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The 5 Best Online Plinko Games

Have you ever played Plinko? Plinko gambling is a unique game that originated on the set of the TV show The Price is Right. While your chances of getting on The Price is Right are pretty low, there are many fun plinko games online that you can play from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you want to bet online or even play for free, there are many websites that offer plinko gambling. We’ve taken the time to review them all and have reported back to you on our favorites.

Most of these plinko games are available only on crypto gambling websites—also known as websites that engage in Bitcoin betting. If you are looking to play with the US dollar or another fiat currency, then this list probably isn’t for you. But if you don’t mind betting Bitcoin, read on to learn about the best online plinko games.

The Best Online Plinko Game

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1. MintDice Plinko

Plinko is a game where you drop an item from the top of a pyramid and see where it lands. As you can imagine, this can get boring quickly if there is no variation. We like because they have not one but three pyramids to choose from. Each plinko game has a different level of risk, giving you full control over the risk you are exposed to while plinko gambling. This means if you get bored playing the low stakes, you can make your plinko game a little riskier with the click of a button.

We also like the dice animation, as well as the fact that you can drop multiple dice at once. Plus, the site has some nice music to listen to and a chat box for when you want to engage with other players (and earn bonuses!)

We love that everyone gets a small amount of free Bitcoin with no deposit to play on the site. If you aren’t sure about playing with crypto at all, there is a play money option you can also use.

The more you play on MintDice, the more you earn, thanks to their many bonus programs like MintRain, which is free Bitcoin you get for using their online chat feature. MintDice also has additional offerings, like a Bitcoin sportsbook and slots for when you tire of plinko gambling. The more you play, the higher your status is, and the more bonuses are available for you.

Currently, MintDice only accepts Bitcoin, but they will be adding the ability to accept other altcoins in the future,

2. Cloudbet

If you are interested in the XY variation of Plinko, then head over to Cloudbet, which is one of the only sites we know with this option. Additionally, Cloudbet is an altcoin casino. This means if you don’t have access to Bitcoin or would rather play with a different currency, Cloudbet is more likely to offer bets in your desired currency than MintDice.

While Cloudbet does offer more bonuses, they aren’t as clear-cut as those offered by MintDice. They use a variable points system to offer these bonuses, which can make it difficult to keep track of what you are winning.

But if you tire of Plinko, this site also offers live dealer poker, which is something that isn’t available on very many other bitcoin gambling sites.

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3. Metaspins

Our third pick for the best online plinko game is Metaspins. Metaspins is a relatively new site, and when you first deposit, you get to spin a wheel to see what your bonus will be. The major downside of this site, however, is that you must deposit at least 10 cents in order to play plinko.

This means that there is no free play available. Therefore, if you would like to be able to test a game before you deposit, it’s better to stick with a site like MintDice.

Metaspins offers bets in altcoins, but not to the level of Cloudbet. Players are restricted to deposits in 9 currencies, one of which is Bitcoin and another of which is Ethereum. But while this casino is more restrictive than the other two on the list, it is still a fun place to play plinko.

4. Win.zo

Surprisingly, our fourth pick is also a new casino and they, like Cloudbet, offer regular plinko and plinko XY. This is one of the few online casinos on this list which accepts fiat currency in addition to Bitcoin and a few altcoins.

Before you get too excited, however, this online casino is not available to American or UK players. Currently, it is restricted to just Canadian or Australian players, so if you are from a different country, you’ll need to check out one of the 3 aforementioned casinos.

We should also mention that Win.zo also has a 20 Canadian dollar deposit requirement, which can be a bit hefty if you are looking for somewhere to just waste a few dollars each day. But if you want to play online plinko games with fiat money, this is your only option on the list.

5. Bitslot

Although Bitslot is more known for its slot games, they also offer Bitcoin plinko and plinko XY. Bitslot is known for its deposit-matching initial bonus, which gives you some extra money when placing your initial bets. The problem with these bonuses is that they are one-time, and there is no way to earn bonuses long-term on the site.

Bitslot currently accepts 6 different cryptocurrencies, which is one of the most restrictive on the list. There is additionally a time limit when the welcome bonus must be spent, making this not the best crypto plinko game for those who are occasional players.

Overall, if you are looking for an online plinko game, you can’t go wrong with any of these sites. It might even be beneficial to try them all in order to see which is the best for you!

Just remember that plinko gambling can be risky and that you should never bet money you don’t intend to lose. If you or someone you know can’t seem to stop gambling, don’t be afraid to call the gambling helpline.

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