything from cash to a fun dessert item.

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2. Prepare the Schedule Ahead of Time

The Olympic events happen at different times across various weeks, so you must plan your days for the events ahead of time. Do you want to see diving? Gymnastics? A triathlon? Ensure you know what day and time the competition happens.

By preparing the schedule, you can have fun decorating and creating activities accordingly. A day focused on swimming might look far different than celebrating a race on the track.

3. Small Bet Raffle

One fun thing you can do is purchase small bets ahead of time and place them in a hat. Once everyone is gathered at your party, have everyone draw a bet out of the hat and see what bet they’ve won at your event.

This game is always a winner. After all, there’s money on the line, and everyone loves to have the possibility to win cash! The more people you have, the more diverse and exciting your small bet choices can be. Consider investing in this excitement and doing it right before you watch the events happen. Everyone will be excited about what they could win as the games press forward.

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4. Support a Different Country/Athlete

The Olympics are full of ample countries and athletes from each. For an extra touch of fun, have each of your party participants pick a country or an athlete ahead of time. They can dress up like the person or place they’re supporting and go ham with their enthusiasm.

You can also choose a country or athlete and place bets on how you think they will do. This fun activity will add a new layer of stakes to the event and get everyone in on the action.

5. Placing Sports Bets

Another excellent way to up the stakes of the Olympics is to have everyone make sporting bets along the way. This activity will get everyone involved and will make every game slightly more intense than it would be if you were watching and cheering along.

Decide the types of bets you want, who’s participating, and the options you want to put forth. If everyone is on board, you can have a fun time setting the stakes high for each sporting event at the 2024 Olympics.

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6. Host Your Own Games

Who says the people on the screen are the only ones who can participate in the events? During commercial breaks or before the events start, you can host your games by playing smaller events and giving out cheesy prizes. 

Events might include basketball, obstacle courses, bean bag tosses, running races, and more. The more time and people you have, the more events you can bring to life. Have prizes like a homemade gold medal or a cute stuffed animal representative of the current Olympic year.

7. Themed Food

Of course, you can’t have a party without food themed to fit the event. For an Olympic-sized good time, it’s an excellent idea to serve food that goes along with the athletic theme. There are ample options and plenty of room for creativity.

For example, consider serving a fruit platter with different colored fruits arranged in the shape of the Olympic rings. You could also make cupcakes and create the rings on top with fruity breakfast cereal. There are ample ways to get in on the action.

8. Set Up the Ideal Sitting Situation

How many people are coming over? For a fun Olympic-watching party, you might need to get creative with the seating options. Add beanbags or consider moving the party outside so everyone can watch the events from your pool. Ensure everyone has a place to sit, even if not all will be sitting.

The sitting situation is an excellent way to get creative and add comfort to the athletic event. Add some creative decorations to pull everything together for a cozy and fun evening.

9. Place Flags Everywhere

The Olympics are made up of many countries, which is apparent if you watch the opening ceremonies. There are tons of flags, carried by individuals and planted all around the sporting arena areas. Why not decorate your home with tons of flags to commemorate the competition between the world’s countries?

You will find tons of cheap, small flags online. You can also invest in a few larger ones for the countries you and your guests are the most in support of. They make an easy decoration and a fun statement.

Final Thoughts

There are many different options for the upcoming Olympics, which means you can customize the gathering to your liking. From allowing mini sports bets to occur to placing up flags everywhere, you can have a wonderful time with everyone.

The Olympics are a thrilling time for the country and a popular time to gather. Whatever you decide to pull together, it’s sure to be an unforgettable day. 

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