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Everything You Need to Know About the 2024 WSOP Circuit

The WSOP, also known as the World Series of Poker, is a massive event that takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada, each year. But just because you can’t travel to Las Vegas doesn’t mean you can’t participate in the WSOP.

The WSOP actually has a traveling circuit that visits many cities and countries around the globe. No matter where you live, there is probably an event near you at some point in the circuit.

Read on to learn all about the 2024 WSOP circuit, as well as some information about the upcoming 2025 circuit.

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Upcoming WSOP Events

Below is a run-down of the upcoming WSOP events inside the United States. Remember, this season has already started, so some events have already passed.



February 29 to March 11

Horseshoe Hammond, Chicago, IL

March 6 to March 18

Hard Rock, Tulsa, OK

March 14 to March 25

Turning Stone Resort Casino, Verona, NY

March 21 to April 1

Horseshoe, Las Vegas, NV

April 4 to April 15

Grand Victoria Casino, Chicago, IL

April 18 to April 29

Horseshoe, Tunica, MS

May 2 to May 13

Harrah’s, Cherokee, NC

May 9 to May 20

Caesars, Elizabeth, IN

May 28 to July 17

Horseshoe, Las Vegas, NV

The cool thing about the WSOP circuit is that it isn’t just limited to within United States borders. There are actually several international events, allowing players around the world to participate.



March 15 to March 25

Dusk Til Dawn, Nottingham, England

March 22 to April 1

Great Canadian Casino, Toronto, Canada

April 8 to April 23

Playground, Montreal, Canada

April 12 to April 23

Casino Barriere e Croisette, Cannes, Frances

May 1 to May 13

Deerfoot Inn and Casino, Calgary, Canada

May 3 to May 11

Holland Casino, Venlo, Netherlands

May 22 to May 28

Jean Bouin Stadium, Paris, France

Additionally, the WSOP offers several online events for those who cannot travel at all. This allows players in countries not listed here to have a chance at qualifying for an event. Unfortunately, there are currently no more planned online events in 2024, as the last ones ended in February.

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Why is There a WSOP Circuit?

The WSOP Circuit was started in 2010 as a way to promote the WSOP in Las Vegas and get poker players around the world excited for the event. At the time, players had to qualify for their local circuit events in order to play.

As you can imagine, this didn’t last long as the WSOP struggled to pull players into these remote events. By the second season in 2011, the WSOP circuit was available to any poker players who could afford the buy in and then the winner of these circuit events was given a guaranteed seat at the Las Vegas WSOP.

When is the WSOP Circuit?

The WSOP circuit is year-round, with the exact dates changing each year. The WSOP Circuit always starts immediately following the Las Vegas WSOP and continues up until the next one. That means that the season starts in July of one year and finishes the next May.

So, if you haven’t figured it out yet, the 2024 WSOP circuit is actually the 2023/2024 WSOP circuit. The 2024/2025 circuit will begin in July 2024.

Typically, there are events each calendar month, though the WSOP takes a break toward the second half of December for the holidays. As mentioned above, the exact dates will vary from year to year.

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How Much Does the WSOP Circuit Cost?

The buy-ins for the tournaments on the WSOP poker circuit vary, as can the events that are available to play in each stop. We recommend researching any stop you plan to participate in before showing up at the event.

Should You Play the WSOP Circuit?

If you are a new poker player, it is probably a good idea to travel to a WSOP circuit event to play. These events are much smaller than the Las Vegas WSOP, increasing the chances that you will be seen on TV and be able to promote your personal brand as a player.

Additionally, they will allow you to practice your skills and make connections with other poker players, which could come in handy during the actual WSOP. Many players have reported that they have made brand deals as a result of playing a smaller WSOP circuit game.

The WSOP circuit locations are generally less expensive than Las Vegas, NV, so there are many players who play the circuit and then don’t go on to play the actual WSOP. These circuit events still help them to boost their world rankings, and bank roll, without having to spend money on renting in Las Vegas for a summer. Plus, the winner of the circuit still receives a coveted WSOP bracelet, and some players will receive Las Vegas WSOP seats simply because of their circuit rankings.

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Do You Need to Play All Games in the WSOP Circuit to Win?

It is not required that you play all games in the WSOP circuit to win the circuit. Currently, the global circuit has its own winner, and the US circuit has its own winner, giving players two chances to win a bracelet.

While you don’t have to play every game to win the circuit, it will definitely increase your chances of doing so the more games you play. You also cannot expect to win after just one event, so it is in your best interest to play as many games in the circuit as possible. But if you need to miss an event because you are sick or have a family emergency, that’s okay, too.

Overall, the WSOP circuit is a great way to get started as a poker player, especially if you are looking to go professional. While the costs can still add up quickly, the circuit stops will give you more chances to win without requiring a pricey hotel room in the city of Las Vegas. Just remember that gambling is always a risk and that even the best poker players can still lose everything.

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