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The Upcoming 2024 WSOP Event

The 2024 World Series of Poker is a thrilling, upcoming competition and is the 55th iteration of the annual series of poker tournaments. It will take place from May 28 to July 17, offering hundreds of Poker players the chance to participate in this competition. However, you should know more about the 2024 WSOP before proceeding.  

If you’re interested in learning more about the 2024 WSOP, you’re in the right place. Knowing where this event occurs is a critical part of enjoying the competition, and there’s plenty of additional information you should know. Read on to learn more about the 2024 WSOP locations, how to register for the event, the payout for the WSOP, and other information.

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WSOP 2024 Locations

Several locations have hosted the WSOP tournament over the years, with previous iterations of the event at casinos. Past hosts include the Rio Hotel and Casino, King’s Resort, Binion’s Gambling Hall, and more. The two WSOP locations this year include the Horseshoe Las Vegas Hotel and Paris Las Vegas.

Each location has quite the history, with the Horseshoe Las Vegas Hotel receiving refurbishment to host the WSOP in 2023 and 2024.

Horseshoe Las Vegas Hotel

One of the core locations for the 2024 WSOP is the Horseshoe Las Vegas Hotel. This grand new location was once known as Bally’s. But is now the Horseshoe and operated by Caesars in Las Vegas. It received a renovation that ended in 2023 to host the World Series of Poker for the first time.  

The new and updated versions of the Horseshoe Las Vegas Hotel have 2,812 rooms and 68,000 square feet of gaming space, which makes it an excellent location to host the 2024 WSOP Circuit. It’s a unique homage to Binion’s Horseshoe, which was the host of the WSOP from 1970-2004. It’s the primary location for the event. 

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Paris Las Vegas

The second spot for the WSOP is the Paris Las Vegas. This location is another venture owned and run by Caesars Las Vegas, which means they are the ultimate host for the WSOP tournament. It opened in 1999 and is one of the younger hotels on the block, which makes it an excellent place for glitz and glamor.

The Paris Las Vegas has 2,917 rooms and 100,000 square feet of gaming space, which is an incredible amount for individuals ready to play. There’s also a scale replica of the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe, which ties together with wonderful French capital theming for an exciting gaming experience.

How Do I Register For WSOP 2024?

If you want to play at the World Series of Poker 2024, you must register for the event. Whether you want to play in a smaller event or the main event itself, it’s vital to register beforehand to ensure you can participate. This process can be confusing, so let’s walk through the process of getting your name in for the WSOP 2024.

To participate in the WSOP 2024, you must:

      Be at least 21 years old

      Only enter a single event per person

      Have the buy in amount in cash

Participants should keep up with these regulations as the event approaches. 

To register, the best place to go is a registration table inside the casino. You must pay for a buy-in to the event. For this process, you can typically pay with cash, credit card, wire transfers, cashier's checks, and gaming chips from the host property. Also, you can invest in a tournament chip which can be refunded if it goes unused.

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What is the Payout for the WSOP 2024?

The high-stakes events are thrilling at the WSOP 2024, but there is one sole reason people play - the payout. Every year, the World Series of Poker 2024 provides a substantial payout to those who win. The number displayed in 2024 is far from disappointing.

For the main event in 2024, the WSOP 2024 announced an astounding $12.1 million payout for the first prize winner of the main event. This number is astounding, though smaller events at the WSOP 2024 will be much lower.

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How Much Does It Cost to Enter WSOP 2024?

If you want to enter the WSOP 2024, you must buy into the competition. The buy-in will vary depending on the level of the competition and the overall winning pot, allowing individuals to buy in based on their level and what they can afford.

Sample buy-in costs include the following:

      $0 for Daily Deepstacks Leaderboard

      $500 for Casino Employees No-Limit Hold-Em

      $100,000 for No-Limit High-Roller Hold Em’ 

The number for the buy-in can jump drastically. The main event of the WSOP has always been the Buy-In No-Limit Texas Hold Em’, which costs $10,000 for the buy-in process. It isn’t the priciest buy-in, but it does have the best popularity in the event.

Do WSOP Winnings Get Taxed?

Let’s say you come home with the jackpot of the WSOP and find yourself with a million dollars on your hand. Will these wins get taxed, or are they considered tax-free earnings?

If they are applicable, you are responsible for paying taxes, registrations, licenses, and other fees. The WSOP winnings are taxed, and winners at the event should be aware of these things. There are typically forms you must complete to acknowledge this responsibility.

Final Thoughts

The WSOP 2024 is an exciting poker event quickly coming up in two locations - the Horseshoe Las Vegas Hotel and the Paris Las Vegas. Once an individual registers, they can participate in the event for a potentially thrilling payout. At the end of the period, poker champions for 2024 will emerge. 

We hope this information was helpful! The World Series of Poker has been around for a long time, and it will be thrilling to see what the 2024 iterations bring. Whether you’re looking to register for the event or watch it unfold, there are ample things to do when the 2024 WSOP kicks off in Vegas in May. 

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