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The Art of Game Streaming: Tips for Aspiring Streamers

Streaming is not only one of the most popular entertainment options on the internet but also a lucrative opportunity for passionate gamers. It’s easy enough to buy the equipment and get started - but is that all there is? There are many things to consider at the beginning of your streaming journey that will sustain your progress.

If you’re interested in learning more about esports video game streaming as an aspiring streamer, you’re in the right place. The more you know about streaming, the easier it is to test it out for yourself. Read on to learn about some of our recommendations for those who want to get into the online opportunity.

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Know Your Audience

First, know your audience. To create an effective streaming platform, you know the people you are playing for. Learn the age range, gender, what they prefer, how they like to interact with you on the stream, and even their behavioral tendencies. These will make it much simpler to map out a plan.

The more familiar you are with your audience, the easier it will be to cater to them and create content your viewers will love. Every detail can resonate with them, which will, in turn, make you a better and more successful streamer.

Be Confident

Whenever you’re on the camera, be confident. People naturally want to listen to people they respect, and confidence will show you know what you’re doing even if you don’t have a very large following.

One of the best ways to practice a confident appearance on camera is to watch other streamers. See how they interact with the camera and uphold a particular style to seem like they know what they’re doing.

Stick to a Schedule

Viewers are more likely to watch a streamer they can rely on. That means streaming at specific days and times of the week for a consistent period. Never take time off without letting your audience know what is going on.

Always tell viewers before you’re about to take time off, as a sudden absence can destroy your platform. Also, post your streaming schedule to your profile to provide an idea of what to expect. Even if you’re on vacation, use your social media to keep fans aware of what you’re up to.

Interact With Your Audience

One of the draws to streaming is that people can speak with the players as they move through the games. While you’re talking and looking confident, it’s also valuable to remember to speak to the viewers.

Always check the chat and see what people are saying. Take to viewers like they are your friends, taking some of their advice to heart and letting them in on the action.

Collaborate With Other Streamers

Consider collaborating with other streamers. It will bring their viewership to your channel and vice versa, boosting your platforms and allowing for a more relaxed streaming opportunity. You can chill and have fun talking to a physical person.

When working with other streamers, always promote the event on social media. Get your collaborator to do the same for the ultimate results.

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Always Talk

One of the issues new streamers run into is an inability to talk the entire time. People watching need to know they’re engaging with you, whether it’s through a smile or a comment on their statement. Also, talking through what you are doing is what creates the persona of a successful streamer.

It might feel strange to talk to “no one” at first, but the more you do it, the more comfortable you will get. Talk through your moves, throwing in jokes and entertaining comments. Constantly check yourself - are you being funny? Intriguing? Chatty? Always be talking. You never know when someone will join a stream.

Try Less Saturated Games

Although it might seem enticing to stream some of the most popular games, the market is wildly oversaturated. For example, out of all the streamers who play League of Legends, only 5% hold more than 95% of the fanbase. You must be awesome to draw attention away from the most popular streamers.

Instead, try your hand at games that don’t have many streamers attached yet have a solid following. These niche games typically have devoted fans who will flock to you if you’re one of the only people playing the game.

If you’re set on playing an oversaturated game, you can. Just do something that helps you stand out on the market, whether it’s with your commentary, appearance, or another factor.

Have Excellent Sound, Lighting, and Video

Usually, viewers will stray away from new streamers because it’s easy to tell they’re new in the game. Unfortunately, many new participants in this market will have terrible lighting, sound, and video quality, making it much less enjoyable to watch.

Check the audio level, sync, video resolution, overlays, graphics, and more to ensure your stream is up to par. The more professional you stream and equipment, the more likely a random person who stumbles across your video will stick around.

Promote Everywhere

Don’t just promote yourself on your streaming platform - promote yourself everywhere to draw traffic from other sites. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter/X, YouTube, and more are great places to tell everyone about your streams and promote what you play and how often you will play.

Again, consistency is one of the best things you can do for your streaming platform. Post your schedule, let viewers know about an upcoming stream, and promote any changes or new games you plan on playing. 

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If you want to be a streamer, there are several tips to keep in mind along the way. Know your audience, be confident, collaborate with streamers, and more to have the best time diving into this popular social gaming experience. 

We hope this information was valuable! Game streaming is one of the best ways to make an online income, dive into what you’re passionate about, and reach an audience. It will take time to get good at streaming, but the effort is worth it.

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