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Debunking Gambling Myths: What You Need to Know

Gambling can be fun, and tons of people enjoy slot machines and casino games, in-person and online, every single day. However, there are many myths circulating in the background, leading to a vast spread of misinformation about gambling. It’s tricky to tell what’s true and what isn’t. 

If you want to learn more about various gambling myths and why they’re wrong, you’re in the right place. The more you know about these lies surrounding the gambling experience, the easier it will be to understand what you’re getting into with every gamble. Read on to learn more about five of the most popular myths.

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Games In Casinos Are Rigged

It might seem like casino games are rigged, especially if you’re losing every single one you play. However, there is no possible way the systems are rigged in an in-person or online casino. Every casino with a license is constantly under observation to ensure nothing crazy goes on with the machines.

Of course, the casino you choose does matter here. For instance, a less dependable casino might be more likely to have a rigged system if it wants to bring in as much money as possible. However, you won’t find rigged casinos on verified platforms and in the best buildings. It might seem frustrating, but it’s true. 

If you do participate in a casino where the casinos are genuinely rigged, get away from them as soon as possible. Always check reviews and determine who you’re giving your money and credit to before throwing away your finances. Go to a solid location wherever reliable casinos exist.

Casinos Pump Oxygen Inside

There is a myth perpetuated by many gamblers that casinos pump oxygen into the main floor through the air conditioning, making participants more energetic and even adding pheromones to make them more likely to spend all their money and move around tables with reckless abandon. This isn’t the case.

Several hazards would come with the choice to pump oxygen into casino air. First, adding oxygen to the air makes it much more flammable, and dangerous for casinos where smoking is allowed while playing games. Second, it’s illegal to work on the air supply in many countries.

One thing casinos do in hot locations like Las Vegas is pump their air conditioning system as high as it can go. This technique draws in visitors from the hot sidewalk, tempting them with frigid air, a cool drink, and a shot at winning thousands and millions in prize money from slots and tables. No additional oxygen is required to make everyone eager to play. 

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Strategies Will Beat Luck-Based Endeavors

Another myth is users can enact strategies to beat luck-based games. While this tactic might seem comforting and a surefire way to cash out, it isn’t possible. Luck-based games will never cooperate with a strategy, even if you get a lucky turn every once in a while. 

Luck-based games are made to be random and unpredictable, save for a few interactive side game options available to players in modern slot machines. That’s the reason so many people are drawn to them. There is no skill and thus no feeling bad if you don’t cash out at the end of the gamble – it’s only the machine’s fault if you lose the money.

Many people online try to trick vulnerable players by selling instructional courses or books about various strategies associated with luck-based games. Save your money for something else - there is no way to predict what will happen with luck-based games, online or in-person.

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Hot and Cold Machines

The concept of hot and cold machines is popular with gambling. The basic idea is that once a machine starts paying out, you’re far more likely to hit wins frequently. If the machine isn’t paying out, you’re much less likely to hit the winning spins like you were when it poured out prizes and money.

Machines aren’t programmed in this manner. With a slot machine, one spin is made to be just as likely to stop on a winner as the next. There is no sense trying to test the hot and cold machine theory - it’s been proven incorrect by RNGs.

Some might try to tell you there is a pattern to the spins or ask you for money to learn about how to take advantage of the hot and cold machine system. Never listen to them. Every spin is 100% random, and there is no way to understand what comes next.

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Online Casinos Don’t Pay Out

Online casinos are becoming more and more popular, which has led to many strange misconceptions and myths surrounding their existence. For one, many people assume online casinos are much sketchier than in-person and refuse to pay winners on their machines. It isn’t true.

Some sites might have workarounds to lower your earnings, but no trustworthy site will outright refuse to pay your winnings. There are serious punishments for casinos that don’t provide players with their cash, including the potential removal of a gambling license and the ultimate failure of a casino, no matter how popular. 

If you ever see a casino with a history of not paying, keep away from it. However, it’s legitimate for online casinos to refuse payment for underage playing, multiple accounts, and the use of someone else’s credit card on the platform.

There are extensive myths about gambling out there. Some state that casinos are rigged, while others assume you can take on luck-based games with strategy. Luckily, these aren’t true, and they’ll make your experience much better. The more you know, the easier it will be to fully comprehend the gambling process online and in person.

We hope this information was helpful! From spreading misinformation about oxygen in the air to hot and cold machines, there are plenty of issues with common assumptions about the gambling experience. Whether you decide to participate in-person or online, keep these truths in mind as you go about the experience. 

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