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UNLV: How it Supports Students Entering the Gaming Industry

UNLV is one of the prominent institutions in Nevada, and it happens to be in an area where gaming is very popular. Thus, it makes sense that the University of Las Vegas is home to ample educational opportunities in gaming. How does this institution work to support those looking to take steps into gaming?

If you’re interested in learning more about how the University of Las Vegas supports students interested in heading into the gaming industry, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re interested in this portion of UNLV or want to learn more about possibilities for your future, we’re here to help. Read on to learn more about how UNLV supports its students.

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Multiple Degree Options

One of the prominent ways UNLV supports students in the gaming industry is through its offering of multiple degrees. Participants can operate in an online or in-person format, with opportunities for undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Let’s dive into the prominent degree options available if you attend the University of Nevada at Las Vegas to enter the gaming industry. There is room to choose a path that best works for your life and goals, and learning in Las Vegas provides a chance to be hands-on with real-life casino functions.

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Graduate Certificate in Gaming Management

Graduate students have the opportunity to earn a certificate in gaming management. It’s a program with fifteen credits and pulls together executives to learn about the latest details in the gaming world. The class is taught online, but there are opportunities to participate in various exercises on campus, so attendance for those is encouraged. 

A few items you will learn in this program include:

      Mechanisms and techniques in casino management

      Independent research techniques in problem analysis

      Strategy development

      Casino marketing and advertising

There are ample subjects students can focus on in UNLV’s program.

Classes for this certificate include Casino Accounting and Auditing, Sociology of Gambling, Gaming Regulations, Laws and Compliance, and more. Instructors in the program take care to ensure graduate students are ready to keep moving forward in the casino ladder after this credit.

Online Gaming Management Certificate

If you are someone who would prefer to do a self-paced course, consider this version of the gaming management certificate. UNLV caters to those who want to learn more about gaming but need more flexibility in their schedule. It’s a non-degree program so it only holds five three-credit courses. 

Here are a few things you’ll learn:

      How to understand gambling

      Basics of casino operations

      Marketing and advertising

There’s plenty to explore in this course. Some classes include Casino Marketing, Internet and Mobile Gaming, and Gaming Technologies, among others. You do need to have at least one year of experience in management and have a bachelor’s degree from any university to be able to participate in this endeavor.

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Hospitality Management

Finally, you have the opportunity to participate in a Hospitality Management degree with a focus on Gaming Management. This in-person degree takes a broader approach to education in the hospitality world and equips students with everything they need to properly address clients in need and make the most of a situation.

Here are a few things you’ll learn

      Food sanitation

      Organizational behavior



There’s much to understand in this broad-stroke arena. 

At the end of the basic curriculum for hospitality and your core focus, there is an internship every student will participate in to provide work experience and open up more opportunities in the future. This offering is one of the best from UNLV and ideal for students who know they want to be in the gaming world right from the start.

Experienced Educators

Next, you’ll find that there are plenty of experienced educators available at the University of Las Vegas, working to ensure students are as equipped as possible to go into the workforce. Faculty have experience in the workforce and have earned honors such as the Lincy Professorship, and Michael D. Olsen research award.

Professors spend time on significant research, teaching, financial analysis, and more to provide their students and the University of Las Vegas with the best and latest information on the casino floor. Educators are a must in the casino and UNLV ensures only the best of the best are in front of the classroom.

UNLV’s International Gaming Institute

All of UNLV’s courses are located within the International Gaming Institute, which is the first academic building in the world with a sole focus on regulatory research and education. Every single person in the building has dedicated their life to determining the future of the gaming industry. 

A few areas of interest at the International Gaming Institute include research, apple knowledge and executive education, innovation, international gaming regulation, and various programs to add diversity and inclusion in the workforce. UNLV is dedicated to the betterment of the field and, in turn, the students going into it.


Finally, UNLV has the advantage of being in Las Vegas. The college is right near some of the biggest casinos in the world, which provides ample opportunity for research along the way. Not only do students get to go to one of the top universities in gaming, but they also get to have ample real-life experience.

Times are changing in gaming as technology updates, so access to The Strip is an incredible benefit for those attending the University of Las Vegas. Everything else fits into place with the location.

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Final Thoughts

UNLV provides an excellent foundation for those preparing to enter the gaming industry. They provide multiple choice for a degree and fantastic educator opportunities. Plus, the UNLV International Gaming Institute is constantly working to innovate gaming. On top of that, constant collaborations continue to take the system to the next level. 

We hope this information was helpful! The more you know about the way the University of Las Vegas works to support those attending the school, the easier it will be to feel confident in the education they provide. From multiple avenues of degree acceptance to ample education, there’s much to enjoy in UNLV’s gaming industry.

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