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7 College Programs for Getting Involved in the Casino Industry

The casino is a booming industry offering plenty of room for innovation and income for those who are successful. To have a leg up in this world, it’s a good idea to attend a program related to the gaming world. However, there are tons of choices on the market. Which are the best available?

If you’re interested in learning more about some of the top college programs for getting involved in the casino industry, you’re in the right place. It’s always a good idea to analyze your options before making a final choice. Read on to learn more about seven of our favorite choices for programs related to the casino industry.

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1. London South Bank University’s Casino Management Degree

If you don’t mind traveling a bit to earn your degree, hop on over to London South Bank University in London to access their Casino Management Degree. This degree covers a multitude of focuses to provide complete coverage. Students can expect to finish the degree in four years, just like a traditional bachelor’s.

The focus at LSBU for those in the Casino Management program is diving into subjects like marketing strategies, casino operation, and gaming laws. Also, students who want to further their education have the option to extend their studies by a year and work in the hospitality and gaming industry for additional experience. 

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2. University of Nevada at Las Vegas’s Hospitality Management Degree

UNLV is located right in the heart of Las Vegas, adjacent to The Strip - so it makes sense that they would offer multiple degrees for those interested in gaming. Though there are many options, one of their most popular choices is their Hospitality Management degree. Students can add a casino management concentration.

Here, students will learn about gaming laws, casino operations, and various forms of regulation. They’ll also dive into hotel management and other vital tools to determine how best to function in the hospitality world. There, you get the best of everything with the ability to go to work at some of the world’s best accommodations.

3. SUNY Empire State College’s Business, Management, and Economics Degree

SUNY Empire State College has a prominent presence in the state, and its Business, Management, and Economics Degree is one of the best around for getting involved in the casino industry. Students who want to ensure their career path is in the casino world can have a concentration in Casino Management along with the degree. 

A few topics of education in the Business, Management, and Economics program include tourism, gaming regulations, and hotel management. Also, they provide ample opportunity to participate in real-world management situations to gain experience in the field before heading out and applying for various jobs.

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4. National University’s Casino Operations Management Degree

National University has a prominent standing in the college world, providing twenty-eight campuses across the United States. It’s one of the biggest colleges in the world and happens to be one of the best when considering a degree in the casino world. There are ample opportunities for attendance at National University.

Their core program is their Casino Operations Management Degree. Here, students will learn skills, specialties, and other details necessary to keep leadership in a casino under control. Learners will understand legislation from the current year and know what it takes to keep a casino in proper working order.

5. College of Southern Nevada’s Casino Management Degree

Another option for those who want to learn in Nevada is the College of Southern Nevada’s Casino Management Degree. They offer a wide diversity in their training opportunities to fit those looking for everything from entry-level to managerial positions in a casino. CSN also makes it simple to pick your focus and take related classes.

A few options for specific learning at the College of Southern Nevada include surveillance investigators, floor supervisors, casino dealers, and more. You’ll learn the fundamentals and then branch off to focus on your targeted interest once you understand the basics in the process.

6. Niagara College Canada’s Hospitality and Tourism Management Degree

For those who want to take a trip to Canada, consider Niagara College Canada for your casino education. Students will experience slot machine handling up close and in-person while participating in their two-year Casino and Gaming Operations diploma. Niagara Falls is a popular tourist destination thanks to its gambling opportunities.

Students get to work with table games, slot machines, and even casino marketing to know everything involved in running and managing a casino. Also, the focus on hospitality and tourism will ensure participants are familiar with every aspect of the casino business before making a final decision. Niagara Falls is an excellent way to get an education.

7. Morrisville State College’s Gaming and Casino Management

Morrisville is one of the smallest colleges on this list, but they have a prominent gaming and casino management program. One of the most exciting aspects of Morrisville is that they have a casino lab created with the latest technology from the industry, allowing students to practice in real-life situations without even being on the casino floor.

Education doesn’t end at graduation. Morrisville sets up its graduates to apply for casinos in any country with the American Motel/Hotel Association certificate received along the way. You’ll learn about security, human resources, casino operations management, and other vital items to succeed in the casino business world. 

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Final Thoughts

LSBU, UNLV, SUNY, National, Southern Nevada, Niagara College, and Morrisville State are all excellent places to earn a degree that allows involvement in the casino industry. From casino management to tourism and hospitality, each offers a different approach in varying locations to prepare students as best as possible for what they’re about to do.

We hope this information was helpful! The more you know about your options for getting involved in the gaming industry, the easier it will be to determine the right selection for your life. Whether you decide to go to London or hang out in New York, there will always be an excellent degree available at these locations. 

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