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How to Bet at an Online Casino

Are you new to online gaming? Then you may have some questions about the ins and outs of betting online.

We’ve got all the details, and more in this article, so read on to learn all about how to bet at an online casino.

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Types of Online Casinos

Before we dive into betting online, we should discuss the different types of online casinos. Generally, you have those which are run by a brick-and-mortar casino, those which accept local currency, and cryptocurrency casinos.

Online Casinos Run by Brick-and-Mortar Casino

If you are new to online gaming, these types of casinos can be a good place for you to start. Usually, they are run by a local casino in your area (or one you have visited) like the MGM casino.

When you gamble at one of these casinos, it is generally easy to get set up and make an account because the casinos are government regulated and they have lots of infrastructure behind them. You may even be able to call a customer service number at the brick-and-mortar casino if you need help getting started.

It is important to note, however, that while set up at these casinos may be easy, cash out usually isn’t. This is because any money you cash out is subject to taxes and government regulations. There are even some sites which require that you visit the casino in person to cash out.

If this doesn’t sound like something you want to do, it is probably better to look for a full online casino.

Online Casinos Which Accept Local Currency (Fiat)

The next type of casino is an online one which accepts your local currency. There are many casinos in the US which exist only online and accept USD for bets. The same can be said for the UK which has many online casinos which accept the British pound.

Unfortunately, if you live in another country it may be difficult to find a casino which accepts your local currency. Additionally, the regulations can be stringent, and you may not be able to set up an account if you live in a certain location, nor will you be able to play when you travel.

If you want more freedom when it comes to online casinos, you should look into a cryptocurrency casino.

Online Casinos Which Accept Cryptocurrency

Online cryptocurrency casinos are some of the best online gaming options available. While they are still subject to rules and regulations like other online casinos, because they accept cryptocurrency they are truly borderless. This means you can take your playing with you wherever you go, and you never have to worry about in-person cash outs!

The only downside of a cryptocurrency casino is buying cryptocurrency to bet with. While this is a bit of a learning curve, once you get the hang of it, you might find that it’s even easier than fiat. Plus, you don’t have to leave your couch!

No matter what type of online casino you want to play it, it’s critical that you get the funds you need before you can place a bet. Do you already have your desired currency in hand? Then read on!

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How to Place a Bet in an Online Casino

While the exact process of placing a bet will vary from casino to casino and game to game, here are the basics below.

1. Create an Account

While some online casinos do allow you to gamble without an account, most require that you make one before placing your first bet. Follow the instructions for making your account, ensuring you choose a memorable name and password.

2. Deposit

You can’t place a bet without some funds! We recommend placing a deposit ASAP because some websites take some time to process deposits. For a site you are unfamiliar with, it is recommended to only place a small deposit first (i.e., $10 or the BTC/altcoin equivalent) to check if the site is trustworthy. This way, if it isn’t, you haven’t lost more than $10.

3. Navigate to the Game You Wish to Play

Once you have some funds in your account navigate to the game you wish to play. Ensure you know how to play the game before placing your first bet. Most casinos allow users some play money to test games before putting their money on the line.

Here at, we have a faucet that can be used to test games with a small amount of cryptocurrency. There is also a play money, FRD which can be used to test games as well.

4. Select Your Bet

After you figure out how the game works, decide how much you want to bet. Most websites have a minimum bet, and we recommend making your first bet the minimum—just until you know for sure how the game works.

5. Select Your Parameters

The cool thing with online gaming is that you can really design your own gaming experience. Many online casinos let you choose your own odds, as well as spin many times without clicking over and over again. Check out all these bet parameters to ensure yours are set how you want.

6. Click Submit

Once you have made all your selections, click submit(sometimes also labeled ‘play,’ ‘spin,’ or ‘bet’) and wait to see if you win!

If you have any questions during the bet process, most online cryptocurrency casinos have some sort of customer service you can chat with. They can help walk you through different games and the bet placing process.

Of course, this guide doesn’t apply to all games because some have a more specialized betting process than others. For example, the crash rocket game on, called Bit.Rocket, has a few more things to do. Once you place your bet, you must also choose when you cash out, otherwise you will lose your entire bet!

Hopefully, no matter what game you are playing, this guide has helped you to learn how to place a bet online. If you need more help, it’s definitely time to contact customer service!

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