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A Deeper Look at Biden’s Vaccine Regulation

On September 9th, 2021, President Biden shocked the nation when he made an emergency order requiring that several different groups of workers across the United States be vaccinated. While people are shocked and angry at the loss of freedom that is quickly sweeping the country, it turns out that Biden’s announcement may not quite be what people thought.

Biden’s emergency order was a request for the Department of Labor to impose mandatory vaccine requirements on companies with over 100 employees. This means that it may be enforced, but there is still a chance it will be denied. And this doesn’t take into account states’ rights which may come into play.

If you are worried that you may be required to get a vaccine to keep you job, keep reading to find out more about Biden’s desired regulation and what can possibly become of it.


Biden’s Vaccine Regulation

The regulation, put forth on September 9th, requires that all federal employees, including government contractors, be vaccinated against COVID19 in order to continue their work. Additionally, Biden asks that the department of labor require that all companies with over 100 employees require weekly testing or proof of a vaccination. All of this for the purpose of “protecting” vaccinated workers from unvaccinated coworkers.

The Problem with Biden’s Vaccine Requirement

Whether or not you agree that everyone should get the vaccine, this order seems a bit totalitarian rather than indicative of the democracy the United States says it has. And there’s several problems with Biden’s order. First and foremost, his order is asking the Department of Labor to make the regulation. This means that at this time, the regulation does not yet exist. Now the Department of Labor will likely listen to Biden and put the order into place, but this brings up another problem. Just as during COVID19 the unemployment benefits are done on a state-to-state basis, so too does each state have its own Department of Labor. This means that certain states who are against the vaccination requirement will likely be able to do something to stop it in its tracks.

The second problem with the emergency order is that it doesn’t apply to Congress. That’s convenient, right? Not only that but it doesn’t apply to those who work for Congress or are involved in the federal court system. This is because Biden’s order only applies to government employees in the executive branch—not the legislative and judicial branches. It’s pretty clear that Biden knew he would have a problem on his hands if he ordered the vaccine for congress and instead decided to avoid the problem altogether.

But wait, the problems don’t end there. Vaccination and other health statuses are protected by privacy rights in the United States. This means that if large companies are required to collect data on their employee’s vaccination status, this will be an entire debacle because they can’t just ask for a vaccine card. Rather, most companies will have to have a third-party company trained in healthcare laws handle the verification. Additionally, any companies with a union will likely have to pay their employees to get the vaccination, as well as cover them for any days they have to call out because of side effects from the vaccine. This means that Biden’s order will cost large companies millions. And remember, most companies have to also allow religious and health exemptions to the vaccine. This means that this order may not be worth much at all in the end.


The Aftermath of Biden’s Order

As expected, people and companies everywhere are unhappy with the order, and they will be fighting to be sure it doesn’t go into effect. Not only that, but the Republicans in DC are already filling a lawsuit against Biden for an overreach in power. And several State Governors are saying they will do anything in their power to stop the order from occurring. As of the writing of this article, no new regulation has been introduced by the Department of Labor, nor has the lawsuit officially been filed.

What Biden’s Order Means for America

The truth is, Biden’s order goes far beyond whether or not you are for a vaccine. This order shows truly how far America is falling from its status as the land of the free to the land of the controlled. When the Founding Fathers created this country, they did so with a strong belief in states’ rights and a belief that government power should be dispersed as much as possible. Clearly this isn’t what is happening right now.

And the problem isn’t this pandemic, because before you know it, it will be over. The problem is, if you give up the freedom now to decide whether or not you want to get a vaccine, you will never get that right back. This is exactly what happened following 9/11 with all the anti-terrorism acts that gave the US government the right to spy on its citizens. Those rights to having privacy on your personal devices was never returned, and it probably won’t be, as whistleblower Edward Snowden found out in 2013. This means that whether or not you are for or against the vaccine, if you are for freedom, you should be against Biden’s order. Because first it’s the privacy of your vaccination status, and next thing you know, the government will be privy to all your healthcare and private information.

Recently, there has been lots of chatter in DC about trying to control cryptocurrency as well. Because, after all, the government doesn’t want there to be any form of money in this country other than the fiat money they control. But using cryptocurrency is your right, and remember that no matter what the government may threaten, it will be nearly impossible to stop the cryptocurrency world and its growth trajectory.


Overall, the news Biden gave on September 9th shocked a nation. And it’s a clear sign that the government in this country isn’t going in a good direction. Take a look at other countries around the world and remind yourself why America is the land of the free. You might just find there are many similarities between a vaccine mandate and other overreaching regulations that led to a communist regime or dictatorship. And keep this in mind as the government tries to convince you that things like anti-vaccine citizens and cryptocurrency are the enemy. 

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