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What is the Best Bitcoin Casino Online Casino Game?

When it comes to online casino games, more and more operators are turning to other means of gambling and gaming offerings to meet the unique needs of players. This means that not only are casinos catering to those with fiat currency, but also those who would rather use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to gamble.

The best Bitcoin online casino game depends heavily on personal preferences, however, most agree that the ones with higher odds are better. This is because, as with most casino games, those who participate want to know that they have a real shot at making some money.

Knowing what Bitcoin online casino games exist can help you decide which ones have the better chance of winning. Keep reading to learn more about the best bitcoin casino games and how you can try them out.

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Bitcoin Plinko

Plinko was a game made popular by a game show where contestants were able to drop a puck-type object down a large game board in hope that by the time it got to the bottom, it would land on big money. Bitcoin Plinko was made possible through blockchain technology advancements within the casino industry.

The game for Bitcoin casinos is when a player lets a metal ball release at the top of a pyramid in hopes that when it reaches the bottom it lands in a slot that holds the highest multiplier. This means that whatever the ball lands on is multiplied by the bet amount to determine the payout amount.

While, like other casino games, Plinko is a game of chance, it has become wildly popular in Bitcoin casinos due to not only the chances of winning big but also the fun, heart-racing excitement. It is important to keep in mind that even though Plinko is exciting, you are still taking a risk that you will walk away with nothing.

At MintDice, the risk is slightly less because you have three different Plinko games to choose from. The game you choose will dictate the risk you are taking.

Bitcoin Dice

Bitcoin Dice is one of the most common cryptocurrency gambling games due to both its simplicity and the ability to make the game fit its own needs. This means that players can customize certain aspects of the game by setting the odds they are most comfortable with.

Additionally, being able to customize their experience means that they may win more regularly, however, the winnings may be much less than they would be otherwise. This is because when they set their odds, they tend to change what the house edge is thus lowering the payout amount overall. 

Many people enjoy playing Bitcoin Dice because it has been around for such a long time, with very few changes along the way. This means that if players have been participating in dice games for any period, they often know what to expect and this makes it more predictable.

Bitcoin Slots

While many people prefer to play Bitcoin Dice games, others have a preference for Bitcoin Slots for a variety of reasons. The most interesting of all reasons is the fact that slots tend to be one of the games that payout the most overall.

This is often because when people are playing slots, they tend to be betting smaller amounts of money in the beginning rather than the large amounts required at other casino table games. Additionally, the odds of winning are computer-generated instead of human-generated, which means that you may have a better chance of winning.

Another advantage of playing Bitcoin Slot games is that there are usually several website that offer free trials of their slots. This means that you can try out the games before you invest your cryptocurrency to play for real.

Many players enjoy the option of the no deposit Bitcoin faucet option that are offered in some online Bitcoin casinos. This allows you to also play the slots without risking your Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

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Bit.Rocket is a game of chance that allows you to predict the outcome of a rocket launch by making Bitcoin bets. The game involves players competing against each other and not a computer in a way to earn a payout.

Bit.Rocket is an interactive game that is focused on predicting various outcomes of a specific rocket launch including how high the rocket will go before it crashes or explodes. The idea is that you will have to place your bet and then cash out whenever you think the odds are best.

It is important to note that the higher the rocket goes the higher the multiplier will be, however, you are taking a risk as it rises higher as well. The biggest obstacle to the game is that you never know when the rocket will explode and if you wait too long, you will walk away with nothing.

In this game, there is also the opportunity for a Bitcoin casino bonus that is paid out to the person or persons who cash out last before the rocket explodes. The bonus is often created by a percentage of the player bets as the game begins.

MintDice Faucet

Want to try out MintDice but don’t want to put your hard earned money on the site just yet? Not to worry, MintDice offers a faucet option to allow their players to try their games–for free. 

MintDice has created a no deposit bitcoin casino opportunity in the form of a faucet that gives players free Bitcoin to try out the various games on the website. While the amount of Bitcoin given through the faucet is small, it is plenty to get you started and give you an idea of how the games are played.


In general, Bitcoin online casino games are worth checking out if you are interested in giving them a shot. Although Bitcoin gambling is still relatively new, it has many advantages over traditional online casino games. One of the most common reasons is that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency is not regulated in the same way by the government and has different rules at play.

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