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Investing In Bitcoin And Investing With Bitcoin

Ways To Earn With Bitcoin

The first step to getting into Bitcoin, beyond basic consumer awareness of the product itself, is simply buying Bitcoin. And by owning Bitcoin you own a share of the scarce monetary resource that governs Bitcoin and it's unique Blockchain technology therein.

Simply owning Bitcoin allows you to invest in Bitcoin's technology, infrastructure and assets all at once. There are many other ways to invest in Bitcoin and Blockchain technology which have been discussed in the past on the MintDice blog. You can own pieces of companies involved in Blockchain technology or other traditional instruments which allow exposure to Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency asset classes.

However, the important thing to do is to always be appreciating your underlying assets through investment, however they are denominated, when possible. Many people may invest into Bitcoin because they believe in the technological or political motivations behind the cryptocurrency. However, most individuals will also be invested heavily into Bitcoin for the monetary investment gains behind ownership of Bitcoin and other crypto coins. Neither situation is inherently good nor bad, they are simply different reasons for two different types of people to arrive at the same conclusion which results in net Bitcoin investment.

By ownership in Bitcoin and blockchain technology, historically speaking, people have done very well relative to their fiat-based investment counterparts. This does not make Bitcoin or it's corollaries dominating strategies as there is substantial risk involved in Bitcoin in it's ownership and future and rather uncertain direction. But nonetheless, it has been a profitable endeavor to date largely for those who have invested.

Double Road

However, people like to receive rewards, and they prefer larger rewards to smaller rewards and they prefer rewards sooner than later. So what are the best ways to double your investment with Bitcoin that you have already make or will make?

Bitcoin Doubler & Bitcoin Generators

First, we need to define what exactly it means to have a Bitcoin doubler. Are we talking about winning Bitcoin relative to fiat-based pegs or winning Bitcoin relative to Bitcoin?

If we define winning fiat as the Bitcoin doubler that we are trying to achieve and the person buying Bitcoin is a long term believer in the technology, the simplest answer is to simply buy Bitcoin and hold Bitcoin (preferably on a Trezor). Once this has been accomplished, you will just need to wait for the day that it matures to a point where it has doubled in price and then sell your Bitcoin back for the original fiat based currency that you purchased your Bitcoin in and profit.

If we are instead talking about ways of doubling Bitcoin when we already own Bitcoin then the process is going to involve some luck, work or investment risk processes or a combination of some of these.

First and foremost, it is important to stay away from Bitcoin doubler scams. There are many websites out there that will promise to double your Bitcoin but does their investment model make any sense? How are they promising to double your Bitcoin? Make sure that they aren't saying that it comes out of thin air or a magical trading algorithm but rather through an entity that makes actual and practical sense, such as Bitcoin casino bankroll ownership, discussed later in this article.

Given that there are a multitude of ways out there to generate income from simply working a job paying you in Bitcoin to double your Bitcoin or participating in Bitcoin trading, we are going to focus on one particular website, MintDice, which offers many convenient and some highly profitable ways to double your Bitcoin efficiently, each of which is notably within a safe environment any more importantly, not part of any cryptocurrency scam.

Let's Look At The Options For Doubling BTC

There are three primary ways to double your Bitcoin relatively fast with MintDice, each of which requires it's own level of risk, understanding, work and luck.

Perhaps the easiest and riskiest way of doubling your Bitcoin is with MintDice's Bitcoin casino games. By playing with extremely low house edge casino games where the RTP is very high at 98-99%, you have a relatively high chance of doubling your Bitcoin bankroll relative to standard online casinos which will charge you a much higher house edge, effectively lowering your chances of double your underlying asset of choice.

The middle of the road option is to invest into MintDice's cryptocurrency casino house bankroll. This allows you to take full advantage of the casino house edge and profit with the casino yourself through a casino crowdfunded investment model. This method, while it has some risk exposure, is much lower risk than the gambling method but will come much slower and will likely take many years of Bitcoin Investment in MintDice to double your Bitcoin, if you have the long-term patience to wait that long.

The final method which also has risk but will come much faster than the casino investment route at the expense of work, study and time is playing MintDice's Bitcoin games of skill. There are many games of skill which can help you double your money quickly by playing well with a little bit of luck. MintDice's Pyramid Bitcoin Investment Game is one of the easiest Bitcoin generator doublers. If you enter Pyramid during the early stages and enough players enter the game after you, you may double your money in mere days or weeks! Keep in mind that the Pyramid Bitcoin Investment game is a game of high risk but also high skill which will reward the best and luckiest players. In addition to Pyramid, MintDice offers many other games of skill including a Bitcoin crash game, so check out MintDice to see what they are offering for you to earn Bitcoin at today!

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