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The Best 9 Stock Trading Apps (2024)

The modern stock trader is in luck - there are more options than ever before to trade stocks in mere seconds, especially in the arena of the smartphone. For the most part, some of the significant brokers have stock trading apps available for interested individuals. There are many excellent options to choose from, depending on what you’re looking for.

If you’re interested in learning more about some of the best stock trading apps, you’re in the right place. The more comprehensive your understanding of available applications, the easier it is to participate in trading. Keep reading to learn more about nine of our favorite picks for stock trading app selections.

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1. Webull

The first selection on our list is Webull, a quality choice for those who want to have a hand in active investing processes. It’s best for those with ample experience in the market and who know how to navigate the stock market with ease.

Webull creates low margins for users. The interest rate ranges from 5%-9%, which is excellent. There are no commissions, and it offers cryptocurrency investments. However, there are limited educational options and investment resources for those who want to learn. 

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2. E*trade

E*trade is a popular stock trading app. It’s best for those who want a free application but don’t want to give up powerful tools of the trade and an incredible experience. You get screening tools, ample research platforms, and even a separate app that’s free for E*trade investors to use called Power E*Trade. The app was built my Morgan Stanley, so you can rest easy knowing they know the business like no other.

Another excellent aspect of this app is that it provides more extended trading hours than other possibilities. There are ample investment selections and even multiple account opening possibilities. However, note that it isn’t a simple app for beginners and has an options commission of around $0.65 per contract. Many have dropped that.

3. Fidelity Investments

Fidelity Investments is another excellent stock trading app, sitting as one of the highest-rated stock trading selections for those who don’t want to spend extra money on their app. It offers fractional share investing, various account types, and international trading selections.

Beginners will love the features available in Fidelity, and advanced users will enjoy the suite of technology at their fingertips. Users will find a $0.65 charge per contract in the application.

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4. Ally Invest

Ally has put in the work to make their mobile investment app one of the best around, easily accessible for any individual to use. It provides no commissions, mutual fund investing, and even a robo-advisor for those who want some assistance in stock trading. It brings low margin rates, everything in one app, and ample stock research options.

However, some commissions appear in option investments. The tools also aren’t super advanced, so experienced users might benefit from another platform instead. 

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5. Robinhood

Robinhood is a staple in the stock trading app world, and they’ve made excellent strides over the past few years. They were one of the first free stock trading apps and offered opportunities to trade stocks, options, and cryptocurrencies without facing a traditional commission.

Robinhood is simple to use, offers ample free features, and even puts forward crypto features that other stock trading apps don’t have. Unfortunately, their advanced tools are a little limited, and you need to pay $5 a month for a Robinhood Gold membership if you want advanced reports.

6. Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab is a name anyone will recognize in the financial world, and they have one of the top apps available for users. It provides the experience of a complete broker compacted inside an app you can take no matter where you are.

There are ample investment choices, global markets to participate in, and account types available with Charles Schwab. However, note that there are some commissions, and the app is notoriously tricky for those at the beginning of their journey.

7. Merrill Edge Self-Directed

Merrill Edge provides an app feel while offering a complete platform experience. It offers a connection with Bank of America’s reward system, access to money with a debit card, and multiple investment account type options.


The biggest benefits of Merrill come if you’re already a Bank of America customer. Also, note that Merrill tends to have higher margin rates and charges $0.65 per contract on the platform.

8. SoFi Active Interesting

SoFi is another active player and is an excellent choice for those who want a platform that’s easy to use for buying and trading. There are no account minimums of trading commissions, ample fractional share trading possibilities, and even access to some of the newest IPO selections, opening up a world of choices for SoFi users.

If you already work with SoFi, you can connect your stock trading app with products like loans and banking. Unfortunately, users should note the Sofi application doesn’t offer many free investing resources and exists for easy use rather than complicated active trading processes.

9. Interactive Brokers

Our final selection for stock trading apps is Interactive Brokers. This app offers one of the most advanced trading apps on the market, which is an enticing offer for experienced users. There are ample unique features, from support for up to nine languages to a customizable dashboard.

Interactive Brokers is best suited for those advanced in the stock trading world. Beginners beware - it might not be the best idea to download Interactive Brokers. If you are just starting out on your journey, we recommend looking at a simpler app like Fidelity Investments.

Final Thoughts

These nine stock trading apps are some of our favorites, and they’ve each made an excellent claim in the stock world. From the full-featured ability of Fidelity to the simple usage of Robinhood and everything in between, each exists for a different type of user.

We hope this information is helpful if you’re looking to get into the world of stock trading apps. As the world of investing continues to advance, it’s valuable to have your smartphone by your side with one or more of these helpful tools.

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