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Bitcoin Twitter Accounts Worth Following

In the digital era we live in today, there is often a constant onslaught of incoming information telling you which accounts to follow on social media and who has the best content. It can be difficult to weed through this ambush of information, so we have outlined the best accounts worth following for people interested in the Bitcoin/cryptocurrency world. Which accounts you personally decide to follow may change based on your unique interests or views.


The Basics

For those just beginning to delve into the twitter crypto world, I strongly recommend you start at the very beginning, with the founders of the crypto currencies. The most famous one being Vitalik Buterin (@VitalikButerin) the creator of Ethereum. As many of you know, the supposed creator(or creators) of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, have disappeared, but the same cannot be said of Buterin. He maintains an active position both within the Ethereum headquarters and online. As of the writing of this article, he boasts a following of over 881,000 people and posts multiple times a day.

According to the MarketWatch website, one of the next best accounts to follow after Buterin is that of Charlie Lee (@satoshiLite). Charlie Lee is the inventor of Litecoin and once worked for the popular cyrptocurrency purchasing app Coinbase. While he recently sold his own stake in Litecoin, he still maintains an active role in the cryptocurrency world and spends ample time sharing his information via Twitter. This is a great account to follow to keep up with the daily happenings around the world with regards to all sorts of coins.

For general news, definitely check out @BitcoinMoney and @BitcoinMagazine. Both of these accounts are run by Bitcoin Magazine and are great for keeping up to date with news and events in the Bitcoin World. Both these accounts have follower numbers in the hundred thousands and turn out interesting and varied content on a daily basis. Additionally, @Bitrific is another good account to follow here as they often post YouTube videos relevant to current happenings with bitcoin.

Specialized Industries

If you’re looking for less of a “news” source and more of an analytical approach, I recommend you follow Alex Sunnarborg (@alexsunnarborg). While not nearly as famous as his counterparts above, he is well know for providing stats and charts to the twitter world. He is not nearly as active on twitter as Buterin or Lee, but the topics he posts about are regarded for their quality. Another person to follow along these lines is Peter Brandt (@PeterLBrandt). Like Sunnarborg above, he also provides analysis on charts and tips on trades. While this information can be helpful when looking at what to buy, I recommend using your own judgment when purchasing and trading cryptocurrencies. You can’t always believe everything written on social media.

Besides just general interest or trading, many people these days are interested in mining Bitcoin. If that’s you, it’s highly recommended that you follow Jameson Lopp (@lopp). Lopp is an engineer for BitGo, a blockchain security company. He posts regularly, and many of his posts have gone viral—however, not all of his tweets are about Bitcoin so you’ll have to weed through his content to find the information you’re looking for. Adam Back (@adam3us) is probably the best source to follow in this topic. Back is known for developing the algorithm used in Bitcoin mining. With over 182,000 followers, he spends most of his time sharing news articles about mining and educating the public on all things cryptocurrency. A third miner recommended by MarketWatch is Wences Casares (@wences), although upon further review of his account, it does appear he does more re-tweeting than posting his own content.

If you’re not looking to be come an active trader or a miner, there are tons of accounts run by simple investors that can give you great view points and advice. On of the top recommendations in this category is Bill Lee (@westcoastbill). Lee is most known for his investments in Coinbase, the cryptocurrency purchasing platform mentioned earlier. Besides just that, Lee is a chairman of BitGo and invests in many other technology related commodities. In recent days, his account speaks more about Tesla than bitcoin, but he also spends a lot of time posting about ICOs and other start ups for the interested investor. If you’re brand new to the investment side of the bitcoin world, one of the best accounts to follow is that of Linda Xie (@ljxie) not only is she a Coinbase product manager, but she also offers a lot of free guides and tips on her feed for those just starting out. Further review of her account also reveals lots of news articles on ICOs and reading lists for those who want to expand their information base beyond the realm of twitter.

If you do end up investing in a cryptocurrency, I highly recommend following the Twitter account of whatever coin you put your money into. Often times accounts will tweet live updates and news articles that are relevant to that coin. For those invested in Bitcoin, follow @Btcprice, an account which tweets Bitcoin price updates from the Mt. Gox exchange every fifteen minutes.


Gambling Based

One of the new industries that has come with the rise of Bitcoin is that of gambling with various different cryptocurrencies. This is a booming industry and many of the big players provide information and freebies on their twitter accounts.

MintDice (@MintDice) provides updates about their website, as well as reports on general news in the Bitcoin gambling industry. Known for being one of the most well done online casinos, they don’t post often, but can be worth the follow for the freebies they’ll occasionally hand out. MintDice covers casino games like Dice, Plinko, and Slots. For those who prefer more of the player vs. player gambling, we recommend following Seals With Clubs (@SealsWithClubs). Their twitter isn’t as active as that of MintDice above, but they do post interesting updates on developments for those interested in the technology side.

And The Funny

Now not everyone goes to twitter to be educated, but rather just to be entertained. For those who want a crypto funny to pop up in their feed ever so often I recommend following Crypto Funny (@crypto_funny). This account has a smaller following and doesn’t release content often, but the content they do release is pretty hilarious. It’s mostly comprised of memes but there is the occasional funny video.

Overall twitter can be an interesting and fun tool to use when deciding to buy, trade, or invest cryptocurrencies. Whether you chose to follow these accounts or others, always be cautious about who you take advice from, and make sure you do your own investigation before making any important financial decisions.

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