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Do You Need a Degree to Work in a Casino?

Working in a casino sounds exciting, whether you’re the person running the tables or ensuring everyone is complying with the rules and regulations. Just like any job, there are requirements for those applying to these positions. Do you need a degree to work in a casino?

If you’re interested in learning more about whether or not you need a degree to work in a casino, you’re in the right place. Although some positions might require a degree from a university, the majority don’t. Read on to learn more about a few prominent spots for interested applicants in a casino.

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Positions That Do Require a College Degree

Most of the positions that require a degree at a casino are very technical or authoritative. Also, degree requirements will vary by casino - some require degrees for these jobs, while others only need a GED or high school diploma. 

Three degree-necessary jobs stand out in the casino world. Let’s talk about them a little more.

Operations Director

An operations director is the person in a casino who oversees the standard daily functions of a casino. They ensure staff members and customers are keeping in line with casino policies and watch the staff shifts. Typically, an operations director will make around $91,873 a year - it’s a high-paying job.

Other tasks for an operations director include:

      Keeping up with compliance with local regulations

      Implementations of policies

      Delegate various tasks

It’s a busy position for a hard-working person. Some casinos will allow an operations director to become a part of the team with a GED or high school diploma. However, some require that applicants have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree because they have a higher starting position than many competing applicants.

Gaming Manager

A gaming manager is the person who is in charge of the daily operations of a casino floor, often assigned to a specific area to ensure things go right. They typically make around $58,3440 a year.

Here are a few other responsibilities of a gaming manager:

      Implementation of casino and legal policies

      Ensure customer and staff compliance

They are smaller managers in the daily routine of the casino. Like the operations director, many casinos will hire a gaming manager with a GED or high school diploma. However, a good number of them require at least an associate degree. Even if they don’t, an associate degree will help with the application process significantly.

Internal Auditor

Last up is an internal auditor. This individual functions in a casino and works to complete financial and operational audits for a casino. Most internal auditors will make around $80,196 a year.

Here are a few more tasks of the internal auditor:

      Observing and recording international financial transactions

      Performing financial evaluations

      Assisting accountants in tax documenting

They play a key role in the finances of a typical casino. If you want to be an internal auditor for a casino, you usually will need at least a bachelor’s degree. This degree can be in areas like accounting, finance, or something similar. 

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Positions That Don’t Require a Degree

The majority of the jobs at a casino don’t require a degree, which is excellent for anyone who jumps in right away. From stationing the bar to being a floor runner, there’s ample diversity for those who don’t have any higher education.

Three positions stand out as excellent options that don’t require a degree. Let’s discuss them a little more.


One of the most profitable jobs in a casino that doesn’t require a degree is a bartender. Here, you’ll be able to serve and interact with customers in a casino, helping create an incredible ambiance and experience. Bartenders typically make around $38,000 a year.

A few tasks of bartenders include:

      Serving specialty drinks

      Providing guidance on making choices

      Processing cash and credit card transactions

A bartender must always be on their toes.

Bartenders don’t need a degree. However, they should be able to make drinks, communicate well, and know what they are talking about. Bartenders can set the mood of a casino - and you don’t need a degree to do that well.

Casino Dealer

If you want to be more involved in the action at the casino, consider becoming a casino dealer. This job involves running the games at the tables in the building. Casino dealers typically make around $35,000 a year.

Other jobs of a casino dealer include:

      Taking bets

      Keeping an eye on suspicious behavior

      Paying out winnings after each hand

Casino dealers need at least a GED or high school diploma and no criminal background to be a casino dealer. However, that’s all that’s required at most locations to apply.

Casino Floor Runner

Finally, consider becoming a casino floor runner if you don’t want to attain a degree before getting a job at a casino. A casino floor runner is a person who gets all the odd jobs done on a typical day at a casino. They maintain an extensive range of responsibilities, from restocking shelves to maintaining cleanliness during the day. They make around $35,000 each year. 

Here are a few additional duties of a casino floor runner:

      Checking prices

      Maintaining inventory

      Reconciling tills

If you want to be a casino floor manager, there is no degree necessary to succeed. However, you do need to be excellent at communication and prepared to do so many things on a standard day. The work is excellent for anyone who is highly active and ready to move.

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Final Thoughts

If you have a degree, you’re open to positions like internal auditor and operations director at a casino. If you don’t, you can participate in positions like cashier or casino floor runner. There’s ample opportunity for anyone here.

We hope this information was helpful! Whether you have a degree or not, there is a spot available for you at a casino.

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