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7 People Who Became Famous for Trading Stocks

Trading is a seriously risky endeavor, one that puts your money on the line and opens up the opportunity for significant income or loss. Over the years, several stock traders have made a mark on the economy and inspired traders around the world. These individuals have set their place in history and made achievements in a tricky market.

If you’re interested in reading more about some of the most famous stock traders on the planet, you’re in the right place. These are some of the people who made trading stocks part of the American dream, changing the game forever with their fascinating achievements and significant earnings. Let’s go over seven of our top picks for famous stock traders. 

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1. Warren Buffet

Of course, the first person on our list has to be Warren Buffet. This legend is now the chairperson of the well-known Berkshire Hathaway empire, but the “Oracle of Omaha” began his journey as one of the most well-known traders. He purchased his first stock when he was 11 and paid taxes for the first time at 13.

Warren Buffet:

      Took majority of Berkshire Hathaway as a textile company in 1965 and used it for his investments

      Improved Berkshire Hathaway’s stock trading by 28% when others rose closer to 11%

      Created highly profitable deals during the 2007-2008 crisis

No trader knows what they are doing quite like Warren Buffet.

One of the best parts about Warren Buffet’s successful career is his public determination to give back. He has nearly $100 billion, of which he’s vowed to donate 99% of his wealth to charitable foundations. He knows what he’s doing, has become a successful trader, and is returning most of his money to his community and the world.

2. George Soros

When you hear the name George Soros, you probably think of the infamous trading tactics used by the long-standing icon in the stock trading world. George Soros is a holocaust survivor, substantial philanthropist, and one of the most successful stock traders ever, with an expected earning of about $6.7 billion over his career. 

George Soros:

      Serves as the chairman of Soros Fund Management

      Was nicknamed “The man who broke the Bank of England

      One of the most successful hedge fund firm owners ever

At 93 years old, this Hungary-born trader is easily one of the most recognizable names in his field. He remains one of the most active participants in trading.

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3. Paul Tudor Jones

Paul Tudor Jones is another prominent stock trader, active even as a 69-year-old. He’s the founder of the Tudor Investment Corporation. His most famous move came from his time shorting stocks in the 1987 market crash, earning around $100 million for his actions.

Paul Tudor Jones:

      Predicted the 1987 crash in a TV documentary

      Began his career in investment by trading cotton

      Created one of the top hedge funds in the world

He’s a massive player in the investment world. Paul Tudor Jones is said to have a worth of around $7.5 billion thus far, and his empire continues to grow. He’s still a significant trader on the daily stock market.

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4. Jesse Livermore

Another individual who is well-known for his trading prowess is Jesse Livermore. Livermore was born in 1877 and lived until 1940, taking advantage of many of the early stocks that would become foundational for those after him. He’s most famous for earning significant amounts and losing even more - it depended on the day.

Jesse Livermore:

      Rebounded from several bankruptcies in his life

      Created a fortune of nearly $100 million

      Shorted the 1929 market crash

Livermore was one of the first to succeed in the stock market trade. Unfortunately, Livermore’s third bankruptcy wasn’t a recoverable loss. He ended up taking his life in 1940, ending a tremendous career in trading on the stock market. 

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5. Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers, also known as James Rogers, Jr., is most well-known for sitting at Rogers Holdings. He also has a reputation for working with George Soros - together, they created the Quantum Fund in the 1970s.

Jim Rogers:

      Created substantial calls on commodities in the 90s

      Worked on Wall Street and joined an investment bank after serving in the war

      Collaborated with George Soros on several projects

The collaboration with George Soros is a huge part of Jim Rogers’s career. Over ten years, their joint investment grew 4,200%.

6. John Paulson

John Paulson is another excellent stock trader and easily one of the most famous in history. He’s from the hedge fund Paulson & Co., which earned its status in the trading world by taking in millions using credit default swaps to short the mortgage lending market.

John Paulson:

      Earned substantial income and building the wealth of others

      Rose to the top of the trading scene in the early 2000s

He’s a massive contender in the trading world. Unfortunately, John Paulson made an incorrect choice in 2020 by making poor choices in the pharmaceutical arena. However, that doesn’t change the impact of his trading history.

7. Richard Dennis

The final significant stock trader on our list is Richard Dennis, a stock trader so well-known he’s earned the title “Prince of the Pit”. His start in the trading world began dealing with commodities based in Chicago.

Richard Dennis:

      Earned millions in a decade based on speculation

      Was the co-creator of Turtle Trading

      Started with a low number of around $1,600

He built himself up from nothing to one of the best. There are plenty of rumors swirling around Richard Dennis, from the amount he started with to what he’s worth today. One thing can be agreed on - he’s wildly famous for trading stocks.

Final Thoughts

These seven individuals might be completely different in where they came from and what they want to do with their money, but there’s something they have in common - they’re incredible stock traders. From the household name Warren Buffet to the talented Richard Dennis, these guys know what to do when they have a stock.

We hope this information is interesting and beneficial if you dream of becoming a successful stock trader like any of these individuals. Although the process isn’t for everyone, some people have a knack for spotting excellent deals and prime investments that seal their spot in stock trading history.

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