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Interesting Tricks to Win More in Progressive Slots

Who wants to win? The obvious answer is ‘everybody,’ right! And if this win involves money, then one naturally feels a lot more motivated. One would want to hone skills, look for tips, to ensure his/her victory, and aim for winning the larger amount.

Casinos are a great and lucrative place to quench your thirst for winning. Casinos consisting of the progressive slots, let you make a lot of money (if you win!). Once you are well-versed with the mechanism of this slot, you can certainly go on a winning streak.

Today, we are going to provide you with some of the strategies that will help you to win big in the progressive slots.

For the ones who are avid casino players, “progressive slots” would be a familiar term for sure. But for the uninitiated, before delving deeper into the topic, let us just understand what progressive slots are.

What are Progressive Slots?

Land-based casinos and online casinos have 3 kinds of slot machine games: classic slots, video slots, and progressive slots. Progressive slot machines are just like the regular slot machines with a significant difference; the difference lies in the jackpot.

The thing with ordinary slots is that the jackpot amount is fixed. But with progressive slots, the percentage of every bet placed gets added to the jackpot prize. Each time a player spins, a progressive slot machine pays out more; and the amount grows with each bet.

While ‘jackpot’ is a fixed stash of coins that can be won when players spin and hit the desired combinations, a progressive jackpot slot lets players incrementally accumulate figures/money with every consecutive bet. In simpler terms, the winning amount ‘progressively’ increases with every bet.

When the progressive jackpot equals the maximum amount, the slot machine automatically resets itself. The new winning progressive jackpot prize gets randomly selected.


Now, it is undoubtedly a game requiring luck. Having said that, there are some tips/strategies that can help you win more with progressive slot machines.

  1. Pay attention to your bankroll while playing

Do not get swayed away by the temptation of acquiring the big jackpot. Always remember that your bankroll is involved in it. So, while eyeing for the prize, no unwanted risks should be taken. Winning the big jackpot should not be your only focus. Try to play slots by betting smaller to ensure regular wins. Otherwise, if you bet maximum on every pay line, for every spin, chances of losing are higher. You must play within your budget and never bet money that you cannot afford to lose.

Follow this thumb rule: Ensure that your gambling bankroll can afford 250 bets and thereby ensure a 90% chance of lasting around 3 hours.

  1. Realize when to quit

Smart players always set a gambling limit. They choose a budget and adhere to it. So, once they have reached that limit, they stop themselves from playing further. This strategy keeps stress at bay and lets one enjoy the game more. Measures such as ‘self-exclusions’ are provided by online and mobile casinos to ensure responsible gambling.

  1. Always research the odds

Read up on the progressive games from online forums, websites, weekly blogs before plunging into the game. Be mindful of the fact that not all no-deposit sites possess the same odds of winning. The pay-out structure differs in online slots games, which is why you need to choose wisely. You can opt for a demo or free play version of the progressive online games in order to be thorough with the whole process. This will let you develop insight and help you to make correct, informed decisions at every juncture of the game. MintDice offers the best Bitcoin slots with the highest Return-To-Player (RTP) odds in the industry and the best progressive payouts.


  1. Select the right slots and know the rules

3-reel slots provide the best chance of winning most of the time. So, familiarize yourself with the different slot games. Get to know the ins and outs of the rules to benefit from the game.

  1. Ensure that you try out more than 1 machine

It is advisable not to get attached to 1 machine. If you find yourself considering a machine that paid out in the past, to be the ultimate machine favoring your luck, stop yourself right there. Know that these games operate on random-number generators. So, go ahead and try another game. Just remind yourself to learn the pay system, the coin size accepted by the machines, before commencing to play.

The above-mentioned points prove that winning slots could be very easy and, of course, highly rewarding. It simply requires a little bit of wholesome understanding (mastery), patience to be at an advantageous position.

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