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Why Is Gambling Legal?

Whether it is your opinion that gambling should be legal or not is a personal preference that has been debated for years. While some people believe that it should be legal for the benefits it provides to local communities and governments, many others think that the risks of addiction are too high of a price to pay for a little fun.

Gambling is legal in many countries around the world and many states within the United States because of the benefits it provides to the economy. While gambling can have its downsides, the advantages for state and local governments far outweigh the disadvantages.

Knowing the various benefits that gambling provides can go a long way in helping you understand why gambling is legal in so many parts of the world. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of gambling and why it is and should continue to be legal.

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How Does Legalized Gambling Protect Gamblers?

When it comes to gambling, people who enjoy it or ones that are addicted to it will figure out how to do it wethher it is legal or not. Because of this fact, it is important to understand how legalized gambling protects gamblers from harm.

For many people, if they are told they cannot do something, they are going to try to find a way to make it happen no matter what. Gambling is no exception to this logic since if you enjoy it you will most likely find a way to do it. Just look at the drug industry, although drugs like heroin are illegal, this doesn’t stop addicts from doing drugs. Rather they engage in risky behavior to do the drugs, hidding their addiction and being afraid to seek help, which actually results in more deaths than if the drugs were legal in the first place. 

If casinos, whether brick and mortar or online, had to completely shut down and there was no access to other types of legal gambling, gamblers may be forced to find other means to do what they enjoy. This means turning to unsavory establishments to gamble with the risk of dangerous situations.

Since gambling is legal and is regulated by government entities, gamblers are more likely to head over to the local casino or online casino to participate. This means that they are kept safe from getting in over their heads with organized crime organizations like the mob, that are not looking out for their best interests.

How Does Gambling Benefit the Government?

Because gambling is regulated by the government, it makes sense that they would also benefit from the act of gambling. This is why casinos are obligated to pay taxes on their revenue whether they run their casinos online or in-person.

Since it most often happens that the house, meaning the casino, wins more times than the average gambler, this means that their revenue is exorbitant. Also, if you take into consideration that most casinos are open seven days a week, and some for 24-hours a day, that can add up to be quite a bit of gambling revenue.

While most countries have different regulations on gambling taxes, the amount paid to government officials can vary. This is because most governments base their rates on what their economy requires, and at the same time not to scare off others from opening new casinos.

Another way gambling benefits the government is through the job economy since there are many jobs that become available through casinos and other gambling establishments. Areas where the gambling industry is huge, such as Las Vegas, typically employ more than 100,000 people from this industry alone. Without the casinos in Las Vegas, about a tenth of the residents of the city would find themselves unemployed. 

What Do Casinos Do For the Tourism Trade?

For many countries around the world, the tourism industry can be a way for local economies to grow and benefit from places like casinos. Since people visit cities that are known as gambling meccas, they often spread their money around other non-gambling establishments in the local area.

While many casinos and gambling establishments offer restaurants and shopping, most people spend some amount of money in shops and restaurants nearby. This creates a benefit for not only the casinos but the city where the casino is located. 

This is especially true when people who are considered “high-rollers” visit casinos around the world. They are often known for making sure that the local economy benefits from their wealth and good luck they may experience.

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What Are the Benefits of Gambling For Cities Like Las Vegas?

For places that are well-known for being gambling meccas, such as Las Vegas, there are typically many benefits to the city itself. The local government benefits from the taxes that are paid by the casinos on the revenue they earn. In addition, the local economy benefits from the money spent by gamblers at various places around the city.

Residents of cities like Las Vegas also benefit from the gambling industry in many ways besides just the economic benefits. There is a constant need for qualified employees to work in gambling establishments and places around the city. This means that there are typically fewer people who are unemployed(the only exception to this being during the COVID19 pandemic).

While the city is widely known for the Las Vegas Strip and other areas for casinos, the city as a whole benefit from the rise in the number of people who flock to Sin City to gamble. Local retail and restaurants benefit from more business and those with an entrepreneurial spirit have a greater chance of making a go of any new business they attempt to open.

How Does Legalized Gambling Affect Addiction?

Those who oppose legalized gambling believe that if gambling was not allowed, then there would be fewer people falling victim to the addiction. However, this could not be farther from the truth since making gambling illegal will not change the nature of people.

If someone wants to gamble, drink, or do drugs, they will often find a way to do it no matter if it is legal to do so or not. Making the legal age to drink alcohol does not keep underaged people from partaking in the addicting habit. 

While gambling can be dangerously addicting to gamblers, their friends, and family members, making the activity illegal will not change the desire. This just means that they will look for other means to feed their addiction. 


The bottom line concerning legalized gambling is that the benefits it provides to local and federal governments far outweigh the negative effects for those who have addictions. Is there something local and federal governments can do to aid those who are addicted to gambling? Maybe. But at the end of the day, while you should always gamble responsibly, the industry is thriving worldwide.

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