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Advanced Blackjack Strategies: How to Play and Win

Blackjack is one of the most exciting games you can play on a casino floor, combining multiple levels of thrill into one endeavor. While it’s primarily a luck game, there are a few strategies you can use to increase your odds of winning. What are some of the best techniques to increase your chances of winning?

If you’re ready to learn more about some of the top blackjack strategies, you’re in the right place. The better you understand the game you’re getting into, the easier it will be to approach it with confidence. Read on to learn more about some of our favorite advanced techniques for the game, from keeping your money in check to doubling down.

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Manage Your Bankroll Well

Before you take on any extreme techniques, you must be able to manage your bankroll. If you don’t have control of your money, it will be much trickier to have any kind of victory in the game. You should decide on a budget before sitting down at the table and stick to it no matter what happens along the way.

Never, ever put more money down on the table than you think you’ll be able to lose and walk away content. If it doesn’t make practical sense for you to take the bet, don’t do it. Betting can be a very emotional process, but you can’t let that impact the money wagered. Poor bankroll management never ends well.

Keep the Basics In Your Pocket

Before you begin, understand all the rules and possibilities for blackjack. The more you know, the more tools and strategies you have to pull out at any moment. 

Take time to learn about all the various side bets available. These side bets aren’t always well known and can help you maximize your winnings in certain situations. 

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Practice Before Placing Big Bets

Before you put big money in the pot for blackjack, it’s an excellent idea to practice with small numbers online or on a phone app.

Playing on the floor will be very different from playing online. Inside a casino, there are lights, noises, drinks, and plenty of people. It will take some time to get used to if you’ve never been exposed while playing, and it could be distracting if you aren’t sure of your moves.

Don’t start your bets with massive numbers until you’re used to the environment. Use small bet tables to understand the ebb and flow of the game, getting into the rhythm a little bit at a time. Once you’ve done well online, move on to something with slightly higher stakes, like the casino.

Split a Pair of Aces and Eights

No matter what the upcard is, it’s always an excellent idea to split aces and eights when they appear in pairs. Even if you feel like you’re on the losing end of the battle with the upcard, it’s always an excellent idea to split these pairs in half for the best shot at winning.

This tactic is helpful because you’ll lose much less money in this case than if you neglect the split. If you win when splitting the aces, you’ll take in more money than if you didn’t. It’s an excellent precaution that shouldn’t be given a second thought. Splitting aces and eights should come naturally.

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Double Down on Hard Elevens

If you see a hard eleven, it’s always a good idea to double down. Many people have shown to take in more cash when doubling down at this point instead of hitting. Although it might seem like a risky move, it has a decent track record. 

Sometimes, you might be playing in a game with a multi-deck situation. If that happens and the dealer must stand on a soft seventeen, it could be the opposite. In this case, go with hitting instead of doubling down. 

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Double Down on Ten If Upcard is Nine or Less

Whenever the upcard is nine or less, and you have a two-card ten, it’s always an excellent idea to double down. You have the higher ground here, and it’s the best move with these cards at play. Whenever you have ten and the upcard is nine or less, always go the double-down route.

Stand with a Nine Pair if the Upcard is Seven

If the upcard is a seven and you have a pair of nines, always stand on it. The rationale behind this tactic, again, is money. If you stand with a nine-pair with a seven card, you’ll win a little more than if you chose to split here.

Do Not Make An Insurance Bet

Do not make an insurance bet, even if it seems like the best idea at the time. It’s typically a sucker bet, which means the payoff odds are less than the dealer having a blackjack and therefore is not in the best interest of the player.

Although it’s tempting, avoid this tactic. It will only result in pain.

Hold Positivity In the Center

At the end of all things, have a positive attitude when playing blackjack. Ideally, you’re there to have fun and maybe earn some money along the way. If you start losing your joy in the endeavor, it will make the experience feel like a nightmare. Winning won’t matter if you lose the excitement along the way.

Plus, positivity makes it much easier to enact a strategy and keep an eye out for items you need while playing at the blackjack table. While having a good attitude might seem pointless, it will make a difference and make losing much easier if you are one of the many who don’t emerge on top at the casino table.

Critical Considerations When Playing Blackjack

These tactics are all exciting ways to try your hand at winning blackjack. While they are excellent strategies, it’s critical to note that, at its core, blackjack is a game of chance. These tactics could increase your odds of winning, but there is no guarantee any combination of these strategies will ensure you win big money at the table. You can still lose with these, so use them with care and always stop if you find you are losing too much money. 

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