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The 9 Best Podcasts About Trading Stocks

Trading stocks can be an intense business, and it’s helpful to have as much information as possible to make the best possible choices. The modern world is full of podcasts available for listening anywhere, making it simple to expand your database in stock trading. Which is the best to listen to?

Whether you want to learn about trading stocks as a first-timer or expand your information bank as an expert, there are ample choices available. Keep reading to learn more about the best podcasts for trading stocks.

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1. Motley Fool Money

One of the first podcasts we recommend about trading stocks is Motley Fool Money. This show is hosted by Chris Hill and several investment analysts who keep up with various news of the week and reveal how it will impact the market.

There are also iconic interviews with authors and successful investors. You’ll hear plenty of food tidbits, along with personal market opinions from Chris Hill. 

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2. Mad Money with Jim Cramer

Another excellent choice for a podcast is Mad Money with Jim Cramer, hosted by the iconic CNBC anchor and money manager extraordinaire Jim Cramer. The podcast follows the host as he works through Wall Street. He details opportunities, places for failure, and more to assist listeners in making money. 

This podcast comes from the already wildly popular CNBC show Mad Money. You’ll get iconic opinions on stocks based on listener questions and some of the strongest market opinions.

3. Top Traders Unplugged

The Market Wizard books were one of the most popular series in the 80s for those who wanted to get into the stock market world. If you were alive for that series and loved the style, you will enjoy the Top Traders Unplugged podcast. It’s hosted by Niels Kaastrup-Larsen and speaks on conversations with economists, macro-experts, and traders.

Here, you’ll find a substantial analysis of the current market situation without diving into the fluff. The host and the guests come with extensive experience in the real world, which is valuable for those seeking exceptional insight into the industry. There are some ideas you can use in the future with Top Traders Unplugged.

4. Option Alpha Podcast

Option Alpha Podcast is one of the top selections for those who want to learn about trading. The host is Kirk du Plessis, who seeks to inspire those who listen to the Option Alpha Podcast and prepare them effectively for the industry. He covers a new trading topic every week, which is excellent for those who want new information.

The investors behind this podcast tend to be more conservative, which is excellent for those who want to make the wisest choices. It teaches sustainable strategies with backed-up research that supports the long term. Rather than offering solutions that never work, Option Alpha Podcast creates effective systems. 

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5. We Study Billionaires

We Study Billionaires is an exciting podcast where hosts Stig Broderson and Preston Pysh speak to personalities like Warren Buffet to learn about their investment strategies and opinions on the market. It’s a valuable way to get up and close with those who have created success in the trading universe.

This podcast comes straight from The Investor’s Podcast Network and has garnered millions of downloads and listeners from users. It’s worth checking out if you want practical insights and information as someone taking significant steps into the stock market.

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6. Fresh Invest

Fresh Invest is an excellent choice for those who want to stay up to date with the current situation in the financial climate. Fresh Invest is hosted by the CEO of Morning Brew, Alex Lieberman, who has ample experience in the atmosphere. There is one brand-new and exciting episode each week.

Lieberman does an excellent job keeping listeners up to date with current events, analyzing new cycles as they emerge, and revealing how they could impact how investors spend their money. He offers practical, excellent steps that provide simple milestones for the future. Managing money is simple with Fresh Invest.

7. The Rich Dad Show

Authors make some of the best podcasters, and that’s the case with The Rich Dad Show. Author of Rich Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, speaks with professional investors in the business and personal development sector to reveal to individuals what is necessary to succeed financially.

If you listen to this show, you’ll have significant perspectives available to gather more information about stock trading. They cover everything, so you’ll get information on gold and crypto and everything in between.

8. The AlphaMind Podcast

There are many struggles when dealing with the stock trading world, and one of the most significant is the unpredictable nature of diving head-first. Although it’s vital to know the details and the ins and outs of the system, the best thing you can do for yourself is create a strong mental mindset, capable through the assistance of The AlphaMind Podcast.

In The AlphaMind Podcast, you get to hear from some of the prominent contenders on the market to hear about some of the biggest struggles in the stock market world. You will garner plenty of tips to deal with serious mental obstacles in stock trading.

9. CNBC’s Fast Money

CNBC is one of the prominent television networks for investors, so those who are already in tune with this show will enjoy CNBC’s Fast Money podcast. It’s hosted by Melissa Less and provides a complete table of experts and their valuable insights. 

Most of the information you’ll hear in this podcast is typically only spoken about in specific circles, which makes Fast Money one of the most practical podcasts you’ll ever listen to.

Final Thoughts

These nine podcasts are practical selections, all offering varying information and tidbits for different investors. From Motley Fool Money to Fast Money, each tone is different.

We hope this information is valuable if you’re interested in learning more about trading stocks. Although it can be tricky to determine the right information with so many options, these podcasts are an excellent place to start.

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