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Online Roulette Wheel & Bitcoin Dice Comparison

If you were searching for information about European Roulette Wheels, you've come to the right place. As you are probably aware, there are two major forms of roulette wheels, American and European. For all intents and purposes, the European wheel is strictly better than the American wheel. This is because the odds profile on the European wheel only has a single green zero '0' space whereby the American version has two green zeros denoted as '0' and '00' while still only maintaining the same prize win value across the game board. We'll get to the significance of this shortly into the article.

Basic Roulette Rules

The rules of roulette are fairly basic. On a very basic level, with most versions of roulette you will get a 36:1 payout for as many numbers as you occupy on a grid/map, otherwise known as the Roulette table, seen below:


European Roulette Wheel & Table Example

By placing your betting pieces on any number, if the roulette ball lands on the lucky number that you have chosen, you will get a monstrous 36:1 payout. With the rest of Roulette, there are many fancier bets that you can place that are all simply derivatives of that same style of bet we just mentioned. One of the most common types of bets for European Roulette are the red or black bet. Which is the same thing as placing betting pieces on all black squares giving you a 36:18 payout or a 2x payout for guessing the lucky color in this case, correctly.

There are many other bet types that you can place as well, such as number sets like the 1st 12, 2nd 12 or 3rd 12 which each give out a payment of 36:12 or a 3x multiplier on your money when you guess correctly and get a little bit lucky. As is the case with all of these bets, you can think of them more broadly as a 36:X payout based on the number of numbers that you have selected. The more likely the payout, the smaller the multiplier. Meanwhile you can stand to win a larger payout by giving yourself a small chance to win. The overall range of wins possible on a roulette wheel could be as small as 36:35 which will give you a roughly 2.85% multiplier on your total money put down, which will have you winning around 94.6% of the time. On the flip side, you can have a payout as large as 36:1 by placing a bet on a single number but you'll only have a 2.7% chance to win such a big pay day.

The Online European Roulette Wheel

With the understanding of basic roulette theory it's important to loop back around to the European Roulette wheel example. By having only one zero instead of two zeroes as is done by the American version, you will improve your odds dramatically. Your single highest performing value that you can have while playing roulette or other games is paying attention to the house edge. With American roulette, the house edge is a whopping 5.26%. And while you can still win at that game with luck and good fortune on your side, it's a bit of a mountain to climb. By simply demanding and switching over to online European Roulette wheel alternatives, you'll slash that house edge nearly in half from 5.26% down to 2.70%.


While any serious online roulette player knows to always choose European Roulette over American Roulette, they may be less familiar with the slightly more modern take on roulette frequently referred to as "Bitcoin Dice".

Bitcoin Dice Comparison

Bitcoin Dice is a pick your own odds game very similar to European Roulette except with both expanded functionality for it's players while also sporting a dramatically lower house edge. As we discussed earlier, European Roulette functions on a 36:X payout schedule. This gives a good number of options to it's bettors, but also fairly limited flexibility for the more serious and agile players that seek to embrace the modern era of gambling. Bitcoin Dice elevates the game to another level by effectively offering it's players a near 10,000:X set of values for players to chance their luck with. This allows users to take extremely low odds and high payoff gambles or extremely conservative low payoff bets as well. And if that weren't good enough, Bitcoin Dice frequently sports a house edge as low as 1% completely shattering even the notoriously better European Roulette tables while also often complimenting this with Provably Fair technology, something rarely seen with online Roulette tables. This technology mathematically guarantees that your bets were fair and that the game is not rigged against you, something most online casino companies simply can't or won't provide.

To make things easy for comparison we have created the chart down below listing their primary features:


Features American Roulette European Roulette Bitcoin Dice
Minimum Payout 2.85% 2.85% πŸ”₯ 1% πŸ”₯
Minimum Payout Odds 92.1% 94.6% πŸ”₯ 98.01% πŸ”₯
Maximum Payout 36x 36x πŸ”₯ 9,900x πŸ”₯
Maximum Payout Odds 2.63% 2.70% πŸ”₯ 0.01% πŸ”₯
House Edge 5.26% 2.70% πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ 1% πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Of course, the chart does forego the cultural significance of a game like European Roulette and the history behind the beautiful game. Some may be drawn to traditional game types, and that is perfectly fine to do. Alternatively, if one chooses to play European Roulette in a live brick & mortar casino setting that is simply the only game type since Bitcoin Dice games will not be found in any such area as Bitcoin has not penetrated mainstream casinos as of this article. Furthermore, casinos tend to require a larger house edge to operate to cover their larger operating expenses, with some exceptions for their highest rollers whom they tend to cater to, which would make running a 1% house edge Bitcoin Dice game impossible from the get go.

Mintdice Bitcoin Dice Game Btc Dice

In Conclusion

Ultimately, for the serious European Roulette players and gamblers of today, Bitcoin Dice is clearly the better option as it offers more flexibility, better odds and provably fair technology making it a "dominating strategy" relative to it's antiquated counterpart. Of course, we don't want to take anything away from European Roulette's important history as a groundbreaking casino game of it's time. And naturally, the live casino setting will always have it's time and place for gamblers when they choose to partake in a more social setting.

By moving away from high overhead solutions from live settings to fiat payment processors and over to Bitcoin, Bitcoin Dice has managed to come in as a serious disruptive innovator in the field of pick your own odds gambling. By competing on payout odds provided, the house edge and even provably fair technology, pay attention to how this will impact the online casino industry with time if nothing else. By offering a game type 63% discounted over the already cheap European Roulette, there's a lot reason for gamblers to want to switch their attention to the newest and greatest innovations in gambling technology.

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