Frequently Asked Questions

In the event of any catastrophic situation where we would need to close down MintDice's Bitcoin casino operations immediately we would want to return all cryptocurrency assets to their proper owners as quickly as possible. By having Emergency Addresses saved to your account you can request where you would like your funds to go for all of your cryptocurrencies beforehand. Make sure you own the private keys to any Emergency Addresses that you use. We strongly discourage using the addresses of any cryptocurrency exchange or similar institution since these cryptocurrency wallet addresses can change over time without your knowledge leading to a loss of funds.

Adding Emergency Addresses are optional on MintDice but strongly encouraged for the obvious reasons stated above.

It is very important that you keep your Bitcoin account data safe because cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible and could create a devastating loss. Below are some steps you can take to protect yourself:

Bookmark MintDice's website URL so you don't get phished and either bookmark your Secret URL token or keep it somewhere stored safe if you are using an anonymous account.

While the Secret URL is a quick, fast and private way to register, we strongly recommend getting a username and password as this will make your account harder to steal from theft. Do this by clicking the Log-In/Register button.

If your Secret URL isn’t secured with a username or password, anyone with access to your secret URL has access to both your account and assets.

Add an e-mail address to your account.

Enable 2-factor authentication (2-FA) on your account. MintDice recommends open source solutions such as FreeOTP, but Google Authenticator for Android and iOS among others work perfectly well.

Add emergency withdrawal wallet addresses to all coins that you plan on using on MintDice to ensure that all money that is held on the website can be sent to their proper account owner without delay.

If you are looking for more advanced solutions, we wrote a Bitcoin Casino Security blog article earlier you may want to take a look at.

Doing all the right things while playing on MIntDice is important, but it's important to always have good security so that you don't get hacked anywhere! Don't worry, we got you covered. Just read the tips below.

If you would like to help mask your IP address and provide more privacy to your location of origin, consider purchasing a VPN.

Consider using a password manager to create strong passwords for your cryptocurrency holdings. Always use one that is open sourced and back up your key file. We recommend KeepassXC or Bitwarden.

Always store all of your extra cryptocurrency that you don't keep on MintDice on a hardware wallet like a Trezor.

If you need more advice for general security on your devices, please check out: Privacy Tools. Privacy tools is an ad-free referral-free website whose only goal is to make sure you are using the world's safest open sourced software and can answer almost all of your software needs. It may be worth your time to change and update all of the tools you presently use over to suggestions on the Privacy Tools website.

Stay safe!

If you are running a VPN that is changing your present location into one of a forbidden country, consider either changing it's location or disabling the VPN.

If you are not running a VPN and receiving the warning message anyway, you may want to consider running a VPN to provide yourself the necessary precautions. Nonetheless, this is not illegal behavior and is fully permitted on our website so long as you are not breaking any laws from your country of origin.

We will send an e-mail warning the account holder, and then place a freeze on the MintDice casino account for two weeks. Following this, if nothing further is said via e-mail, we will unlock 2-Step Verification from your account. This measure is in place to protect the security of the financial assets of the account holder.