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How to Earn Ethereum

With the rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum, many people wonder if there are any ways to earn ethereum online for free. The price of purchasing one Ethereum is a couple thousand dollars, so it is no wonder that people look for free alternatives to obtain the cryptocurrency. 

Because many people believe that the price of Ethereum will increase over time, they are eager to start earning free Ethereum today.

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7 Ways to Earn Ethereum

There are many ways online that you can earn free Ethereum for completing certain tasks or achievements. In the following sections we will cover a few ways to earn free ethereum more in depth

Idle Empire

One way that you can earn free Ethereum is by registering on Idle Empire. Idle Empire is a website that rewards you for doing things such as: watching videos, answering surveys, playing games, or testing software.

After you complete one of those tasks you will receive points which you can then redeem in their shop. They have over 300 different rewards that you can redeem with your points including Ethereum. They have paid out over $8 million in rewards so far and over 3 million registered users.

All you need to do to start earning is to register on the Idle Empire website and get started by completing one of the tasks mentioned above. Once you register you will be on your way towards earning free Ethereum. You will have to link your Coinbase account in order to redeem Ethereum, so if you don’t already have a Coinbase account you should make one soon in order to redeem your ETH.


CryptoPop is a play to earn game available on the Google Play Store. This is a grouping game where you group different coins together and earn points as a result. You can receive real crypto rewards for playing this game.

The list of rewards that you can receive include Ethereum and Popcoin which is the cryptocurrency associated with the game. To redeem the free Ethereum you earn you will need to link your account to your Coinbase account. 

There will be more cryptocurrencies added in their next update which will allow you to redeem your points for cryptocurrencies such as: Bitcoin, Cardano, Litecoin, Binance coin, and more.

This is a really simple way that you can earn some free Ethereum while having fun. Don’t expect to be able to earn thousands of dollars in Ethereum by simply playing this game, but it is still a good way to earn some free Ethereum by simply playing a game. 


Lolli is a browser extension that gives you cash back rewards for making purchases from their retail partners. This is similar to other browser extensions you might already know, like Honey. 

However, what makes Lolli different is that instead of applying a coupon or giving you cash back rewards on your card, Lolli gives you cash back rewards in cryptocurrency. That’s right, you can earn cryptocurrency by simply buying items with your regular cash. 

You might be thinking that Lolli might not have any good retail partners to make it worth your time. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Lolli’s retail partners include Nike, Sephora, and even Malaysia airlines. The percentage of cash back rewards you get back can range from 1-30% depending on the retailer and product.

This is a great way to earn some free cryptocurrency for simply doing the online shopping you are already doing. You can install the Lolli extension on your computer by simply searching up Lolli extension. 

Credit Card Rewards

Similarly to traditional credit cards that give you points or cash back rewards, there are several credit cards that give you cash back rewards in crypto. For example, Gemini recently announced their plan to release a credit card that would allow you to choose the cryptocurrency you would like to receive your rewards in.

Other companies like Blockfi give you 1.5% cash back rewards in Bitcoin. Cards like these are a good way of earning some free crypto for making regular purchases with your credit card. There are many other aspects you should look at before deciding to open up a new credit card, but if you want to earn some free crypto and maybe some free ETH, then you should look into one of these cards. 

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Coinbase Earn

The popular exchange platform Coinbase, allows you to earn rewards for learning about cryptocurrencies. They have informative videos and lessons that will give you rewards in that specific cryptocurrency you are learning about. 

Although you will not receive hundreds of dollars in ETH by using this platform, it is a good way to earn a little bit of money while also learning more about cryptocurrencies and how they work. This is truly a win-win situation. You are getting free crypto and getting more educated on the topic. 

Sign Up and Referral Bonuses

Another great way to earn some free crypto is by taking advantage of sign up and referral bonuses. Most cryptocurrency exchanges often have a sign up or referral bonus. For example, Coinbase has a referral bonus that awards you $10 for every person that creates a Coinbase account using your referral code.

You could then use the sign up and referral money you earn to purchase Ethereum for free. If you have family members or friends that want to start investing in crypto and don’t have a Coinbase account yet, you should give them you referral code so that you can get their free referral bonus. 


MintDice is an online casino which offers all players a small amount of Bitcoin to use their site. Unlike other gambling sites, this is not a one time bonus and players may continue to claim this bonus even if they have played on the site for years. They do not currently offer free Ethereum, but they plan to in the near future, which is why they are on this list.

Although this is perhaps the easiest way to get free cryptocurrency on the list, make note that it is a very small amount of Bitcoin, and that you will be unable to withdraw it from the site unless you deposit. But it is a great way to try your hands at winning some more Bitcoin without having to put your hard earned money at risk! 


Overall, there are many different ways to earn some free Ethereum. The most important thing you need to keep in mind is that none of the free methods will make you into a millionaire.

You should be wary of any advertisement that promises to give you thousands of dollars in free Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies for free. This will most likely be a scam. With that said, any of the methods on this list are great non-scam ways to earn some free Ethereum and crypto to get you started on your crypto journey. 

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