Frequently Asked Questions

With Dice Games you pick your own chance to win. Bitcoin Dice can also be thought of as a far superior version of online roulette.

For example, given that Bitcoin Dice has a 1% house edge, a bet to double your money will have a 49.5% chance to win. Alternatively, can choose conservative odds where you win your bet 90% of the time but win smaller amounts. Or you could choose to win your bet infrequently at 1% but win big amounts when you get lucky. You can do any combination of strategies; the choice is yours.

Yes! You can simply flip the switch just above the roll button. It looks like this:

Bitcoin Dice Hi Lo1

If you do it successfully, the green "win zone" should change accordingly from this:

Bitcoin Dice Hi Lo2

To this:

Bitcoin Dice Hi Lo3

Good luck and happy predicting! Play the Bitcoin Dice Game now.

The maximum payout chance for MintDice's Dice Game is 9900x and has a 0.01% chance of happening. The minimum payout chance is 1.01x and has roughly a 98.01% chance of occurring.

If you click on the "AUTO" tab just beneath "ROLL DICE" you'll see a screen that looks like this:

Bitcoin Dice Autobetting1

On this page, bet amount, payout, profit on win and win chance are all the same from before with manual betting. The new features are the "On Loss", "On Win" and "Number of Games" features.

By default, "ON LOSS" and "ON WIN" are deactivated. If you want any special conditions to apply if you win or lose any particular bet then you may activate them there. For example, the most common dice betting strategy in the world is known as Martingale. With Martingale, the basic strategy is to double all losing bets until you win and then to return to betting normal. This will allow you to recoup losses and still profit if you succeed in getting to an eventual winner.

To set up a classic Martingale betting strategy you need to set your "on loss" to increase by 100% (since you will double your bet after each loss) and set your "on win" to reset to base. Reset to base is simply the base amount bet listed under "Bet Amount". Be forewarned, Martingale is a very risky strategy!

With number of games, simply set this to whatever number of games that you would like to play. Use the number '0' to have no limit. If you wish to stop at any point simply hit the "STOP BETTING" button that has converted from the original "ROLL DICE" button:

Bitcoin Dice Autobetting2

If you would like to see more information about Bitcoin Dice strategy, Martingale or other betting strategies, we would highly suggest that you take a look at our FREE Betting Strategies Guide.