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What is Project 2025?

As the presidential election draws near, there is much talk of pending regulations that both candidates seek to impose if they are elected. One particular project is known as Project 2025, and it is currently being supported by the Republican Party, whose election candidate is Donald Trump.

Ready to learn more about Project 2025? Then, keep reading as we take a deep dive into what this proposal means for the future of America as well as what long-term implications it could have.

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Who is Behind Project 2025?

Before we dive into the details of what this project wants to impose, it’s important that we discuss where it came from. Project 2025 is backed by The Heritage Foundation, which is a right-wing and extremely conservative political organization.

While The Heritage Foundation is not currently backed by Trump that we know of, they are closely aligned with his values, and there are rumors that they are receiving funds from similar sources as the Trump campaign.

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What is Included in Project 2025

Project 2025 is a massive proposal that seeks to instill right-wing and Christian values across the entirety of the United States and its citizens. This project contains several changes, some of which would make the government more authoritarian and reduce the separation of church and state, making it easier to make future changes along these lines.

Here is a list of everything Project 2025 seeks to change:

·      Establish partisan control of the DOJ, FBI, FCC, and FTC

·      Dissolve the Department of Homeland Security

·      Reduce Environmental Protection Regulations

·      Increase US investment in fossil fuels

·      Tax cuts (it is not stated for who)

·      Abolish the Department of Education

·      Cut funding to the EPA

·      Cut funding to the National Institute of Health with more focus on private healthcare research.

·      Cut Medicare and Medicaid

·      Establish that life begins at conception, thus making abortion, in its entirety, illegal. Contraception would also no longer be covered under insurance plans.

·      Taking contraceptives would become illegal, and those receiving them would be prosecuted.

·      Pornography of all types (including movies and books) would become illegal and prosecutable by law.

·      Discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity would become legal.

·      Programs that promote diversity would be eliminated.

·      Labor unions would become illegal

·      All illegal immigrants would be arrested and deported or placed in internment camps.

·      Capital punishment would become legal.

·      The US military would be able to prosecute crime over local law enforcement.

·      Federal civil service employee positions would become appointed positions that the president would retain control over.

Overall, the project seeks to put family values and Christianity above all else and force others across the nation to adopt these same values, even if it takes lethal force to do so.

The Long-Term Implications of Project 2025

No matter who you plan to vote for in the 2024 election, it's important to realize that some of the long-standing implications of Project 2025 could hurt your future, whether or not you are Democratic or Republican.

Many of the items this project seeks to instill are long-term and difficult to undo, mainly the items that establish government control over specific positions within the government. This means that even if you support this particular project, once the government is given control over these things, a future candidate of a different party could execute those same controls but in their party’s favor.

Additionally, it seeks to lower the access to education and health care that Americans currently have, meaning that even if it means families have more kids, they will struggle to get them an education or to keep them healthy—thus increasing mortality rates which are already quite high in the United States.

Therefore, whether or not you agree with some of Project 2025's ideals, we urge individuals to oppose it. Although this project may want to reinstill family values, many of its desired items actually promote authoritarian government control rather than freedom, something which all Americans should be able to agree is a bad idea no matter what political party you are part of.

Remember, the system of divided government in America was developed to ensure that no one party would have too much control. That being said, the federal government has already increased in its ability to control various aspects of society over the years—meaning giving anything more up is a bad idea.  

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Can Project 2025 Be Signed Into Law?

The good news is, no matter who wins the election in November, many of the items Project 2025 seeks to impose are illegal under the United States Constitution. That means that although some items could be imposed immediately, others would need to be reviewed by the Supreme Court prior to being signed into law.

The problem with this is, that the Supreme Court is currently right-leaning, meaning it is possible that many of these things could be signed into law after a lengthy bureaucratic process.

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Does Trump Support Project 2025?

It is unclear whether or not Presidential Candidate Donald Trump supports Project 2025. Currently, his campaign urges voters to consider Donald Trump separately from Project 2025 (because they know how outrageous some of these items are), but there is no guarantee that, if elected, Trump would adopt some of their items into his presidency.

Many individuals who are involved in Project 2025 support the Trump campaign, and we assume that they will lobby for their ideals if he is elected. Plus, many of the items they want to do follow what Trump is trying to do within the United States. Therefore, we surmise that while Trump doesn’t outwardly support Project 2025, you can assume that he likely does in secret and that the two are likely associated with one another.

Overall, we are sad that a project like Project 2025 even exists. Many of the items on the list interfere with life, liberty, and the freedom of expression the United States is known for. Whether or not Trump is elected in 2024, we hope that many of these things will remain ideas only and not be signed into law in a country that is already struggling socially.  Otherwise, we fear that individuals in the United States will riot, and a revolution may be imminent.

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