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Valentine’s Day and Cryptocurrency

We know you didn’t expect to see an overhyped American holiday in the same sentence as cryptocurrency, but there is a reason. In 2024, many cryptocurrency firms and companies who have been treading their way through a rough year have actually decided to issue bonuses on Valentine's Day.

Want to find out more? Then keep reading, as we’ve got some interesting things to look out for if you aren’t too busy this February 14th.

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Valentine’s Day Cryptocurrency Bonuses

Below are some of the bonuses we have found listed this Valentine’s Day.

1. PrimeXBT

PrimeXBT is a cryptocurrency trading platform, and on February 14th, they are offering bonuses to depositors. The bonus is up to 14% and is based on the amount you deposit on the platform—up to $7,000 USD or equivalent.

If you do decide to take advantage of this bonus, ensure you know what you are doing when it comes to cryptocurrency trading and that you are ready to accept the high risks that come with it.

2. Scorpion Casino (SCROP)

Before you get too excited, it’s important to know that the cryptocurrency SCORP is NOT a casino. Rather, it is a meme coin that backs a casino similar to the Pepe coin, and it will be launching in 2024.

While we generally don’t advise investing in ICOs (most go under in the end) if you were already planning to invest in SCORP, there is a special deal for Valentine’s Day. Using a bonus code valid February 14th only, investors can receive an additional 35% in tokens. The coin will be listed on exchanges tomorrow, February 15th, hence the strict time limit.

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3. is offering a 10% discount on Valentine’s Day for items ordered from their website that are paid for in crypto. This website sells many accessories for use with crypto, such as hardware wallets and cases for them. They also have a selection of cryptocurrency apparel for those who want to wear their passion!

Cryptocurrency Scams Spike Around Valentine’s Day

If you decide to participate in any type of bonus or crypto event around Valentine’s Day, know that this is often a prime time for cryptocurrency scams to be executed. While we hope that the events we shared here are legitimate, we cannot guarantee it.

Be on your guard when spending money this Valentine’s Day, especially in the crypto space. Look into any platform you plan to invest in thoroughly and remember if it sounds too good to be true—it probably is.

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Will Bitcoin Increase in Value on Valentine’s Day?

Historically, Valentine’s Day has not been associated with any sort of price gain for Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. However, the Super Bowl, which did just occur, often is—due to the large amount of cryptocurrency bets placed (as well as the cryptocurrency sold to afford to place fiat bets), and as a result, there are often price spikes around Valentine’s Day which is normally a few days after the Super Bowl event.

That being said, no, we don’t expect any other major spikes this week due to St. Valentine’s Day.

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Will Dogecoin Increase on Valentine’s Day?

There are some rumors that Dogecoin is supposed to spike today, however, we suspect these are just rumors—so don’t hold your breath.

Can You Buy Valentine’s Gifts With Crypto?

If you are reading this and looking for a crypto gift, know that you are very late to the party. Don’t fret, though, because there are several digital gifts you can buy for Valentine’s Day using crypto—some of which will arrive immediately and save you from a night in the doghouse.

1. was one of the first online stores to accept cryptocurrency as payment. While they are mostly known for their household goods, you can use your cryptocurrency to buy a last-minute gift card for your honey.

2. Microsoft

While a gift from Microsoft probably won’t make you popular, they do offer several Xbox products that you can purchase in crypto for someone who loves to game.

3. Gyft

Last-minute gifters should check out Gyft, which is an online platform that allows you to buy gift cards with cryptocurrency. Gift cards are a bit impersonal, but when the situation calls for it, they still make a great gift.

4. CheapAir

One way to save Valentine’s Day is by using crypto to book flights and hotels on You can surprise your loved one with a trip you booked for them, and they will have no idea that you bought it today!

5. Any Seller That Accepts PayPal

PayPal allows customers with crypto accounts to check out on any website where they are accepted using crypto. Unfortunately, this has to be set up in advance, which can take 2-3 business days, so if you don’t already have a PayPal crypto account, you’ll need to choose something else.

6. AMC Theaters

If you can find tickets available for tonight, AMC Theaters will allow you to check out with Bitcoin on their website. This can help you save the day if you, in fact, forgot today was Valentine’s Day. Good luck getting a restaurant reservation beforehand, though.

7. Amazon

This is a bit roundabout, but when using, you can pay with cryptocurrency on large sellers like Amazon. So, if you see a gift card or another product you wish to order on the behemoth seller, order it through Just know that the transaction isn’t instant so it may be a bit too late for something you want to use immediately.

Overall, Valentine’s Day has more to do with cryptocurrency than you initially thought. That being said, we recommend being on the lookout for scams and any discounts that aren’t actually discounts at all. Either way, enjoy the holiday, and don’t forget to spend your Bitcoin when you can!

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