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The Top 8 Cryptocurrency Podcasts in 2024

There are many ways to learn about cryptocurrency and how it can improve (or hinder) different aspects of your life. One of the more popular methods for learning about cryptocurrency is via podcasts, but which ones are the real deal?

Although we made a list in 2019, almost 5 years have gone by, and the cryptocurrency podcast space has changed. So, if you want to check out some cryptocurrency podcasts, keep reading to discover which ones we think are worth your time in 2024.

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1. Epicenter

In our opinion, Epicenter is the best cryptocurrency podcast currently available. It’s a highly technical show by Harvard University, which performs deep dives into all aspects of cryptocurrency. Whether you want to learn about blockchain technology, altcoins, or even just more about the market as a whole, Epicenter has it all.

Listeners of Epicenter will leave episodes with a profound understanding of all things crypto, which is why it is a podcast favored by those in the blockchain financial industry. It is highly technical, however, so those new to the space should probably start with a podcast that is a bit more digestible before graduating to listening to Epicenter.

2. Unchained

Unchained, which was our number-one pick for crypto podcasts in 2019, is still going strong despite how long it has been on air. With weekly episodes, they dive deep into various hot topics in the space, hosting a variety of professionals in the space. We especially love the high-level thinkers they frequently have on the show as guests.

Although we definitely listen to Unchained ourselves, we do think that they tend to stick to basics, so those looking to dive deep will need to investigate other podcasts as well.

3. The Bad Crypto Podcast

Despite its name, the Bad Crypto Podcast is another one of our all-time favorites. Designed especially for beginners, this podcast is a great place to start before diving in deep into a topic on a show like Epicenter.

While the crypto topics are broken down for you by the two hosts, this podcast doesn’t host frequent guests, so once you’ve learned the basics, it's probably time to check out another podcast on our list.

4. Zero Knowledge

Zero Knowledge Podcast is a podcast that was named after the zero-knowledge proofs that are common in the cryptocurrency industry. Like Epicenter, this is a highly technical podcast intended for professionals in the industry who want to become knowledgeable about the more obscure cryptocurrency topics.

This podcast, however, focuses almost solely on zero-knowledge proofs within blockchain, although they occasionally deviate from the topic. As such, we recommend this podcast for those who are specifically interested in ZK proofs.

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5. The Breakdown with NLW

All of the podcasts we have listed so far have been educational, though they do occasionally share breaking news. Those who really just want to stay up to date on everything that is happening in the crypto world, however, should consider listening to The Breakdown with NLW, a cryptocurrency podcast specifically geared toward crypto news.

The Breakdown with NLW specifically focuses on macroeconomic trends, though it does deviate from this to deliver significant news in other spaces. As such, it should be combined with other methods of staying up to date on the news and not used solely on its own to gauge the occurrences in the industry.

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6. Bankless

Although it is 6th on our list, Bankless is truly one of our favorite cryptocurrency podcasts. Covering all things DeFi, this podcast was designed to help individuals become bankless instead of using the traditional financial system, relying on decentralized finance to meet all their financial needs.

While we love this podcast, it does have limited applications in the cryptocurrency world and won’t be helpful to someone just starting their cryptocurrency journey. That being said, if you are a current DeFi enthusiast, check it out!

7. What Bitcoin Did

What Bitcoin Did is a popular cryptocurrency podcast and for a good reason. It covers lots of the beginnings of cryptocurrency, as well as the major developments in the Bitcoin blockchain along the way. It frequently features guests who are major players in the fields and can be fun to listen to, especially on a long drive.

Although we love this podcast, it has limited applications once you know the basics of cryptocurrency. So, if you’ve been in the industry a while, you’ll likely find yourself a little bored. So definitely check it out but be prepared to have another podcast for the times you want to expand on your knowledge.

8. Crypto 101

We figured we would finish this list with a classic podcast that is known for its variety and consumability. While Crypto 101 is known for its content for beginners, it also evaluates some more complicated topics as you learn more, making it a decent overall podcast.

One thing in particular we like about this podcast is that they merge education with news, as well as regulation, making it a one-stop shop for all things crypto—though those who need something deeper might find themselves leaning toward a more technical podcast like Epicenter instead.

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Where to Find Cryptocurrency Podcasts

Cryptocurrency podcasts are available in several locations. The most popular is on Spotify or Apple Podcasts, where those with a subscription can enjoy them. Many of the podcasts on this list are also available on their podcast website, as well as on YouTube and Google podcasts. Basically, if you are interested in cryptocurrency podcasts, start with the service you already use and see what they have available, chances are, they will have at least one cryptocurrency podcast on hand for you to enjoy!

Overall, all of the podcasts on this list are fun to listen to and will help you learn a lot about cryptocurrency. So, whether or not you are new to the industry, the next time you find yourself with some free time, definitely check one (or more) out!

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