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The 10 Best Crypto Gifts to Give in 2023

Cryptocurrency has become increasingly popular over the years, and, as a result, it is likely at least one of the people on your list this year is a fan of cryptocurrency. But what can you buy them for Christmas that they will love just as much as their favorite passion?

Lucky for you, we are here to help. Below we have made a list of the best 10 crypto gifts for your favorite crypto fan. Keep reading to learn more.

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1. Cryptocurrency

Of course, the number one gift for crypto fans is cryptocurrency itself if you know how and where to buy it. While we recommend buying your crypto lover their favorite coin, if you aren’t sure, Bitcoin and Ethereum are always good options for anyone who enjoys cryptocurrency.

2. Crypto Hoodie

Obviously, buying someone on your list cryptocurrency might not be an option if you don’t really know anything about cryptocurrency. While you can check out our guide, How to Buy Cryptocurrency, in a bind, you can also purchase a hoodie with their favorite coin depicted.

If you head to Amazon, you’ll be able to find hoodies for fans of Ethereum and Bitcoin, but if your friend or family member likes a more obscure coin, you’ll need to find someone on Etsy or head to a shop where they offer screen printing.

Don’t forget that other items of clothing can also be branded with crypto, such as socks, shirts, underwear, and more!

3. A Crypto Wallet

Every user of cryptocurrency needs to have some sort of crypto wallet. While software wallets are widely available, the same can’t be said for a hardware wallet. If you want to get your crypto user something they will truly use, then you’ll want to get them a Trezor or Ledger, both of which can be bought on Amazon and are excellent stocking stuffers.

4. Coffee Mug

There are several websites out there that will let you print your own design on a coffee mug. The main ones are Shutterfly and Vistaprint. In either case, this makes it very easy to snag a picture of your crypto fan’s favorite coin and have it printed on a mug for them to use every day.

You can even take it a step further by adding a fun quote to the mug, or by adding their picture as well. Either way, everyone loves a good coffee mug!

Also note that many of these website make more than just mugs. So, if you want to get them a blanket, desktop plaque, mousepad, or even a cryptocurrency pillow, it’s possible!

5. A Way to Protect Their Recovery Seed

The security cryptocurrency provides is amazing, but it can also create some problems. All crypto wallets have a 20-word seed phrase that needs to be memorized or written down and hidden from anyone who might be out to steal crypto.

It can be very difficult to keep this paper in a safe space, and you constantly hear stories of people losing their seed phrase, and, as a result, access to their crypto. We recommend getting your crypto lover a way to protect their seed phrase, whether that is an in-home vault or maybe a subscription to a safe deposit box.

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6. Crypto News Subscription

Speaking of subscriptions, you can get your crypto-loving friend a subscription to one of several news sites so they can keep up to date on their favorite currencies. You can also buy them a subscription to a website that monitors currencies on their behalf and sends alerts when certain parameters are met.

No matter which you decide on, your crypto lover will love the fact that they can keep up with their favorite cryptocurrency with ease.

7. A Book About Crypto

Books are always an excellent gift, especially when they are on a topic you enjoy. Keep an eye out for a book about your friend or family member’s favorite crypto, and if one isn’t available, any book on cryptocurrency will likely do!

Don’t forget that cryptocurrency books don’t have to be physical. has a large range of eBooks that can be downloaded to any device with the free Kindle app. This means you can buy eBooks for friends who may not have a Kindle or Nook device.

8. A Cryptocurrency Gift Card

For those who want to give the gift of crypto but don’t have the technological know-how to do so, consider grabbing a cryptocurrency gift card. Many websites facilitate them, but BitPay offers one of the best options.

The BitPay crypto gift card allows the user to spend their crypto anywhere where BitPay is accepted, giving the user more capabilities than if you bought a gift card for a single store.

9. A Premium YouTube Subscription

There aren’t many TV shows or movies about cryptocurrency, but many YouTube channels discuss different aspects of cryptocurrency as well as share news and events to come. YouTube Premium allows your friend or family member to bypass advertisements as they enjoy their favorite cryptocurrency show.

In the same manner, you can also purchase them a Spotify premium subscription, which is a better solution for those who enjoy podcasts more than TV episodes.

10. Coursera Subscription

The cryptocurrency world is always changing, and it’s likely that your friend or family member is curious to learn more about cryptocurrency and the technology behind it. If this is the case, consider buying them a subscription to a platform that allows them to learn more about cryptocurrency.

Coursera is one option, but there are many other educational platforms out there. While one of the best, Khan Academy is free, you can consider giving a donation in your friend’s name. Coding Academy also has cryptocurrency course offerings.

Overall, we know how difficult it is to shop for someone who likes something unique like cryptocurrency. We hope this list has helped you get at least an idea of what you can buy the crypto lover in your life. We also hope that you and your family have a happy holiday season!

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