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Tips for Traveling to the 2024 Olympics

The 2024 Olympics is one of the most anticipated events of the year, home to thousands of athletes and even more cheering fans. Though many will watch the event on their television, some are making the trek out to Paris to watch live and in person. Is there anything you should know before going?

If you’re interested in learning more about what to expect when traveling to the 2024 Olympics, you’re in the right place. The more prepared you are for the event, the easier it will be to enjoy your time in Paris and get involved in the spectacle. Keep reading to learn more about the top tips, from booking in advance to keeping an eye out for scams.

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Book In Advance

If you’re headed to Paris for the Olympics and haven’t booked a place to stay, now is the time to reserve your hotel room. Many accommodations have had full reservations for years, and the last few rooms close to the venue will become unavailable as the days tick down to the big day. 

Those determined to secure a hotel booking should call or email hotel locations or head to their website to secure a place as soon as possible. If there is no room, the hotel might be able to direct you to a location that still has some availability.

Also, it’s vital to remember that the price points for these hotel rooms will be higher than usual, as there is substantial demand. Set your expectations for pricey rooms before embarking on the search.

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Consider Alternative Accommodations

Maybe there’s no availability at hotels, or they’re far too expensive for your budget. In that case, you might want to investigate alternative housing accommodations. There are several popular choices available. 

First, consider checking out Airbnb options in Paris. These tend to provide far more room than hotel rooms and are far cheaper if you split them with multiple people at a time.

Also, check out house swap groups on Facebook and other social media sites. There might be a family that would be willing to give you their home for a few days if you let them occupy yours - often for free or a small fee.

Remember Money Conversions

The official currency in France is the euro, which differs from the American dollar in value and appearance. Businesses will not accept dollars or any other currency in France, so you must plan on converting some cash if you want to spend money on anything while you are in town for the 2024 Olympic events. 

Some locations, like hotels, could accept the American dollar if you haven’t had a chance to convert anything by the time you get there. However, they will have an exchange rate attached to them that will cost you even more.

There are companies like Revolut and Wise that allow you to exchange for a minimal exchange rate through their system. Then, you can withdraw the amount you need from a dependable ATM in France. 

Of course, you can also pay with a debit or credit card; just double-check whether or not your company charges international fees for using your card abroad. 

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Plan Your Event Tickets

If you haven’t done so already, you must plan out your tickets. This means tickets for everything from the flights to the country to the tickets and passes you will need to get into various events at the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Those who haven’t already booked their tickets should investigate those now. Whether you want to travel by boat or plane, the closer the time gets to the event, the more the tickets will cost, and the fewer there will be available. Keep an eye out for deals, and know that you probably won’t find many discounts.

There are currently tickets on sale for events at the 2024 Olympics, though many of them are already sold out. Keep an eye out for ticket restocks on the official website and avoid buying from scalpers to remain safe and get into the event.

Use French Public Transportation

Once you get to France, you’re going to need a way to get from one place to the next. French public transportation is decent, and you should definitely plan to use it. Remember, however, that not all methods are the same, and some, like intercity trains, may need to be booked in advance. There are several types of transportation available at varying price points.

Here are the most common forms of French transportation:

      French taxis





Of course, the price points will differ from one point of transportation to the next. Also, each form of transportation offers different amounts of people and variations in travel styles. We recommend doing your research before settling on one and even getting advice from people who are familiar with the city through travel sites.

Beware of Scams

Finally, before traveling to the 2024 Olympics, familiarize yourself with the most common types of scams in Paris. Those unaware of popular scams could find themselves leaving the fantastic event with far less money and valuables than they had when they first arrived for the games.

Common scams include:

      Fake charity collectors

      Friendship bracelet scams

      Pickpockets who target distracted tourists

There are many more, but these three scams are the most common in the European city. Unfortunately, many people in Paris want to take advantage of unaware tourists in the area. If you’ve never been there before, ensure you prepare for these individuals before setting food in the city to remain safe. 

Final Thoughts

There are many items to prepare for when heading across the country to enjoy an extravaganza like the 2024 Olympics. Consider where you will stay, look at visas, plan your tickets ahead of time, consider French transportation, and keep a steady eye on potential scams to remain safe. 

We hope this information was beneficial. It can be exciting to head to an event like the Olympics, but it will quickly get out of hand if you don’t plan for vital items during the trip. From the money you’re going to use to pay for the experience to how you’re going to get from one place to the next, consider everything in advance.

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