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Why MintDice Values Customer Education

If you’ve been following MintDice for a while, you know that our blog is full of articles about the ins and outs of cryptocurrencies, casinos, and common scams on the internet. But if MintDice is, first a foremost, a free online Bitcoin casino, why do we spend so much time writing about other topics?

The answer isn’t simple, so read on to learn more about why MintDice values customer cryptocurrency education.

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MintDice Wants You to Watch for Scams

We love cryptocurrency, it’s no secret. We truly believe that cryptocurrency is a part of the future of the world, whether people want to accept it or not. But we also know firsthand that the cryptocurrency world is full of scams.

Scams or hacks, whether perpetuated on a platform or via social media, lower the world’s interest in cryptocurrency. The more scams there are, the easier it is for people to brush off cryptocurrency, as a whole, as a scam.

The reality is most of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology isn’t a scam, but the perpetuation of scams makes people think it is. We want our customers to be aware of scams so they can avoid them in the future.

The more people that avoid scams in cryptocurrency and enjoy the true purposes of crypto, the more it spreads, and our hope of it being widely accepted in the future grows. The more widely accepted cryptocurrency becomes, the more people there are that might find our platform and enjoy our services.

But if you think about it, there are scams with USD and fiat currency as well, but people continue to use it. Why is that? Well, because they have no other choice. We always want cryptocurrency to be a choice, and we hope that our educational guides can help direct your choices through the tricky world of cryptocurrency.

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We Don’t Want Scammers to Win

It’s not fair that there are people in society who take advantage of others. We want everyone to play the game fairly and to make milestones in life the right way, just as we have. Making your first million means nothing if you steal it from others—anyone can do that. We want success to come through education, knowledge, and informed choices.

We hope that by educating you against scams, you will be able to educate others and put scammers out of business. While this won’t happen in the near future, we really do hope it will happen someday. We will keep our fingers crossed and keep posting about scam coins and common scams to avoid!

Plus, scammers in the cryptocurrency world detract from legit platforms like our own. We’ve done everything right, but every day, someone doesn’t want to use our platform because they’ve been scammed by another. We want these scam platforms to go out of business just as much as you do, and so we work to give you the tools to stop funding these scammers.

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Cryptocurrency is the Future

Another reason we value customer education is because government institutions around the world, especially in developed countries like the US, have made it clear that they aren’t going to provide it or care about it (except in a negative way) anytime soon. Even though cryptocurrency is the future

Governments have a vested interest in you only trusting the fiat currency of your country. Therefore, they aren’t going to spend any money to teach you about alternate methods of currency. Here at MintDice, we value the power of choice, and we never want you to feel like you have to use a currency because you don’t know about any alternatives.

So we do what the US government won’t, and that’s to spend time and money on educating our customers about the ins, outs, benefits, and downsides of using cryptocurrency. While it might be easier to write a book and hand it out for free, cryptocurrency is always changing, so a blog is the best way to keep you up to date on what is going on in the world.

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We Want You to Protect Yourself

While we would love to be that angel on your shoulder telling you when and where to buy cryptocurrencies and why, we know that we can’t always be there with you. We hope that you will take the information learned in our free blog and apply it across all aspects of your life and use it to make your own future deductions when buying cryptocurrencies.

If just one person reads our blog and makes a decision that saves them from investing in a scam coin, then everything we have done here was worth the effort. We want to give you the tools to grow your own education in cryptocurrency while also giving you the knowledge you need to succeed.

Plus, as a cryptocurrency casino, we value that you can spend your money how you want to spend it in this world. The less crypto you lose to scams or scam coins, the more you can possibly place bets in our online Bitcoin casino. But of course, you don’t have to, we are just glad you’ll have the option to do so!

We Want You to Protect Others

We are just one blog in the massive world of the internet. We can’t possibly reach everyone. But we hope that if you learn something great from our blog, that you will share it with a friend or family member. This way, you can help them avoid scams as well as teach them the benefits of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Alternatively, you can also direct friends and family members to our blog and let them read for themselves. Either way, we know that the word of someone you trust is much more important and valued than a random recommendation. So, we hope you love our blog and platform so much that you tell your friends about it! When you are happy, so are we!

Overall, here at MintDice, we know how scary the cryptocurrency world can be, especially to someone who has little or no knowledge of it. We devote lots of time to our blog in the hopes that you can expand your knowledge of cryptocurrency and love it just as much as we do. And if our blog helps you avoid scams along the way, then we’ve done our job!

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