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MintDice Game Spotlight: Bitcoin Slot Machine

Gone are the days when cryptocurrency holders could only try their hands at buying low and selling high as a way to earn a profit. Today, there are several ways, including providing loan services, and cryptocurrency gaming. For gamblers, the thrill of a win never leaves.

The many disadvantages that accompany the online gambling industry such as data theft, lack of privacy, slow deposit and withdrawal times, and lack of trust for the game provider have no place in crypto games. 

Players can simply enjoy a wide selection of popular games on virtual Bitcoin casinos like MintDice as they take advantage of incredible bonuses and welcome packages. 

For seasoned players, games like Bitcoin Poker and Bitcoin Blackjack are great options, but what about beginners? For anyone who is just starting out with casino games, the less complex games like Plinko and Bitcoin Dice are the best bet for a rewarding gaming experience. However, there's one game that both groups will definitely enjoy since it offers many variations, great odds, and simplicity: Bitcoin slots. 


To play Bitcoin slots, you should follow these steps:

  • Register on an online casino that offers slots.
  • Deposit Bitcoins in the casino wallet.
  • Pick a slot game. The games usually contain symbols arranged on spinners known as reels. Each reel spins and stops to reveal a random group of those symbols arranged across a payline. 
  • Choose the number of paylines to bet on and place bets on each one.
  • Spin the reel and hit different symbol combinations.

Each essential slot element is explained below: 


The symbols in most games fall within a range of 9-12. There are regular symbols, bonus symbols, wild symbols, and scatter symbols. Typically, regular symbols are designed according to the theme of the game and can line up in different ways that indicate a win. However, other types of symbols represent different things when playing the game.

  • Wild symbols can be used to replace any other symbol in a winning combination. 
  • When more than two scatter symbols are showing, they provide one winning spin regardless of whether they are on a payline at the time. They also award the player prizes and bonus rounds.
  • Bonus symbols unlock mini-games, prizes, and other important bonuses. 
  • Multipliers increase a player's prizes by their value. They can be 2X, 3X, or 4X.


This is simply a connecting line between symbol combinations. There can be as many as 20-25 paylines on a slot machine screen. The more paylines a person plays, the more likely they are to unlock jackpots and bonuses. 

Bet level

This is the normal unit of placing slot bets. Usually, players choose how many paylines to play and how much to bet on each one. 

Return To Player (RTP%)

The RTP is the percentage of wagered money paid back to users by the casino. It is a measure of the advantage the casino has over a player so the higher the RTP, the better a game is for the player.


Bitcoin slots are not strategic games; like the real ones, they’re mostly based on luck. However, there are some tips that increase your chances of winning.

  • Choose a slot machine with the highest RTP that you can find, usually in the range of 92 to 98 percent. The RTP is usually mentioned on the machine or listed on most casino review sites so it should be easy to find with a quick Google search. 
  • Just like cryptocurrency, slot machines show volatility. Games with lower volatility have more frequent small wins, while high volatility games offer rare but big wins. Weigh both options and choose carefully. 
  • Focus more on the under-promoted slots than the obvious ones to avoid losing out. 



The best places to play Bitcoin Slots are on MintDice and the Bitcoin website. Mintdice is one of the most reliable Bitcoin casino sites available. It is fully fitted, featuring a functional Bitcoin faucet as well as other games such as Bitcoin Dice. So for beginners who don’t have any cryptocurrency yet and want to try their hands at a range of simple yet profitable games, Mintdice is a perfect choice.


These are some of the best Bitcoin slots to play for anyone who is bored with the more common slots and looking for something new and exciting. Each of them can be found on almost any of the top-rated online casinos for free. Be cautious of non-provably fair licensed slot machine games. They can look like the following games below which are detailed anyway in case of interest:

  • Pirates Revenge Slot: Easily one of the easiest and most satisfying slot games, the Pirates Revenge slot game is a multi-line video slot. Like other slot games, it has 9 major paylines on which 5 reels are spread. Each of the 9 paylines is an option and leads to bonus rounds and solid chances of getting high payouts. 

  • Victory Lane Slot: This slot is very different from the regular Bitcoin slot. Unlike others, the Victory Lane slot machine offers a grid format. As players activate paylines, they will be expected to match three symbols across those paylines from a group of nine symbols on the screen. 

  • Wild 7’s Slot: Available on several online casinos, this game falls into the 3-reel slot category. This means that players will be faced with a single payline across three reels. It offers a bonus jackpot for players who choose to play with three coins in one spin. However, they are allowed to play one coin per spin. 

  • Fruity Fortune Slot: For a fun 5-reel slot that offers free spins, this is a great option. Fruity Fortune offers nine open paylines and allows players to earn free spins if 3, 4 or 5 scatters have spun in. Additionally, if players get all 5 scatters, they are awarded a massive 100 free spins. This is one of the slots with the best chances of getting high payouts. 


Casino games like Bitcoin slots have existed traditionally for a long time. But now, anyone can experience them conveniently regardless of their location. It can also be played using cryptocurrency which makes things even better due to its numerous benefits. Bitcoin slots are easy to play and only require players to master its key elements, such as symbols, paylines, and return to player percentages. Anyone can play to earn money, making the Bitcoin slots platform one of the best crypto gaming options.


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