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Living the Dream: Get Paid to Live in a Casino

Games of chance have always drawn the eyes and wallets of the public, and everyone wants to make a lot of money for a relatively small amount of work. A few great gamblers have even been known to bet tens of thousands of dollars in a single night, and some would say they even live in their favorite casino establishments, helping to contribute to the yearly gaming revenue of over $160 billion as of 2018. 

Many casinos have grown large enough to branch out into other ventures, including property management and luxury accommodations. On the employee side of things, there are a smaller group who choose to "live" and learn in their respective casinos through a lucrative internship program.  

These young people will spend a summer working in the gaming environment, getting a hands-on feel for the industry they might one day help to lead. Despite the applicants' relative lack of experience, more than few casinos offer internship opportunities within their businesses, hoping to spot the next innovation or great new creator early in their development.

Sound like something you would be interested in doing? Read on to learn all about how you can get paid to live in a casino.


Opportunity of a Lifetime

Taking place over 12 weeks in the Las Vegas Valley of Nevada, the Stations Casino interns will be able to take part in the day-to-day operations of one of four Station Casino resorts, earning a competitive wage while taking in unique information on possibly the most consistently growing industry in the world.

Ranging from working the casino floor, to taking part in weekly "Think Tank" type meetings, and culminating in a presentation to an executive committee at the end of the program, there are a myriad of possibilities for learning and growth within the internship program.

Participating resorts include Red Rock Casino, Green Valley Ranch, Sunset Station, and Palace Station, with placements in various positions including Marketing, Public Relations, Casino Operations, and Financial Planning & Analysis, along with many more options. And the best part is? The interns get to live in the casino while they go about their program!

A Brief History of Station Casinos

The best type of knowledge is often gained by researching ahead of time, and when it comes to spending an entire summer away from home, prospective interns will want to know more about the program and the Station Casino Resorts behind it.

Founded on July 1st, 1976, by Frank Fertitta Jr., the company's original goal was to primarily be a “locals casino”, which is a term used to mean a gaming establishment aimed more at drawing consistent residents from the local Las Vegas area, rather than relying on tourist traffic that may fluctuate. 

Over the span of the last 45 years, Station Casinos steadily grew to become the dominant company in Las Vegas locals’ casinos, even reaching out to manage several outside establishments while growing their own network.

During the past few years, the entire gaming industry took a massive hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with many businesses closing their doors both temporarily and permanently. However, with the advent of new medical innovations and various methods to keep every patron and employee safe, Station Casinos looks towards a bright future and seems poised to take their business and employees to a new level of growth.


Other Internships on the Strip

Much of the gaming industry is based on analyzing odds and drawing from data, so naturally many other casinos offer internships similar to those offered by Station Casinos, hoping to capitalize on the development of new talent rising across the country every year.

Two other businesses offering internships are MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment, two of the most well-known casinos companies in the industry.

MGM Resorts offers a ten-week summer program, with internship opportunities in both casino operations and corporate entities, covering a wide variety of new paths to follow and learn from, offering knowledge and experience that can be applied to the gaming industry and beyond.

Caesar’s Entertainment also has a strong internship program, drawing from a pool of thousands of applicants to choose a qualified handful of interns for each of their fifty properties across the country.

A Short History of MGM and Caesar’s Entertainment

The roots of MGM Resorts can be traced back to 1969, when Kirk Kerkorian bought a controlling stake in the famous Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer film studio. Using skilled investment knowledge, he pivoted the company to expand into casinos, with the opening of MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in 1973.

Since then, the company has gone on to acquire many other businesses, both gambling related and otherwise, reaching $2.83 billion in revenue. MGM Resorts offer further student opportunities ranging from a ten-week hospitality internship program to a nine-month management associate program, and even a yearlong culinary associate program in some of its award-winning restaurants.

Caesars Entertainment, by comparison, was born from the merger of two hotel and casino companies based in Reno Nevada. When Eldorado Hotels and Harrah's Entertainment Inc. (Then known as Caesars Entertainment Corporation) combined to form Caesars Entertainment, they gained a nationwide presence, and have gone on to become a significant investor in overseas accommodations as well, with around $3.5 billion in annual revenue.  

Final Thoughts

Whether an internship applicant seeks a career in a more laid-back locals casino environment or wishes to soak in all the glitz and glamor the Las Vegas strip has to offer with a position in one of the most active and well-known tourists attracting casinos, there are a variety of choices for qualified applicants seeking to take in a unique and informative experience. 

Many participants in these programs go on to take full time positions in one of the casinos they previously learned from, bringing in their new ideas and plans from a more nuanced and experienced perspective. Not to mention granting a college student a lucrative career right after graduation.

An internship in Las Vegas probably sounds like a dream to some, and a nightmare to others, but as with most things, the people who choose to pursue these positions are only limited by their own desire and motivations to succeed in the path they chose. It's a game of skill more than chance, and the only question is: Who wants to step up to the table and lay their bet?

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