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10 Best Holiday Gifts for Gamers

Gamers might seem easy to shop for during the holidays, but there are a million choices on the market. If you’re not a gamer yourself, it can be even trickier to find excellent holiday gifts. What should you purchase for someone who loves to play games in their free time?

If you’re ready to invest in some of the best holiday gift options for your gaming loved one, you’re in the right place. Whether they need something to keep them comfortable or want something exciting to take up hours of their time, you’ll find it. Read on to learn about ten of our favorite selections for holiday gifts for gamers.

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1. BestOffice High Back Gaming Chair

If your gamer needs an upgrade to their gaming chair, you can’t go wrong with the BestOffice High-Back Gaming Chair. It offers multiple options to match any gaming room aesthetic - red, pink, blue, black, and more. Also, the faux leather gives it an upgraded feel.

The BestOffice chair has thick cushioning to keep everything as stable as possible. Also, it has a headrest for additional levels of comfort.

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2. Logitech MX Palm Rest

Gamers who play on the computer can quickly get sore wrists if they don’t have any support. The Logitech MX Palm Rest is an easy way to provide wrist relief while saving the world. 

This palm rest is affordable and will provide enough support to allow endless hours of gaming, including all-nighters, without taking a break. It also pairs well with a gift like a keyboard.

3. Super Mario Bros. Wonder

If you want to buy a game for your gamer loved one, consider the new Nintendo addition Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It’s fun, family-friendly, and takes the Mario universe to an entirely different level. It’s also 2D - a rare addition from Nintendo, given their recent design choices.

In Super Mario Bros. Wonder, you’ll head to the Flower Kingdom and take on strange and exciting levels. It’s the first new side-scrolling option from Nintendo in a decade, so it’s worth it. The adventure is available on the Nintendo Switch and is stacking up to be one of the best games of 2023.

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4. Razer BlackShark V2

Whether your gamer wants to play with friends or listen to the sound at a high volume on their game, headphones are a must. One of the best pairs on the market is the Razer BlackShark V2.

This set adjusts to fit any head shape and size. It’s compatible with multiple game systems and offers high-quality audio any gamer will love. Also, the headphone portion is detachable. It’s comfortable enough to keep on your head for a good chunk of the day.

5. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

We recommended Super Mario Bros. Wonder, but if your gamer is a little more into high levels of action, free-roaming environments, and intricate storylines, you might want to go with another incredible game in 2023 - Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Play as Miles Morales and Peter Parker as you save New York City from a hodge-podge of villains.

This game is a single-player adventure and takes many hours to complete. It feels incredible on the PS5 and provides unique gameplay controls with side and main missions to hook the viewer. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is a winner - it has some of the best combat and special abilities of any digital creation in years.

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6. Squishmallows 8-Inch Gamer Squad Plush

Maybe your gamer has everything they need to play - except some comfortable decor. If that’s the case, go with the Squishmallow 8-inch Gamer Squad Plush. It will show how much you care and offer them a sweet friend while they play.

This $20 plush has a little smile, headphones, and an adorable track on his chest. He’s ready to go!

7. Backbone One

Maybe your loved one wants a portable gaming device but doesn’t want to invest in an entire Switch or Gameboy. If they have an iPhone, your solution could be the Backbone One. This helpful device wraps around the phone and upgrades it to become an easily accessible mobile gaming device.

Here, you’ll find all the buttons you would on a standard controller for simple use. It also has buttons to record gameplay and a free app connected to the Backbone system to bring all their games together.

8. Personal Chiller LED Mini Fridge

Every gamer needs a cool beverage. We recommend the Personal Chiller LED Mini Fridge to keep everything cold, from Red Bulls to a tin of ice cream.

This mini fridge will match any gaming system with LED lights and four color options. Your loved one will adore that they don’t have to leave the room to get a snack or drink.

9. ANYLUV Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Using a screen for too long can hurt your eyes and lead to eye fatigue and terrible sleep. To make life easier for your gaming loved one, buy them some blue light glasses. These reduce the blue light that impacts the eyes, and therefore, will lead to a healthier gaming experience.

Our favorites are the ANYLUV Blue Light Blocking Glasses. These don’t cost much and have lower color distortion, which means the game colors won’t shift. They come in dozens of colors and even provide a case to keep them in one piece.

10. CushZone Foot Rest for Under Desk

Our final recommendation for holiday gifts for gamers is the CushZone Foot Rest for Under Desk. The hands aren’t the only thing that needs relief - the feet do, too. This CushZone device assists.

The device has a small, rounded top that raises and lowers. For long gaming sessions, players can shift to ensure they remain comfortable 

These ten are some of our favorite gifts for gamers, from comfortable chairs to exciting action adventures. We think your gamer will love any of these selections, but if they don’t, use them to branch out and find something personal they will enjoy. The holidays are coming up fast, and your gamer deserves the best.

We hope this information was helpful! From chairs to blue light glasses to footrests, there are many presents available for gamers. Provide them comfort and security for the best gameplay experience ever.

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