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Do Vegas Casinos Pump in Extra Air to Keep Gamblers Awake?

There’s a popular myth that casinos pump extra air onto their floors to keep gamblers awake and ready to play, increasing their time spent out and causing them to spend more money. Is this myth a fact? Is at least part of this statement a reality? Do Vegas casinos use tactics to keep their gamblers fixated on the prize?

Although it sounds effective, Vegas casinos don’t pump extra oxygen into their rooms to keep gamblers awake. However, they use other tactics to distract customers and entice them to spend more money.

If you’re interested in learning more about using oxygen to stay awake and other casino tactics in Vegas, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about whether or not pure oxygen keeps you awake, other tactics used by Las Vegas Casinos, and other valuable information before you set foot on the casino floor.

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Does Pure Oxygen Keep You Awake?

The main reason Vegas casinos don’t use the oxygen tactic is the cost. It would take nearly 40,000 cubic meters of oxygen daily to raise the levels, creating a wildly unnecessary price hike for the company.

Oxygen is also flammable, and casinos are known for having individuals who like to smoke. The more oxygen in the room, the higher the danger of a sudden fire. Plus, too much oxygen will poison a human being and lead to critical issues in the body.

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What Tactics Do Vegas Casinos Use?

Casinos might not pump additional oxygen to the floor, but that doesn’t mean they don’t use tricks to keep their customers occupied. Throughout their existence, casinos have mastered various tactics to catch the gambler’s attention.

Let’s dive into a few of the tactics Vegas Casinos use. They’re smart with their strategies, working with lights, sounds, and more to draw dedicated gamblers to their machines.

Loud Music

The most common tactic used on the casino floor is loud music. If you walk into a casino, you will typically hear a bumping bass or distracting tunes at a high volume.

The music will make the gambler:

  • Feel like they are in a party setting
  • Much happier
  • Distracted

People with a nice song in their heads are more likely to spend money than those in a quiet room.

Loud music amplifies the Vegas Casino. It creates a new environment for the gambler, bringing out a party personality.

Wonderful Smells

Another tactic is to position wonderful smells so they waft onto the floor. When gamblers smell a tasty food, they are more likely to stick around and spend money.

Casinos often offer food items like the following:

  • Steak
  • Lobster
  • Buffets
  • Cocktails

These are often discounted with the restaurants placed near the casino floor, allowing gamblers to feel like they can spend more on the machines. 

Smells make a difference to the typical human. A nasty scent will cause us to turn away, while a memorable one draws us in. Even Disneyland uses this tactic to get people to buy their food.

No Windows and Clocks

Casinos don’t want gamblers to know how much time they spend inside, so you will rarely see a clock or a window facing the interior of a casino. Timepieces give away time, and windows reveal the daylight left in the sky.

With no way to keep track of time, it’s easier for gamblers to get lost in their games and waste the day away at their favorite game. There is typically very little natural light in a Las Vegas casino.

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Cool Temperatures

Vegas Casinos don’t add extra oxygen to their floor, but they will keep the temperatures cool. Vegas is in the desert, and people are likely to enter an ice-cold building. Once inside, the casino floors are full of enough people to keep warm.

There is nothing like air conditioning after walking around in the heat. Vegas casinos know that. They keep their air cold for a reason. 

Close Calls

Often, Vegas Casinos will rig their machine to allow gamblers to get close to winning. Once a person has that experience, they are more likely to continue trying to get an actual win on a machine.

A close call will trigger dopamine receptors in the brain and create a drive to continue the action. Most Vegas casinos take advantage of this result.

Free Items

When gamblers are on a losing streak, many casinos offer them free things. This action will encourage them to keep spending money on the machines.

No-cost items often include the following:

  • Drinks
  • Food
  • Concert or show tickets

These will entice a gambler and draw them in with feelings of devotion and loyalty. 

Although not all people are drawn in by free things, many are. They will feel obligated to try again because at least they get something.

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Resort Location

Most casinos sit on the base level of a resort rather than existing in a separate building. Casinos do this to ensure their customers are relaxed and laid-back, ready to spend a little more than expected on a slot machine.

Casinos try their best to make gambling locations as relaxing as possible. The calmer the gambler, the longer they will remain on the floor.

Impressive-Looking Wins

Finally, casinos create their machines and games to make wins look as impressive as possible. There are always loud noises, dazzling lights, and large numbers to show the entire casino what they could have if they kept playing.

Even near-wins look impressive on a casino floor, and that’s for a reason. They’re created to push gamblers to keep playing.

If you head into a casino, you don’t need to worry about breathing in extra oxygen to stay awake. However, you should be aware of other tricks like tasty smells, loud music, cool temperatures, and free items. Casinos want their gamblers to stay inside and are ready to keep them distracted at all costs.

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