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Smoke-Free Casinos in the USA

Casinos have long had an unfortunate association with cigarette smoke. Many consider them bright, colorful floors with thick layers of smoke and ash. However, in recent years, many casinos have pushed towards creating a smoke-free environment. In fact, many smoke-free casinos are operating in the United States today.

If you’re interested in learning more about smoke-free casinos in the United States of America, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about seven locations that attempt to keep this pollutant out of their spaces, as well as additional options and resources to use to ensure you pick the right casino for gambling and clean air.

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Parx Casino (Pennsylvania)

Parx Casino is a popular location for gambling in Pennsylvania, operating as one of the highest-earning casinos in the state. They have several locations throughout Pennsylvania, many with smoke-free options for those who want an experience without breathing in pollutants while they have fun with the machines. 

Many casinos in Pennsylvania fought back against smoke-free legislation, bringing smoking back to their casino floors to increase revenue. However, Parx Casino has voluntarily remained smoke-free, offering a rare breath of fresh air while users enjoy all the casino offers. It will likely remain smoke-free in the coming years if revenue remains high from their attendees.

Jack Casino (Ohio)

Jack Casino in Cleveland is another location where smoking is not permitted on the casino floor. It’s restricted to only a few places - the smoking patio and the second level of the parking garage. Individuals are also allowed to smoke outside two of the casino’s popular street entrances if they really need to.

Smokers are not permitted to smoke on the casino floor at Jack Casino to comply with Ohio ordinances, which only permit smokers to enjoy their cigarettes in an outdoor location, rather than encapsulated in a room. This smoke-free designation has also given them a clean, pleasant reputation among users.

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Harrah’s New Orleans (Louisiana)

Harrah’s is a massive chain, so it might be surprising that they have a smoke-free casino option at Harrah’s New Orleans in Louisiana. Users who want to smoke can enjoy one of their three outdoor patio options, equipped with machines to keep individuals entertained until they are done.

The anti-smoking Harrah’s New Orleans is one of five of their locations that offer a smoke-free experience. They added this ban in 2015 when the New Orleans City Council approved measures to stop smoking in several gambling and drinking locations in the area.

Ocean’s Eleven Casino (California)

Ocean’s Eleven Casino has a fun name, but there’s more to it than just that. It also offers an excellent smoke-free experience for users, as is the standard in all California card rooms. Gamblers can enjoy food and drink in the location without worrying about leaving and smelling like smoke.

California prides itself on non-smoking facilities, and the Ocean’s Eleven Casino is one option of many. If you want a clean casino with tableside food and drink, Ocean’s Eleven Casino is worth a try.

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MotorCity Casino (Michigan)

Michigan is another area, like Pennsylvania, where smoking was once banned in casinos but has since made a comeback. Many casinos now allow smoking again, leaving the only non-smoking selection to the MotorCity Casino in Detroit. It is not permitted anywhere in the casino area or adjoining hotel.

If you want to smoke at the MotorCity Casino, they recommend you look for signs pointing to designated areas or talk to an employee. They guide smokers to a specific area to prevent the smoke from drifting inside the main gambling area.

The Big Easy Casino (Florida)

The Big Easy Casino is a laid-back option and one of the most prominent smoke-free options in the great state of Florida. It’s completely free of smoke, but those who want to use a cigarette while they are at the casino may go to one of the designated smoking sections. 

Those who want to smoke may visit an area called The Dog Pound, which is about 1,000 square feet of space with machines and slots. The Big Easy Casino keeps smoke separate from its general casino floor for the benefit of the patrons.

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The Molly Brown Bar And Casino (Montana)

Although it’s technically a dive bar, The Molly Brown Bar and Casino is a fun option in Bozeman, Montana, if you want a combination of drinks and food with your gambling experience. They do not allow smoking, as in compliance with current Montana law.

Many bars that offer casino areas have fought against restrictions on smoking, claiming they impact revenue. However, locations like The Molly Brown Bar and Casino continue to remain smoke-free.

Are There More Smoke-Free Casinos In The United States?

These are just a few smoke-free options available for casinos in the United States. If you’re interested in more selections, you can see them on the official gaming directory website for smoke-free options. 

There are hundreds of smoke-free options in the United States, and there is a big push to open up more options for clean air inside these gambling facilities. However, it might take time before we see a complete shift in all current and new casinos available to interested gamblers.

Other Options For Smoke-Free Casinos

It’s critical to note that even if a facility is labeled as smoke-free, there is still a chance you could be exposed to cigarette smoke or another pollutant in the air. Casinos tend to be where people smoke, and an area dedicated to keeping smoke outside may still have some who break the rules.

The only surefire way to remain safe from smoke is to try online gambling. By placing your bets online on a website like, you can ensure the only air you breathe is from the safety of your home. Accessing online casinos is the easiest way to remain safe if you’re nervous about ingesting smoke during your gambling experience. 

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