Frequently Asked Questions

We run a pretty honest ship at MintDice: we’re not out to steal your coins, especially in the case of a Bitcoin fork. If there is a semi-contentious fork, we’ll pay out anyone who requests it. But if it’s a fork that comes in every other day, we’re not. It takes a lot of programming and man hours to do, and we want to spend our time making the site better for our users instead of spending hours and hours on forks. We’re a pretty reasonable bunch and we’re going to use our time wisely to make the best site for crypto possible.

While MintDice would love to host every cryptocurrency available, we can only offer those coins which are economically viable. If market conditions change we will add or remove different cryptocurrency coins to help satisfy market demand.

If there is a cryptocurrency that you would like MintDice to host, send us an offer and we can let you know our terms.

You can e-mail us with your proposal at

In the unfortunate and unlikely event that we delist an inactive cryptocurrency, we will send an e-mail to all registered account holders and provide public information on all media outlets providing users with three months to withdraw their coins from the currency about to be delisted.

If there are still coins left on the site, we will automatically withdraw them to any listed emergency withdrawal address tied to the account (see “How can I keep my account secure” for more information).

If there are still coins left after the proper announcements and automatic withdrawals, they will be claimed as property by MintDice.

Yes, but it will depend a lot on the services offered by your platform and whether or not we would view such a partnership as mutually beneficial.

Marketing partnerships we are largely not interested in. Our best suggestion is to use our Bitcoin affiliate program if you have a fantastic marketing program. This will reward you directly in line with the quality of your efforts and require little to no intervention on our part. If you plan to list us on your website, we may be able to increase your revenue share. Send us an e-mail with the domain(s) that you intend to list us on and we'll upgrade your account accordingly.

MintDice will most seriously consider gaming partnerships in line with it's Provably Fair code of ethics and it's Bitcoin Casino Trello roadmap. If your games could be integrated easily, allow Provably Fair integration, don't grossly overlap with games presently run on MintDice's Bitcoin casino and would fit the general ethos and vibe held on MintDice, we might well be interested.

Send any requests to

Of course! If you are a white hat hacker and want to find any vulnerabilities we will happily pay in kind for reporting these bugs to us. We cannot specify specific amounts at the moment, but the severity of the bug will be correlated to the amount that we distribute and promise that it will be fair or in alignment with industry standards. We will not pay out bounties to bugs we were already aware of. We will not pay out bounties for cosmetic or trivial bugs but do appreciate you reporting them anyway to help maintain our website. E-mail if you wish to report something.

MintDice is presently set up to offer a fully bespoke custom software set up to allow you to run your own casino on your own domain. We take all of the work of software development out of the equation for you and can give you a quick and high quality experience so you can launch your online crypto casino business with ease.

If you are interested in such a service, you must have at least $100,000 for an initial start-up fee and further terms can be discussed on a case by case basis. Please write us at if you are interested.