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How to Get Free Drinks in Las Vegas

Back in the day, one of the perks of enjoying Vegas was the free drinks. Although it might sound too good to be true, it’s still possible to nab these cost-free beverages today. However, it does require a little strategy and patience. It’s also critical to remember that many casinos are tightening their free beverage policies, so they may not be as simple to access.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to get a free drink in Las Vegas, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to better understand some of the best methods for cost-free beverages in Las Vegas, from gambling tactics to playing specific games. The more you know, the easier it will be to snag your favorite drinks for nothing while you enjoy your time.

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Gamble at a Well-Known Casino

The best way to get free drinks in Las Vegas is to gamble at a well-known casino. Prominent casinos like MGM, Bellagio, and Cosmopolitan will provide more free drinks because they have more money to spend to keep people on their machines. Casinos outside the Vegas Strip area typically aren’t as kind about their free drink offerings, so stay in the populated area.

You can also gamble near the bar and wait for an individual to serve you while you play. Many assume they’ll get service for sitting in any spot, but it isn’t that simple. Make a strategic choice and select a slot machine or game close to the bar, catching the eye of servers while you play. It will cut down on your overall wait time.

There are often physical games on the bar top. If you want to be as close as possible to the drinks, play these games for a better chance at complimentary beverages while you gamble. 

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Look For Special Events

There are special events you can attend at casinos or bars with free drinks or, at the very least, waived entrance fees for specific people. There are times at casinos where women (or men on occasion) earn free drink deals at clubs if they attend on specified nights. Joining a local MeetUp group may lead you to one of these events.

Sometimes, there aren’t free drink events. However, you might be able to locate a “Happy Hour” which will allow you to access drinks much cheaper than on a regular day. Deals include dollar beers, two-for-one drinks, and even shots for a much lower price point. Some locations offer a reduced entrance fee for an open bar all night. Many of the casinos in the downtown area (or old strip) offer these happy hour deals for daytime or late night players.

Tip Well On the First Complimentary Drink

If you nab a free drink while enjoying Las Vegas, one of the best things you can do is tip well on the first beverage. You should do it no matter what - but a higher tip may secure another free drink if the server appreciates the gesture. 

The first impression is what matters most. There’s no need to tip as massively on every drink but continue to tip to ensure the cocktail server continues to return to your area. Most people tip $5 on the first drink then go down to $1-$2 per drink as the night wears on. 

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Know Your Server

It’s always a good idea to be kind to the person serving you, engaging with them as much as possible to create a good impression. Something as simple as asking the person how their day is going will make a big difference in your potential for free drinks and an overall pleasant experience on the casino floor.

Servers are more likely to return to people who make their day better rather than making their day harder. If you are kind, there is a high chance they will return to you, and you can order additional free drinks.

Of course, you shouldn’t be kind to your server just to get drinks from them. If that benefit comes from being kind to an individual and getting to know them, it’s a bonus perk for your Las Vegas experience but strive to always be nice to servers regardless of the cost of your drink.

Play the Sportsbook

Another excellent tactic for earning free drinks is to play at the sportsbook. Many times, writers for the Las Vegas Sportsbook will hand out free coupons for drinks based on how much you wager. There is no specific set of rules for this - most sportsbook locations pass out one or two coupons for every $100 wagered in the room.

The fancier a casino is, the less likely they tend to be to hand out coupons for free or discounted drinks. If you go to an older location or one off the strip, you might be able to access more free coupons.

If you gamble a couple hundred dollars, it never hurts to ask for a coupon. They might hand it to you just for your perseverance.

Gamble Near A Bartender

If you notice a bartender, it’s a good idea to gamble near them for a better chance at free drinks. The more money you slide inside the slot machine or game, the more likely a bartender will reward your efforts with a free drink as a sort of reimbursement for the benefit of the casino.

Again, this strategy might not always work. However, it’s worth a shot if you notice machines and slots near an active bartender and set of servers. Some casinos will deliver free drinks more generously than others, which you will learn as you move your way through famous casinos on the strip.

What If You Don’t Want To Buy Drinks?

Of course, it’s critical to note it takes much more work now than it did in the past to earn free drinks in Las Vegas. You might not be successful on every trip, and you may have to pay for a beverage or two if unsuccessful. Not everyone wants to risk paying for pricey Vegas drinks, and that’s okay.

If you don’t want to drink or have drinks at home, you can always gamble online instead. You can bet online on a site like MintDice, a free online bitcoin casino, and pour your drinks from your fridge without worrying about the strategies above. No matter where you choose to game, good luck!

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