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The Music of Gaming: A Soundtrack to Adventure

From Super Mario Bros. to Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, music is a valuable, instrumental part of playing a game. It offers an integral role in the experience. In fact, without music in gaming, you’ll be much less inclined to spend hours and hours in front of the screen. Why is that? What is the formula for a top-notch gaming soundtrack?

If you’re interested in learning more about the music of gaming, you’re in the right place. The soundtrack of a game is a big part of playing - without music, it would be nowhere near as spectacular as it is with the tunes. Read on to learn more about the best gaming tracks, what makes a soundtrack popular, and other valuable information.

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The Best Gaming Tracks of All Time

Before we mention what makes the best soundtrack to a game, it’s helpful to talk about a few of the winners in the gaming track category. Whether in classic 2-D animation or a gritty, realistic assassination historical drama, there are plenty of excellent soundtracks. They guide, astonish, and impress throughout the experience.

Here are a few of the best gaming soundtracks of all time:


      Persona 5

      Assassin’s Creed 2

      Shadow of Colossus

      Final Fantasy 7


      Animal Crossing

      Mirror’s Edge


These games have incredible soundtracks, guiding the player and offering gorgeous compositions.

From games like Undertale with their classic, mysterious design to something like Portal with a darker, puzzle-solving undertone, there is a soundtrack for everything. Of course, there is one thing all these tracks have in common - they are wildly popular. What gives them this quality?

What Makes a Soundtrack Popular?

Not every soundtrack in gaming goes down in history as the best of the best. Some are mediocre at best, while others fall completely short of the game's theme. There are several qualities most popular gaming soundtracks share. 

Several items influence the popularity of a soundtrack:

      Popularity of the game: Generally, the more popular the game, the more people will listen to the soundtrack. Even if the score of an obscure indie game is incredible, it won’t get as big of a following as a mainstream adventure.

      Tone matching: A popular soundtrack matches the tone of the game it’s attached to. When people listen, they are transported back to the world they were inside in the game.

      Emotional depth: Deep, emotional moments in games are typically tied to a specific moment in the soundtrack. It pulls at the player’s heart or gets them amped up, even when listening to the soundtrack apart from the game.

      Unique sound: Of course, the most popular soundtracks are the ones with a one-of-a-kind tune. People are more likely to listen to a soundtrack that stands out from the rest.

These have a great influence on how well the soundtrack will do, separate from the game itself. 

Some soundtracks are better than others, but ultimately, every gamer will have a different opinion on their favorite soundtrack, depending on the games they play. If a production is wildly popular and has an excellent soundtrack, it’s more likely to rocket up in desirability from music-loving gamers.

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Why Do Soundtracks Matter in Gaming?

If you’ve ever played a game on mute, it’s clear that the experience is dramatically different. Clearly, there is a correlation between an incredible gaming moment and epic music. Soundtracks matter in a game - but why are they so valuable?

There are many reasons why soundtracks matter in gaming. Let’s go over two of the most valuable reasons to help you better understand what each melody contributes to the game it's attached to, both for the experience of the gamer and the centrality of the story.

Immersive, Atmospheric Experience

First, music in a game offers an immersive, atmospheric experience for the person playing the game. Through various cues and sound effects, the music sweeps the player along on the journey. It typically matches the tons to place the player right in the center of the action - for instance, a Western-sounding score for a Wild West game for ultimate immersion.

The music also guides the players along while they participate in the story, indicating when a scary moment is coming up or what they should feel in a particular cutscene. A chase sequence can be very different depending on the mood depicted in the score.

Without a solid soundtrack, it’s nearly impossible for a game to be completely immersive. Even the most intriguing tale needs some music to help push it forward to keep the player hooked through even the simplest moments of the game. Everything becomes inviting with a good soundtrack. 

Focus for the Gamer

The music also permits ultimate focus for the gamer. The music streamlines the gaming experience, helping the player zone in on the story and action rather than the living room around them. It helps them understand what is going on and the mood of a scene, allowing focus in times of urgency and rest in less intense moments.

Music is a secret key the creators must attract their viewers, even if they are a million miles away from where the adventure is happening. Millions of players can tune in and focus on one moment together from separate locations, even if they’ve never met - all thanks to the gorgeous soundtrack attached to the story. 

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Final Thoughts

Music in gaming is a critical component, even though it’s something most people forget while they’re playing. Each of the top soundtracks is in its position thanks to its unique tone and ability to match the game so well. Each gaming soundtrack matters because it provides an immersive and atmospheric experience, all while offering a focus for the gamer.

We hope this information comes in handy! Every piece of an esports game matters, and the soundtrack is a core element to the feeling of excitement and adventure produced for gamers. From tiny moments to the grand finale, music guides the way through every intricate detail.

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