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Everything You Need to Know About the 2024 Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is an exciting time of the year in America, where families and friends gather to watch the thrilling event, eat snacks, and enjoy exciting advertisements. The 2024 Super Bowl is right around the corner. However, those who aren’t football fanatics might be a little behind on the Super Bowl LVIII details.

If you’re interested in learning more about the upcoming 2024 Super Bowl, keep reading. We’re ready to fill you in on all the vital details, from the teams playing at the game to whether the iconic Taylor Swift will be making an appearance onstage. Read on to dive into our intricate guide on the highly anticipated American event!

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Who Is Playing at the Super Bowl?

After a long-anticipated season of grueling games between excellent teams, the 49ers and the Chiefs emerged victorious as the two competitors at the Super Bowl. Each team has an excellent record, and it should be thrilling to see the athletes head-to-head on the green-rooted battlefield.

The 49ers, led by quarterback Brock Purdy, have an excellent history thus far this season of 14-5. The Chiefs, led by quarterback Patrick Mahomes, are slightly behind their competition with a season record of 14-6. Still, the gap is very small.

The Kansas City Chiefs have been in a total of five Super Bowls, clinching the title three times and losing twice. The opposing San Francisco 49ers have played in the Super Bowl seven times and earned the winning title for five of those. They seem to have a slight upper hand against their competition. 

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Where is the Super Bowl Happening?

The Super Bowl is happening in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the Allegiant Stadium. As is the way with most Super Bowl games in history, neither team gets home turf advantage for the competition. This is the first time Vegas is hosting the Super Bowl, and they seem ready to adapt.

Naturally, Las Vegas is an exciting place for the Super Bowl to take place. There are reportedly many pre-Super Bowl events happening, which celebrities and athletes are flocking to to participate in before they witness the incredible game.

When Will the Super Bowl Happen?

As always, the Super Bowl is on a Sunday. Fans can expect to see the action take place on Sunday, February 11th, 2024. Of course, that isn’t the only event taking place in Las Vegas during this period.

In the time leading up to the Super Bowl, those who are in the Las Vegas area can head to the NFL Football Festival at the Mandalay Bay South Convention Center from February 7th to February 10th. Also, there’s sure to be celebrations afterwards no matter which team cinches the victory.

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What Channels Is the Super Bowl On?

If you can’t afford a ticket to the Super Bowl, you’ll likely watch the event on your television. Several channels will be streaming the event from start to finish.

You can find the Super Bowl on the following channels:





      YouTube TV

There is only one actual channel with the Super Bowl this year(the rest are on streaming services).

If you have Paramount+, now would be the time to take advantage of the service and watch the Super Bowl from the comfort of your couch. Alternatively, consider paying for a month of the service to be able to enjoy the game without too many interruptions.

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Who’s Starring at the Halftime Show?

Every year, a celebrity performs a crazy set as the iconic halftime show. This year, Usher takes the stage, and there is much speculation about what his set will look like, especially after the astonishing performance from Rihanna last year. 

Usher is reportedly very excited and eager to check this performance off his bucket list. It’s no small matter - many artists have either become even bigger or flopped stupendously in front of some of the biggest football fans in the world. It will be thrilling to see what the icon decides to do.

Is Taylor Swift Performing at the Super Bowl 2024?

Taylor Swift, singer extraordinaire, is dating the Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce, so there is much speculation that she might make an appearance. However, it’s unlikely she will be performing at the Super Bowl as she might barely make it from her current tour location overseas. 

There is, however, a chance she could nab the spotlight as an all-star fan and girlfriend. There’s even speculation that Travis Kelce could propose.

Who is the Favorite to Win the Super Bowl?

Although the game is set to be close, the San Francisco 49ers have the current favor to emerge triumphant in the Super Bowl. They have a spread of -1 and the underdog spread odds of -112. 

On the other end, the Kansas City Chiefs are at +105 right now. Of course, anything can happen, and the Kansas City Chiefs could easily emerge with the win on Sunday, February 11th.

Who is Most Likely to be Super Bowl MVP?

Every Super Bowl crowns an MVP of the game. As of right now, both quarterbacks are set at the top of the pack - Patrick Mahomes and Brock Purdy. Patrick Mahomes has already won the honor twice in 2020 and 2023, and he seems to have a slight edge over Brock Purdy. 

Again, any player can have an excellent or a terrible game. Only time will tell to see if Purdy or Mahomes win - or if it’s someone else altogether.

Final Thoughts

The 2024 Super Bowl boasts a thrilling game between the 49ers and the Chiefs at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada. It will take place on Sunday, February 11th and will offer ample entertaining experiences to the table, including an exciting halftime performance from Usher. The stakes are sure to be high for everyone involved.

We hope this information was helpful! Whether you’re heading to a party to enjoy the game or want to be prepared to boost your knowledge to your spouse, it’s never a bad idea to prepare yourself for an event. This information should fill in the gaps with ease.

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