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Best Bitcoin Gambling Sites Reviewed

When it comes to Bitcoin casinos in the world today, you have a lot of options, many more that existed even a few short years ago. With so many options for Bitcoin gamblers, how do you know which are the best Bitcoin gambling sites and which ones are not? That's exactly what this article will help you know.

Casino Dark

For Bitcoin casino websites, there are a lot of features that you should demand from your provider which include:

  • 100% Provably Fair games

  • High quality in house built games

  • Bitcoin chat

  • High maximum bet

  • Proof of solvency

  • Unique games

  • Community trust

You can afford to be picking with your Bitcoin gambling sites because there are many options. And why take anything but the best? And for crypto gambling we need to first make a few distinctions as to the different classes of Bitcoin betting that exist:

  • Casino Games

  • Sports Betting

  • Games of Skill / Novelty Bitcoin Games

It's important to segregate the best Bitcoin betting sites into separate categories since some prevail in areas that others simply do not as we'll get to in a moment.

Casino games

First and foremost with casino games, before you even consider which websites you would like to play on, first understand the websites that you do not want to play on: Any website with closed sourced non-provably fair technology. And be weary, many websites will deceivingly call their fake technology Provably Fair even when it is not.

The easiest way to detect if a website is using fake technology is if you see too many games in a fairly predictable manner. It will often look like this:

Bad Roulette Games


When you see the pre-built software, the problem that you'll have is that these games are virtually never built with underlying provably fair technology which means you have to trust the operators are being honest about their games. And even if the operators are honest, you also have to trust that the game designers were honest in their game design. And as the article started, when you have so many good options for great Bitcoin casinos, why settle for less? Pick casinos with games that are built in house with 100% completely Provably Fair technology.

The best Bitcoin casinos that offer such casino crypto games include but are not limited to:

  1. MintDice

  2. PrimeDice

  3. Stake

You can find further examples of well-vetted high quality casinos at the Crypto Gambling Foundation website which only allows operators who abide by these strict principles to participate.

Sports Betting

In the world of Bitcoin Sports Betting, you have a lot of options yet again. And unlike the casino games portion, Provably Fair technology does not really exist because the events are determined to the outcome of any sporting game, not Provably Fair mathematics. So you should base your decisions for the best Bitcoin betting sites simply on reputation. And when it comes to reputation, the highest recommended Bitcoin Sportsbook likely goes to CloudBet. Cloudbet has a stellar reputation in the Bitcoin community and we suspect they will carry on this mission moving forward.

However, be forewarned that the Bitcoin casino games on Cloudbet are largely not Provably Fair and are to be avoided if that matters to you. The casino games on Cloudbet are a perfect example of the types of Bitcoin casino gambling games that you should not be playing since they are closed sourced games using bad technology. If you do want to do casino gambling, we'd suggest using any of the casinos listed above and limit it to use just for sports bets.

Games of Skill / Novelty Bitcoin Games

When it comes to Bitcoin skill games, they can be a great way to make money. Due to their nature, they can lie somewhere between the knowledge and demands placed for Bitcoin casino games and Bitcoin sports betting sites. Community trust and Provably Fair technology, when possible or applicable.

For Bitcoin Poker, we recommend Seals With Clubs. They have been around a long time and have a stellar reputation in the Bitcoin community. They are using non-Provably Fair technology but it is very difficult to build proper poker software so for the time being, this is an acceptable situation for crypto poker players.

With novelty games, nothing can beat MiceRacing. Micerace is an outstanding website that gives you the chance to bet on gerbils that race down a track with Bitcoin. We are truly living in the future! You can see the hard work and dedication put into the Bitcoin gaming mechanism by the MiceRace operators and we expect to see much more from MiceRace in the future.

Finally for novelty skill gaming we have MintDice. MintDice offers some of the best Bitcoin skill games on the planet, some of which are world's first innovations. All of their software was custom built in house and uses Provably Fair technology whenever possible. Additionally, they have a spotless reputation within the Bitcoin community which means you know that your money is safe in this Bitcoin casino.

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