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Henry Ruggs Accident: What Happens to Sports Bets When a Player Leaves?

When it comes to football, there is nothing more exciting than the beginning of the season when the rookie players hit the field for the first time. This was the feeling most fans and sports bettors had when Henry Ruggs played his first game for the Las Vegas Raiders. But what happens when that player is released from the team midway through the season?

When a sports bet has been placed on a player who then leaves their team mid-season for whatever reason, most sportsbooks void the transaction. This is because, in the official rules of most companies, the player who was wagered on must have participated in at least one snap during the game.

Although it does not happen often, there are times when a player is released from their contract before a season is finished. Keep reading to learn more about what happens to a sports bet when such an instance occurs.


The Henry Ruggs Accident

Henry Ruggs, who once had a promising NFL football career, now faces multiple charges that could put him in prison for the foreseeable future. The former Las Vegas Raider football player made a bad decision that ultimately ended his career prematurely.

After an evening out with his girlfriend, during which he had reportedly been drinking quite a bit of alcohol, Ruggs got behind the wheel of his Corvette Stingray to head home. On his way home, he reached speeds of up to 157 miles per hour that ended in a fiery crash.

As he neared his home neighborhood, Ruggs reportedly saw a car in front of him and slowed down, but not in time to keep himself from rear-ending an SUV with a 23-year-old woman and her dog. The accident resulted in massive destruction to both vehicles leaving Ruggs and his girlfriend injured and the other driver and her dog dead.

In news reports following the accident, it was stated that the impact of the crash hit the fuel tank of the SUV which resulted in the car catching on fire. Although bystanders tried to rescue the young woman, they were unsuccessful.

It was soon discovered that Ruggs, after being treated at the hospital for his injuries, had a blood-alcohol level that was twice the legal limit. This compounded with his excessive speed and other infractions led to him being arrested on multiple charges. 

In the hours following the horrific accident, the Las Vegas Raiders released Ruggs from the team. While the decision was in the best interest of the team, the impact would affect many people including his teammates and family members.

Image: Las Vegas Raiders Wide Receiver Henry Ruggs III Involved in Fatal DUI Crash

What Happens to Player Bets if a Player is Fired?

When a player is fired in the middle of a game season, the result is typically an upset for all parties involved. This is especially true for those who have bet on the particular player in current or even future games.

Although not specifically mentioned in many of the rules of the sportsbook, a player being fired in mid-season may be viewed the same way as a player not participating in the game for a certain amount of time. This is usually outlined by sportsbooks stating that a player should play at least within one section of the game to be valid.

In the case of a player not participating in a game for the outlined amount of time, the bet is typically voided by the sportsbook. This is because the bet cannot be validated as a win or a loss due to the situation.

Keep in mind that for a bet to be voided in the case of a player who is fired, in most cases, the wager should be specific to that player and not for the team in general. For example, if you place a bet that a specific player will be voted as the Defensive Player of the Year, but they are then fired before the end of the season, your bet would then be void since it is no longer possible.

While sports betting can be an exciting adventure for many sports fans, you should keep in mind that gambling is a risk you take and any unexpected surprises can end with you losing more than you may have expected.


What Happens to Fantasy Sports Leagues When a Player is Released Mid-Season?

Fantasy sports have become a favorite pastime for many individuals over the years. Whether it is a workplace fantasy NFL league or one that is played amongst friends and family, people all over enjoy the nuances of building and keeping up with their fantasy team members.

There are several websites that also support fantasy sports and have become increasingly popular over the years. During these fantasy leagues, players can participate in every aspect of the game including the draft all the way through the championship games.

If you have participated in a fantasy sports league, then you may be aware of the rules and opportunities that exist along the way. As the manager or person in charge of their own team, you have the opportunity to draft, release, or trade players throughout the season based on their actual performance. 

When a player that a manager has on their fantasy team is released in the midst of an ongoing season, that manager has no choice but to find another player to add to their roster. As frustrating as this may seem, especially if the player was doing well, it is all considered part of the risk.

In most cases, the manager may have been counting on the specific player to pull them through the season. So, when the player leaves unexpectedly, the manager may find themselves scrambling to find a replacement for those that are in play


Overall, when a sports player leaves a team mid-season for whatever reason, can not only upset the dynamic of the team they played for, but also for fans, especially those who participate in sports betting. Placing sports bets is risky in and of itself, however, when you add the element of potential changes in the roster, it can make betting even more of a challenge.

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